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For the next couple of days your going to be in a contract. Your going to become a actor/actress.

Your character description will be your ideal self, you could even pick a favourite celebrity you admire who you would like to become like.

As we all have our habbits, likes and dislikes so will your new character that your going to be playing in your film called 'Life'.

This film will last 30 days it will be released on 1st November 2015. Before this day you must clearly write up about your character.

You must walk the walk,
Talk the talk, eat, sleep do everything as if your in your character, cameras r everywhere you go so you must act even in the bath you must shower like your character, you must laugh like your character, you must smile like your character, getting the point basically yeah.

(Optional) wear something that reminds you your in character e.g. shoes on character on, ring on character on, ring off character off.

When you are faced with negative situations dont solve them as you, solve them as your character.
But remember any problems you face are not real for your character anyway, they maybe real for you but once your in your character treat them as someone else's problems. Treat everything good or bad as a scene for your film, its in your characters hand how they react to the situation.

You also need to create like a trailer for your film your life, choose images carefully, I prefer gif images as they move, save them all in a gallery and play them all together with your favourite music playing in the background, this will become your tailer to your film. Try to play it every morning, & if your about to give up play that trailer.

This is why im posting this before as every actor/actress prepares themselves first, they take time to understand and explore their character before the final film, within these days you must create a description of your character on your phone and a trailer(as most people have their phone with them 247.

The reason im writing this game is because once upon a time I created this same game to turn myself from a quiet, shy, timed girl to a confident, enthusiastic ambitious young women.

(Optional) post if you're in for the challenge, post your character description, any questions,whatever you want.

Let the game begin!.

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I'll try it but I cannot do pics because no real person looks like I want to, and a description is too long. But I can say progress, or if anything helps me.

Write a list like an actor's resume! A resume for an actor usually includes like: height, complexion, eye color, hair color, etc. Don't make an exhaustive list, I mean you have forever to do this! Just do what feels good now. I think this could be a great game, along with the Feelings Method posted by Johanna

Great LOA exercise!

Thanks :)

This is pretty great! I have, in a way, slowly begun to play this game for the last few few months. I even have started wearing make-up (for fun because I usually don't wear any) and other stuff like that! I am too lazy to fully join in the game, but it seems like a swell idea!

Thanks, and no problem if you cant stick to it 100% all the time. Its just a fun way to shift your energy, you know how we all wished at some point how it would feel like to be in soneone elses shoes for a while, this is all its about.

This is a wonderful exercise, and i tottaly vouch for it! Great tool!

Thanks Wonder, you Wonderful human being :D

This is so imaginative, and fun!  At least, in theory :)

I missed the deadline - not that i'm up for this challenge in this very moment.  But i wish i were!  And i'd probably bring it down to one week.  R u doing this yourself btw?

Oh no... u r not in character now r u... nells?

It sounds exciting and sensible to me, at the same time.

On a borderline similar note, when i had difficult situations in the past, i distanced myself from them by viewing as if from the outside, like it's a film, and i was just an onlooker.  I might have got the idea from a friend, not quite my own.  It was helpful, to a point.

This project i like even better, and would encourage anyone to give it a go, even if for one day.  Thats how i once successfully gave up coffee - one day at a time - lasted 9 months (no connection to anything!), another story alltogether.

Sorry to have rambled on.  Applaud idea. Wish everyone great success.  To the good of all!!!

Thanks Carrots and nope not yet ill be in character on the 1st :) and nope u havent missed the deadline lol but you can do it whenever you want really.


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