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If in any area of your life you are not getting what you want, it is because you are holding yourself back. 

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Yes, and no. Yes in a sense, that all of the limitations are in our minds (and I believe in our body cells as well). No in a sense, that we didn't put them consciously there, and conscious effort alone is generally not enough to deal with it effectively from my experience.

Everything was consciously accepted by the self-image before it became a belief, and must be consciously changed, by making new decisions.

A limiting belief that "beliefs are subconscious" will make it difficult to change.

It is beliefs like this that are in your way.

I don't think all beliefs were consciously accepted. That's why EFT, EMDR, and other methods, that involve body can be more effective than conscious methods alone. Of course, if what you are doing is working well enough for you, then there is no need to change. :)

Any belief that is accepted by the sub-concious mind is then automatically accepted by the concious mind. But what we are aware of consciously may not be the whole story. This is why some people do need to spend a little time getting to the root cause of their beliefs, as a core belief may not always be obvious to the conscious mind. 

I really like that explanation Charlie, well said :)

Thank you Emma :-) 

There actually is NO sub-conscious mind - just the whole mind. These techniques work because of the CONSCIOUS belief in the techniques themselves. The belief in the technique softens the sensory part of the mind, and the so-called conscious mind relaxes and trusts the information it receives, due to the belief in the technique - not the belief in the information. Such beliefs are vulnerable to the belief in the technique.

I guess we'll have to agree to dis-agree about the sub-conscious mind existing :-)

I agree that if you believe a certain technique will work, then it will as it is the belief in the technique that decides whether it will work or not. This is why one person will claim only 1 technique works, whilst another will claim that only another technique will work - it all comes down to what a person chooses to believe :-) 

Yes, of course. Every belief is limiting, some are more limiting than others. But, if every belief is manifested in consciousness, then all beliefs are conscious! You just have to look around you to see what you believe, and you can't argue with your reflection in a mirror! :)

Yes, everything around us is a manifestation of our thoughts and beliefs :-) Where some people may need help is getting to the core belief, rather than simply trying to eliminate beliefs that stem from the core belief. Some people believe they need certain techniques to do that, others can do it on their own. Either way, if the end result is a more positive life, then holding on to the belief that they need a certain technique does no harm, as it hasn't limited or stunted their growth :-) 

Good exchange Easefirst, Jedi and Charlie! I truly indulged in the insights shared!!

The core belief is always tied to an emotion, and emotions can be repressed, I agree - but they are just being "ignored" rather than buried. If one believes ones beliefs are buried and unattainable, well...

As a hypnotherapist, I'm not an archaeologist, excavating and exposing ancient buried ideas and emotions. I am a "technique" in which a client first believes. But to empower a person, I "believe" that they should take responsibility for their own thoughts so that they can keep their minds clean and tidy long after they've finished their sessions with me.

Teach a man to fish...

Yes, some people buy their fish, others fish for themselves.

Anything goes, but when the fish market is closed, it's good to have a rod at hand, and to know how to use it! :)


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