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Hello, I am wondering if there is any advanced LOA people on here? And when I say advanced I mean people who have manifested things that others said were impossible-such as teleportation and time travel. If you haven’t manifested stuff like this, would you be willing to try it? Thankyou.

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Hi ML. I would like to live my life from a certain year because I find it exciting and had so much fun. I also wanted to make it where my dad and grandma never passed away, as it ruined my teenage life and education. I feel me and my family missed out a lot and left us all very depressed. 

Thanks ML. I have seen numerous therapists and it didn’t help. But LOA says I can go back to a different timeline and change things along the way, including people passing away. I think I will always want to go back in time no matter how happy I am now. I feel I was meant to do this! :)

I don't believe in time travel, but you may mean remote viewing the future, which I can do.

Hi Laura, i feel I change the past all the time, so I try to believe I can change into a timeline where it’s a different year.

Why a different year instead of outcome?

Hi Laura, I want to be in a different timeline where I am 6 years old again. 

Even if you can travel to the past you would likely be experiencing a parallel reality version of the past, and not the same past.  I'm 37 and I would like to reverse my aging and go back to looking and feeling like a 25 year old, but stay in the present.  I thought maybe an affirmation could help with that.  I could say "I always look and feel like a 25 year old" when I look in the mirror every day.  Over time it should seep into the subconscious and start to work. 

I recently heard someone in a facebook group say they teleported.  They were traveling somewhere and they got there way faster than they should have.  And they had been saying an affirmation stating that they teleport.  So maybe all it takes to teleport is to plant the seed in the subconscious that you believe it's possible and that you can do it.

Or you could keep the timeframe out of it, otherwise your life may regress back to what it was like when you were 25 (possibly losing the good things you have gained since). What you could do though, is think about the thoughts, mindsets and outlooks you did have when you were 25, and start thinking those again.  If they were good and life affirming, and you use enough of them, your body will follow your mind and the cells will act accordingly. 

Not if you expect to keep the good, then things will rearrange so  you can have both.

Thanks Ndacloud, I am aware I will be in a parallel reality version of the past, but thats okay with me. Yes, I have tried lots of ways to plant the seed in my subconscious to be able to time travel and do anything I want. I have tried affirmations, meditation, visualisation, subliminal and subliminal videos. I think I have trouble letting go! 

It's easier to love good things into your life than it is to hate the things you don't like out of it.

I'm a shaman so I time travel. We all do actually, just not consciously. Time is a tricky thing because it is more a measuremnt of distance than anything. It's also more circular than linear. A paradox is that the only time that exists is now. In Huna we say now is the moment of power and also that all moments are now. I have levitated but not yet teleported physically myself. I have experienced objects teleporting.


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