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I know the alpha / Theta waves music can help us in visualization, but it can not listen more than 1 hour per day. May I know when should I listen these music? If I listen the theta music before go bed to sleep, will it affect my sleep can not go to the delta waves? how long does it affect?

If I listen before going to work, do I have difficultly on focusing?


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The general guidelines (which are somewhat historic) are not to listen to it more than one hour per day in the first 6 months simply because the belief is that over exposure will disrupt your natural brainwave patterns. For most people, theta is very relaxing and so they prefer to listen to it when they aren't pushed for time or rushing or needing to focus on something, because the theta waves create relaxation. Alpha is often thought of to be more for when you need to think and stimulate the body, and you can listen to alpha when you need to be active too.

If you listen prior to going to work - you won't have difficulty focusing but you may need time to readjust back to normal thinking. If you listen to theta music before bed, it won't stop you going to sleep or drifting into delta. It may however give you vivid and strange dreams than normal.

I used to be obssessed about brain waves and then came across information which stated that most brains fluctate between the known levels at present (and even more - there is now information on gamma waves too for example). So for example, it was previously thought that at theta, it was impossible to consciously think but this has been disproven in tests and its been found that is is possible to think thoughts consciously during theta levels of thinking.

So like most things, you won't really know how it effects you until you try it out. Even then, it depends somewhat on whats going on in life, where you are (environment wise etc).

Thank you Graysen, thanks for your explanation. 

I still have some confusion, if I want to have a good visualization, I should listen Alpha music or theta music? And what time should I listen? I only have time when before go to sleep. But If I listen before sleep, I am afraid I will dream all night and can not get a deep sleep. 

As I explained, there are different theories behind each level or wave - so there is nothing set in stone.  So you could use either one.  Most people feel drawn to one as their favourite to listen to and use.  Like most LOA tools, its really depends on how you feel when using it.  If you use theta, and feel good - then thats the one to use.  If you use Alpha and feel good - then use that one.  Some people are now saying that Gamma waves are more superior to both alpha and theta waves.  Its really up to the person using it and how they feel. 

Using prior to sleep is fine and there isn'y any need to worry.  The only issue that I'm aware of is that most peple tend to put their theta/alpha tracks on repeat playing on their ipod and so that prevents them entering the deep sleep state (of delta and REM).  But you can easily listen to prior to sleep without any ill effects.  In fact, some people find it extremely beneficial because it puts both their mind and bodies in a relaxed state. 

Many of the theories out there on the diferent wave lengths haven't really had research updated behind them so they are based on older factual information that was collected. 

Thank you. 

I listened the theta music these nights but I think I can't get in a deep sleep because I dreamed all night >.< 

Well if you listened to theta prior to sleep - it often makes people have vivid dreams but doesn't stop them reaching sleep.  If you were to listen to it on repeat - then that would.  For most meditators, they are taught to not meditate immediately before bed, because it often induces deep relaxation but is a semi alert or aware state.  So it may be true for you too based on what you say.  Try listening to the theta waves sitting upright, and do something else immediately after and then lie down and try to sleep. 


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