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Hello PI friends, back again ;)

For years I have been seeking the ideal career path.  What affirmations can you share with me?  Its time for a change so i can feel fulfilled in life.  As I am surrounded by people who are doing jobs they love.

I feel like writing on a post it: Dear Universe please guide me onto the right career path, where i am feeling fulfilled in my job creatively, with like minded cool team members and good hours and pay.  That i wake up every morning in delight to pursue my passion.

Look forward to your help.

Thank you ;)

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Fulfillment comes from your thoughts, not what you do. So when you make it your priority to feel fulfilled where you are, you attract the job to reflect, not replace, the feeling of fulfillment you’ve already achieved through unconditional focus.

Here is a post I did: Satisfied Where You Are Does Not Mean Settling.

“Dear Universe, please guide me onto the right career path.”

The Universe has been guiding you the whole time. You want to let the Universe’s guidance be received by you. And you do that by feeling good. You wake up everyday feeling interested and passionate in each activity you do, and that will allow the path to the job, that matches how you already feel.

“I want to be an uplifter. I want to help empower people. I love seeing the smiles of their faces. It’s fun to be around others who are in alignment and see the playfulness in life. I want to feel more light and going with the flow. I want to feel receptive to new ideas. I want to feel invigorated. I want to feel inspired. I want to feel confident at what I do. I want to feel creative. I want to feel loved. I want to feel accepted. I want to feel appreciated and valued for the great work that I do.”

“I want to feel freedom. I want to feel supported. I want to play to my strengths. I want to feel intelligent. I want to feel myself thriving. I want to feel eager and excited. I want to feel accomplished. I want to feel proud of what I do. I want to feel I make an impact in people’s lives.”

“I like learning valuable skills and knowledge that will help me in my career, and life in general. I want to feel flexible. I like having a flexible schedule that caters to my needs.”

“I want to feel ease. I want to feel flow. I like feeling more relaxed and going with the flow. I want to feel trust in my Inner Being who is guiding me every step of the way. I want to feel the trust in my Inner being who is lining up everything for me and all I have to do is follow what feels good.”

“I want to look forward to working with clients who are just as eager as I am. I want to help people connect with the solutions they are looking for. I want to be there as they birth new ideas and I can be a path of least resistance guiding them to the fulfillment of those desires. I want to feel appreciated. I want to feel valued for the amazing work I do. I want to feel validated. I want to feel freedom to do what I feel is best for the customers to enhance their lives to the fullest.”


Thankyou Brian ;)



(career stagnation is created by a feeling of greater stagnation in life and of not getting anywhere). 

I AM VERY EMPLOYABLE (this then attracts the right employers, jobs etc, and the situations in which you can feel really useful and fulfilled). 

Thank you Sir Neil ;)

Another thing you can do is to give thanks for the career you have had so far.  The jobs you have worked in, the money you have earned, the experience you have gained, the tasks you have done, the skills you have learned, the companies you have worked for, and so on.  The universe loves a grateful person, and your gratitude will then metaphysically grow your career in positive and enjoyable ways. 

You're asking the wrong question, more importantly, you're asking the wrong people. :) 

So, what's the right question? It's simply, "What do you enjoy doing? What do YOU want to do?" Sometimes that isn't easy if we don't know, which is why YOU need to spend time talking to yourself and figure out who you even are. If we don't know who we are, we become what others want us to be. When we know who we are, we empower ourselves to make the decisions that allow us to be who we are. We can't answer those questions for you though because it's something you need to actively engage in with yourself. So instead of affirmations, because clearly, you've already affirmed that you want to change, I want you to have CONVERSATION with yourself in the mirror. Seriously, talk to yourself like you would talk to someone else and ask yourself questions, answer those questions. If money wasn't a factor, what would you enjoy doing every day? Until you recognize who you are and what you want from life, you'll continue to be a product of whatever comes your way. That's a dangerous way to live since you can live that way all the way up until you die. 

If you reply back to me after you've done some "mirror work," and give me a better idea of the things you enjoy in life, then I'll be more than happy to help you organize and formulate a strategy to make that a reality in your life. Success is not an accident and is a well-beaten path that always leaves clues behind. 

I enjoy where i currently work.  However, when i had my interview, i heard the team leader advise the government is going to make mandatory for workers to have a flu vaccination.  This has made me feel so anxious and wary.  As I am healthy woman, and when i was doing nursing, i was working in a ward full of Flu sick people and i did not get the flu, which means my immune system is strong.  

I beieve we all have a choice on this journey and for a government to say Hey you MUST.... Well does not sit well with me.

So this has sparked a light within me, to figure out what direction to go next.  
I appreciate everyones advice so far, thankyou:)

Spirit Kid

I enjoy being a Support Worker for the aged community (however possibly my livelihood may be compromised with the flu vaccination quest :(  ).

More so i love being creative: screen printing (however i did  a refresher course September last year) Moved north and in a shared house.  I can do, yet need the tools, materials etc.

I also enjoy decorating cakes, inspired by Ace of Cakes show and from my high school graduation cake i made.

Story writing,  i have one planned just need motivation to get started.

I would love the idea of helping to rehabilitate animals/wildlife too.  

You always have a choice, every job has requirements and every employee can choose to follow them or take a different path. Having your own business reduces the requirements but there are always some external controls. Forget what everyone else want's you do do and find your own passion. The catch is, it won't come to you without effort on your part. You will work harder than you ever have in your life but if it's your true passion, it won't feel like work. The harder you work, the more energy and vision you will get back. If it feels like work and drudgery, then your not doing it right.  

Yes, i agree Rogare ;)

Sorry for delay, it's been a busy week for me!

Ah, okay. Understood. I don't personally get the flu shot, but my situation isn't like yours either. I certainly agree and understand where you're coming from, but I also understand the government stance because of the age range that you're caring for. As you already know I'm sure, they're more prone to severe complications from the flu, including death. So you may have a healthy immune system, but it doesn't mean you can't help be a medium to transfer the virus to the elderly you care for, which can be dangerous for them. Overall, I think they're making the right choice instead of allowing people to decide if they want to put the elderly in danger or not. If it conflicts with your personal beliefs though, certainly don't settle for less for yourself. 

However, as you said, this now poses opportunities for you. Do you get the shot and continue where you're at? Do you not get it and move on to something else? Sounds so exciting to get to decide upon what you're going to do! :) Nothing better than an adventure. 

For myself, I engage into everything that I enjoy, even if just on a personal-time level. No better way to live than encompass yourself in your passions, however many they are. Career-wise, for the obvious reasons, you'll want to put some extra focus into it so you can advance it sooner than later. So all options are on the table, what do you think you would love doing the most each day? Which of those things can you truly lose yourself in and it doesn't even feel like work? That's the choice I'd go with if it's plausible in your immediately moment. Obviously, we all have bills to pay, and sometimes people to take care of, so you'll want to create a strategy that'll accommodate the various factors in your life. With that being said, you also can't be afraid of taking risks on what you want or you'll end up playing it safe all the way up to your death bed, then you'll realize at that moment the true meaning of life and how most things we're told is important actually isn't important at all.


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