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Hello PI friends, back again ;)

For years I have been seeking the ideal career path.  What affirmations can you share with me?  Its time for a change so i can feel fulfilled in life.  As I am surrounded by people who are doing jobs they love.

I feel like writing on a post it: Dear Universe please guide me onto the right career path, where i am feeling fulfilled in my job creatively, with like minded cool team members and good hours and pay.  That i wake up every morning in delight to pursue my passion.

Look forward to your help.

Thank you ;)

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You could even write something like this in a letter:  Dear Universe, thank you in advance for guiding me onto the right career path, and for guiding me to the ideal job for me as I am now. 

That last bit is important.  You want a job which is right for you AS YOU ARE NOW.  Not the person you were a few years ago, but the person you are now.  I'm saying this, because your desires and personality change over time. 

The Universe is perfectly capable of guiding you, but it needs your permission first as it can't impinge upon your free will.  Once you free it though by giving it your permission, it starts opening doors for you and putting you in the right place in the right time. And it will.  I often think that with finding the right careers, there is a certain feeling of helplessness which people have.  Mental commentaries can go along the lines of;  " Where do you start?  It's like a needle in a haystack.  People have to toil for ages before finding anything worthwhile. "

But it doesn't have to be like that, because the Universe can cut through all of the crap and all of the superficial jobs and wrong career paths, and put you on the right one.  It's desire for you is for your greatest joy and fulfilment and it will guide you there. So write your letter to the Universe, burn it, and then work on your belief with an affirmation like THE UNIVERSE IS REALLY GUIDING ME.  It will then start opening doors for you. 

True :)

I had a lightbulb moment last week. I asked for guidance and I was received this idea. It is an idea that i have been pondering on for a long time.  All I know is that I need to be doing something creative.  I am a Pisces and i need to be creative.  A few posts ago, i mentioned about screen printing, well that is still in the cards, yet more to be that i do that on the side eventually.  

I feel i want to do a course in Pastry chef, so i can make and decorate cakes and cupcakes.  I have been searching courses and so far it is 1 year in length to study, however about  10, 000 dollars.  I reallyfeel good about this idea, i just feel its right and my soul feels good about it. 

I have been looking at Pinterest with people who have made marvelous cakes, such imagination.  My ego is like Its been done before, what have you go to offer.  Well I know not to listen to it.  

It feels right, would love to manifest the money to do the course, as it starts in July this year :D

Hi Kylie

Do you want to be a pastry chef or do you want to make a decorate cakes?  I ask not to deter to you but because they CAN be very different things.  Some people end up making and decorating cakes - or even just decorating cakes - who come from a pastry chef background but the majority don't.  Becoming a pastry chef takes years of training both as study and practical/apprenticeships, becoming a cake baker and/or decorator doesn't have to.

So it's great that you've started to formulate an idea but maybe you need to get your hands into it to clarify your desire.

How much baking do you currently do?  How much decorating do you do?  Have you watched youtube and cooking channel videos to teach yourself and learn by trying?  You don't have to do a course to do it, you can start experimenting and learning now, at no cost other than the ingredients, to see if this is really a passion and desire of yours or whether it eventually starts to feel like work too.  As you do it and embrace the passion, you'll find ways to bring the money you need to let you take it to the next level - whether that's full pattisserie or decorating.  You'll learn more about what really inspires you. 

One of the greatest myths we get fed in the self-help industry is that "find the right job and you'll never work a day in your life".  I can't tell you how many people who are passionate and fulfilled by what they do have told me that there will always be days and times where it's a job, it's work and it will feel like it.  It's just easier to get up and face it when you care and find meaning in what you do.

It's also easier when you have balance.  Meaning if you are creative, you have a creative outlet when you get home at night.  If you are sporty, you have an activity at night that you can throw yourself into and go to be feeling satisfied.  We don't have to find every answer in our job.  Just as we don't expect a job to emotionally fulfill us in the way our relationship with loved ones does, it doesn't have to fulfill us in the same way as spending time on our other strengths does.  It's always about finding a balance.

So if you are really interested in learning more about baking and decorating. Start doing more and more of it.  Dedicate a day of your weekend to it.  Bake something each night to share with patients or colleagues.  Donate it to a homeless centre.  Find ways to do it for the fun and enjoyment of it and see what that shows you. 

Very true & helpful beautiful soul 

Daydreambeliever, i really appreciate your time to reply to me. You do have valid points.

You are so right that i need to clarify my desire and i have been looking at one day cake decorating workshops to refresh.  As well as do on on my own.  Which i do have intentions in doing so. However my utensils etc are very limited so something i need to write a list on.

I am going based on history the desire to decorate cakes, and i attended hospitality course over 20 something years ago.  And as part of the course was making pastrys and i remembered enjoying it.  So my desires have been based from a history and just a knowing i would enjoy again.

I no longer choose to work as a nurse and eventually my support working role will eventually end.  Plus i desire a new career change, so i can survive.  There is so many people decorating cakes and living a nice life from it.  In Australia there is a lot of red tape, you need this to have this.  Even if i did do a cake decorating business from home (in time i will) but most cake decorators have had the knowledge based on their pastry chef quals, and the licensing to do.  

I really need to ponder more especially with your advice, and i do appreciate.  However I  need to do something as I feel i have only one more year to make a change., I have also looked into various short courses too, to help me for the time being to step into something else i would enjoy such as Front Office Hospitality work, or Vet assistant course, Kitchen Operations Certificate  (decorate cakes on the side as hobby).  Right now I am a casual Support Worker so to do something else on the side would help me with experience and gaining extra funds.

I believe I and anyone can do anything, and its not impossible.  Sure i need to clarify before leaping frog.  I am doing my research, asking my friend in Canada as she used to be a pastry chef and asking others.

Thankyou so much once again for your advice. I truly appreciate.  Look forward to more if you have :)

+You talk a lot about being a pastry chef. What is stopping you? One key element is are you going to have your own business or work for someone else. If you have your own business you have to wear a lot of hats. Sales, Accounting, Cooking and so on. Working for someone else is much less stress on you but if you love what you do, it's like a self charging battery. The harder you work and the longer you work the more internal energy you build up. I've been lucky enough to have 3 vastly different occupations in my life and I loved each one. Something happened to tell me I was ready to move on and then another opportunity popped up. Don't look or wait for perfect because it will never come. If your looking for perfect, your are focusing on why it isn't. Everything has challenges, but if it's your passion, it's like a game to work through them and come out the other side. 

Right!! It's like a game!

It's never too late to find the perfect job. And here are some wonderful examples of that:



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