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There is a lot of confusion when it comes to accepting things as they are. People want to manifest and hear they need to be ok with current situation. They think accepting things as they ware will manifest more of the same.

Accepting things as they are is NOT:

               -giving up

               -settling for where you are

               -forgetting about what you want

...or anything along those lines.

When you accept as is, you let go of those thoughts that beat you down for being where you are. You let go of that internal struggle that drains your energy. You stop criticizing yourself. You stop giving energy to what you don't want. You are freed from that mental paralysis that keeps many people stuck.

You accept things as they are and suddenly you feel peaceful. You let go.

Once that garbage in your head is gone, it's easy to be positive, hopeful and draw better circumstances.

Let it be easy.

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That garbage in my head is so persistent :/

The label garbage isn't helpful. Redefine it. For me it would be the compass that shows where you are and where you want to be. Because of that you can always thank the negative "garbage" because it shows you and allows you head in the other direction. Show it respect and it will do the same :)

okay the unnecessary negative thought patterns

Goddess, you can start changing that :)

Yes.... "Let go" doesn't mean quit paying your rent and bills, quit bathing, and hope for a fix.  ;)

This is one of the reasons I tell people LoA is not a magic. So many people want things to materialize while they stay in a depressed state.

I have been one of the people who thinks along those lines. I mistook accepting where I am now, as paying attention to what is, and telling the Universe that I am happy with the current, so no need to change or improve. What accepting things as they are means is that you are trusting that your life is unfolding perfectly, rather than fighting it and either creating resistance, or trying to force outcomes. When you accept your life as it is now, your resistance is lowered, and the good stuff is allowed in.

An example. Back in 2000, I graduated, and then life slowed right down. So much so that I had to move back home from my lively student town, to the town where I grew up in, and it really felt like a life contraction. An existential feeling of stuckness. I resented this quite a bit and kept on finding things in my new life to get annoyed about. Under employment and then unemployment followed, until the early summer when I had had enough of getting annoyed, and decided to let things be. Okay, I decided, here is where I am now, maybe here is where I need to be, something will come of this.

And something did. During the month of June, I was still unemployed, but could feel life shifting: the weather had improved, friends were coming back onto the scene, and I was starting to get more job interviews. Then one day, a set of 'Sliding Doors moments' saw me apply for a particular job at a local bank managers' training college, and I was successful. And what a unique place it was, all sorts of memorable features, friendly people and a wonderfully unique place of work, right on my doorstep, with all sorts of benefits to come from it. For the next year or so, I had a ball making new friends and having new experiences, and I let all of this in by not fighting life as it was, but by accepting it.


DeeDee <3


A lot of people think that if you accept things as they are, then the Universe will just deliver more of the same, but in fact, acceptance of the now is actually very aligning. I read a blog earlier on tonight on www.goodvibeblog.com called the 'Downside of Appreciation,' and one of the responders described this using a mathematical equation which I shall paraphrase here:

Love (Present) + Hate (Future) = Worsening Present. ( " it's good now but it'll get worse in the future. " )
Hate(Present) + Love(Future) = Worsening Present + No future (binds you to what you already have)
Hate(Present) + Hate (Future) = No chance of the good life (a shit -what is keeps on repeating)
Love (Present) + Love(Future) = Welcome to the Good Life (alignment with all that is good!)

If there is any hate or dislike anywhere in the vibration, it will produce bad things in the present. It doesn't matter whether you hate the present or the past. But if you make peace with the present, appreciate it and feel good in it, then your are aligning yourself with the things which will 'help' you to feel good (your desires) and that will occur in the present moment.

Hence why PI authors are always writing the words FEEL GOOD NOW.


In summary, you could say that acceptance is letting go of resistance. When we resist something we focus on what we don't want; but we are still keeping it alive by giving it energy through our thinking.
Spot on. Getting angry at what is just keeps you rooted in reality, like a tree to the spot it's growing from.


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