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So I want to make a difference in this world. So I’m trying to manifest to win the power ball jackpot so I can build the NICEST homeless shelter for the homeless and buy them enough food every week and nice clothes, and cozy beds and all.

so this is what I’m doing:

i made an affirmation: “My intention is powerfully and strictly set to win the Powerball jackpot and the perfect, wonderful Universe deems it done.”

that kind of affirmation helps me manifest the most.

 And when I listen to my affirmation (and speak along to it with strong emotion in my head), I can’t LITERALLY can’t stop smiling and I also listen to a frequency to raise my vibrations.

i keep seeing 111, 1111, 333 and 222.

and I was watching this random show on tv and they were talking about the Law of Attraction the WHOLE episode and the show has NOTHING to do with it and I’ve never seen it before.

and I hear ringing in my right ear a lot. And I read that when you hear ringing in your right ear that good news is about to happen and that good news is what you’ve been wanting.

so... am I on the right track?

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Hello Eunoia,

No one else can tell you if you're on the right track or not. Only you can. So, the criteria for this (and for absolutely everything else) is simply, is it working for you and does it feel good? If you say yes to both questions, then there you go. If not, then adjust each so that it does work and feels good. =)

Bright Blessings,

Ross - Tolemac

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Your intention is positive, giving and wonderful but why have you skewed the manifestation? Your focusing on the means and not your goal. Winning the lottery has nothing to do with helping the homeless. Go out and find how you can help the homeless and the universe will provide a path to your manifestation if it is true to you. AS an example, would you donate the entire lottery winnings to the shelter project or wold you keep part of it for yourself? If you keep part, then your focus is divided.

Money is nothing but pieces of random paper, focus on your true goal and you have much better chances of getting there.

Great answers!

p.s. Eunoia you are always on d right path, you are always having more clarity about what you want and/or adding new desires.


Eunoia - when you say you hear ringing in your right ear and that means good news is about to happen - where does that come from?  I mean what is the source of it?  I've heard many things before and so its got my curiousity. 

This may be a positive approach to hearing ringing but if you want more info look up Tinnitus. I've had this for years in bot ears. It can be very annoying for people. personally I use it to help myself meditate. It can be ringing or a high pitched squeal. It's not really sound but a interpretation of the brain and what it thinks the ear is producing.

Yes I am aware of Tinnitus Rogare - thats why I was asking Eunoia for the source of that info that they posted?  I'd be interested in learning a little more about why its supposed to signify good news about to happen?  As you say, if a person has ringing in their ears all the time - that must be wrong or something.

Greyson, This is a perfect example of taking a negative situation and changing it to a positive in your perception. Here is a ink to a page that talks about Chinese perception of ringing. The great thing about the human mind is that we can define so many of our own perceptions and rationalize them based on our experiences. If you feel something is good for you, then it usually does become good.


The above explanation is very time specific.

Sure its interesting reading.  I still would like to know the source of the information that Eunoia has posted.  Like most things, I think signs are open to intrepreation and different symbols mean different things to different people based upon perspective. 

I forgot what article I read. But I believe in the angels and the way they communicate with me. The article said that when you hear ringing (other than a medical issue), that it is the angels communicating confirmation or a warning.

Angels can communicate in a wide variety of ways - more than just ringing in your ears for sure.  However if its that what you desire to believe then thats great.  Some people see them, some hear them, some have signs like feathers appearing and falling to signal they are around.  There is no limits ever in the universe. 

I would say, focus on building the shelter and place your thoughts on that, then the Universe will fill in the blanks as to how it is financed. Winning a lottery jackpot isn't a good way, I don't feel, because there is a lot of competition to do so, and a lot of doubts can creep up. Focus on your dream in its completed form and then the Universe will provide the best way of doing so. 

A lottery win is nice I'm trying to win the lotto as well. But it may also be inspiring to perhaps allow in money through all and other avenues such as a business venture. Be an example to follow. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=cfND1CjGs8o Business success and business deals are made through confidence - you can do this without money. I make inquiries for my personal financial gains all the time - I know this can be done without money. Again it take confidence. Confidence comes from knowing you can be, have , do whatever you want in this the known and blessedly abundant Universe!


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