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I don't intend to spread negativity, I believe LOA works 100% no exception, but isn't this supposed to be just easy and fun? Everytime I want to settle with a simple "way of living" where I feel good and I think "Oh this is going to be unbreakable the manifestation has to show up anyway" I EVENTUALLY get into a hole where my positive thoughts don't work anymore, and I have to find another way, and so on (forgetting about everything/practicing certain thoughts of having it/etc) I've been getting glimpses of my desires for the last year or so (in every area) and I'm so annoyed and dejected at why none of the things I've asked for have shown up, but it's no surprise, I CANNOT BE constant in my alignment, no matter how positive I try to keep myself. If anything, I feel things are getting worse in some areas while I'm a deluded lil mofo thinking "Ooh everything is fine" while it's just getting worse. How? How? What am I supposed to do? Bear with me, I stopped believing in Santa Claus at frickin' 15 years old and I've been a chill person my entire life, how is it being so hard even for a person like me? 

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I feel you. It's frustrating when you're doing so many things, thinking positive thoughts, expecting your desired outcome & it doesn't pan out. Or it takes such a long time to show up. It's frustrating to say the least! There might be some resistance in there, I don't know but I struggle with this too!  

Clueless about how some people have manifested in a matter of 3 days with even thinking about it. Sometimes it feels as though the universe makes me want to wait an eternity. But I've been trying to make it happen all this time, I haven't understood I'm not meant to control any aspect of my manifestations, only my unconditional happiness.

Un, breakable is focusing on, "this thing I do not want". Have you watched the YouTube lie subject videos by Abraham Hicks?

Sorry, by unbreakable I meant my positive state of being which would eventually bring results, I thought I had finally figured it out and it turned out I was still trying too hard.

Pie subject!

I could stare at an apple and visualize/chant/meditate/etc... me eating that apple for the rest of my life, but that only manifests once I've taken the intangible and make it tangible through action. As they said in The Secret, one of the main steps is ACT, which is your job as the individual with the desire. As they say, we create and God provides. That means everything required to manifest our desires is available to us, but it's up to us to build something with the resources given to us.

So if you don't mind me asking, what exactly is it that you're trying to manifest? What are your desires? What is it that you feel is getting in the way of those things or preventing them? If you shoot me some more information, I can properly respond to you in a way that's geared toward what you're actually wanting instead of just generals.

Love life and physical body mainly. Action to make it happen sounds contradictive to everything I've learned and realized about LoA, and it hasn't worked out even when I took the stay focused/be consistent/don't give up route which was literally going to the gym and eating healthy while trying to focus my thoughts, or the focused thought only route. I've been trying to make it happen all this time. 

You're not an inactive bystander in this game we're playing. You're an active participant in it. If anyone told you that you're supposed to just wish and it'll magically happen for you without you partaking in its manifestation, then they were probably also trying to sell you a book or movie at the same time. ;) In which case, they're actively participating and using your dreams in order to manifest their own dreams. So if action is contradictory to what you've learned, I'd recommend reviewing everything you've learned and continue to expand. Nearly all versions of the LoA concept I've read (it has been said many times and in many ways for thousands of years) informs you that one of the key things is that you take action; that's what is meant by ACT or KNOCK.

For example, if my intention was to be the best animator in the world, no amount of positive thinking or wishing is going to make it magically happen; that requires me to take action and put in the time/effort to achieve such greatness. Equally so, you can think happy thoughts all day - "There aren't weeds in my garden! There aren't weeds in my garden!" but if there are weeds in your garden, you have to act and remove them. Think of it like this, "We create and God (Universe) provides." It'll create the opportunities and means for you to create your desires, but it works WITH you, not FOR you. You ARE a manifestation of IT. However, those without the eyes to see or without the ears to hear, don't see the opportunities or paths and they don't hear the universe speaking through various things/people to help them on the way. All of the things you're doing with positivity/gratitude/etc... is to help you program your perception to be able to properly see/hear what compliments what you're wanting. It is helping you get rid of the things that YOU do to prevent what you want from ever happening. If I constantly tell myself that I can't or won't, then I won't do or see the means of me being able to do so.

So let me ask you, what exactly is your intention/desire? What is it that you're wanting? If you don't mind sharing that, maybe the Universe sent me to help you formulate a strategy to get what you want. :) It works in mysterious ways. 

I believe action is important, but once you're aligned or feel the impulse to. Otherwise taking action just like that defeats the whole purpose of finding the right vibration first which is the basic LoA principle. If it wouldn't be, then I don't see the point of anything LoA, even this site. Positive thinking? Yeah, you can find that among people who don't even believe in LoA. So the point is, I believe action is important, but the mindset comes first. 

I just took a job offer that popped out of nowhere and at first I was hesitant to even send my resumé, but it was there, there, pointing at me, that when I found a sort of alignment, I felt inspired to do it, I felt the impulse, I felt excited and sent it. The same day I went to my interview I got hired. And even though it's not exactly what I'm seeing in my mind, it's 3x better than where I was. So even if it's a small prelude of what's about to come, paying attention to it made me feel GREAT in the NOW, and the now is all that matters.

I wasn't even looking for a job, I never put my resumé out there, all I remember is saying how I loved my job nonstop and appreciating it. I never took action, my alignment came first. Then my impulse and INSPIRARION to take action. This is what I'm talking about.

Now, the question "then why is everything else not happening" may arise, but I can confidently say my alignment has been conditional, yes, I can feel over the moon for 4 days in a row but ultimately I have an ulterior motive and therefore huge attachment, and so I'm working on being unconditional in my happiness. However, evidently I've been in a predominant good state, that's why lots of things are going well in my life, and even improving. I still need to drop a huge deal of resistance.

Now to your question, the main 4 are: physical changes (such as height, body frame, facial features, etc) A lover (with the characteristics I desire) An even better job (to by what mass standards would be something too good to be true) and lots of opportunities to travel.

Thanks for taking the time to write down an ellaborate answer. 

I agree; it's more of a law of perception. If you don't think or feel that you can do something, most often we don't do it, see how to do it or even try to find the way to do it; we train our perceptions to see what we want in our world. It isn't that it never existed prior, but that we didn't have the eyes or mind to see it previously because we were still restricted to what we had previously programmed our perceptions to see in our life. The danger of always waiting for an impulse is that it isn't always there, and even if you're doing something you love, there is often times that you're simply not feeling motivated or aligned (that impulse). It's easy to take action when we're "feeling it," and just as easy to give up when we're not; the key is pushing even when you don't feel like it in the given moment. Is it required? Definitely not, but that's usually the difference between success or not.

As for the principals of LoA, it's ask, receive, and act. If you're religious, it's ask, seek and knock. So the fundamental principle is that you actually know what you're wanting, then have faith in what you want so you can release it to the Universe and then act upon the path that opens to it. It's the concept of "What is hope? What is faith?" Hope is what we desire, what we're wanting. Faith is acknowledging what we want and releasing it to the higher powers without question or doubt in our minds. The moment that we begin to question or doubt what we said we want, we no longer have faith in it (in fact, we create the opposite of wanting it - a lack of it), which is why there is no need to endless chant what you want unless you're simply trying to convince yourself that you want it. Otherwise, having unwavering faith in what you want will cause you to do anything and everything necessary to obtain what you want.

It reminds me of a game that's sometimes played in the United States (maybe elsewhere also) called "Punch Buggy." Basically, when one sees a Volkswagon Beatle, you punch your buddy in the arm and yell "Punch Buggy!." Unless you already loved the cars prior, you never really put much notice into them prior to playing the game. However, after you play the game some, even when you're not playing it, you can't help but notice them EVERYWHERE. It's as if there is magically more of them in your world, even though they've always been there. By playing that game and giving intent/focus to noticing them, you train your perception to seek them out in your life and make sure to inform you of the "opportunity." This concept works with everything in our lives since we're unable to even perceive anything beyond our internal perception; perceiving the raw data from signals to our senses would cause confusion to our conscious minds and not allow us to see the patterns that create the world we think we're experiencing. By mastering our perceptions and emotions, we become masters of our lives and can figure out how to obtain anything that we want within reason. So you're right, first take care of head and allow yourself to see what you want, then act upon it and keep acting even when you don't feel like it. 

I agree that you should be unconditional in your happiness (which is joy) and that should take top priority since life can throw all kinds of stuff you don't want your way. Always blessings in the burdens and burdens in the blessings. A long time ago my mother told me the phrase "Happiness is relative; joy is eternal" and that has resonated with me since then, but even more so because she didn't even explain what it meant to me. lol One day I realized what it meant though. We place our idea of happiness upon all of the external things around us; people, places and things. However, we live in an evergoing temporary moment that eventually extinguishes all things, so what happens when we lose what we've placed our sense of happiness upon? Usually much suffering because we feel that we can't be happy without those things. As you said, when we detach ourselves from the "things" of the world, we can recognize and express happiness through joy because we realize that it is US that creates our happiness inside and not all of the things we've placed our idea of happiness upon.

To further go into the perception thing, it always reminds me of depressed people versus those people that just emit light even if they're not speaking or doing anything. Both sets of people exist in the same space and world, and yet, their perception of that world is drastically different; the difference between actuality and reality. We all exist within actuality, and yet we each have our own relative reality based upon our perception. The depressed person has a perception that has been programmed to see the bad, sad, gloomy and negative aspects of their realities; as a result, the world also appears that way and we often obtain further things to reinforce that state, such as listening to those depressing songs during that time. In contrast, the person that is stuck in that positive light state does the opposite; they're able to see the bright things in their realities and reinforce that perception through finding the bright sides of things. Circumstances will always happen no matter what one does, but we choose how we're going to perceive it, what meaning we're going to place upon it. Once we've place meaning upon it, we experience it through that meaning we gave it. For example, imagine a couple that's suppose to have dinner. She shows up and he isn't there yet, no big deal. Then an hour passes and they still haven't shown up. Now she is getting furious and what usually happens? We start talking to ourselves. lol "How dare he stand me up! He must be off with some other woman! Maybe he doesn't love me! Am I ugly? I'm not beautiful! blah blah blah blah" We just placed so much subjective meaning upon something that may or may not even be true, but through the meaning we've placed upon it, our perceptions shift and now we're angry / raging / etc... We created a whole reality with nothing more than our own idea of what's happening. Then they show up and you flip out on them.........before finding out that they actually were just in a wreck or maybe a flat tire. To go with an even more modern example, imagine sending someone a text that you like and they don't immediately respond when they were just responding. lol You get the point.

Okay, I'm done rambling... maybe... I promise... I hope I don't lie. lol :D So focusing now on your desires, do you currently not like how you look or something? There is never anything wrong with wanting to change things up, but if you don't love, accept and appreciate the blessing that you already are, it's easy to get stuck in a cycle of "never being good enough." Know what I mean? So with your height, you're wanting to be taller or something? What have you tried in regards to that? Most often the easiest things are right under our noses, or our feet in this case; shoes can easily boost your height. Trust me, your DNA is smart enough to not listen to you about everything. lol It created your conscious mind to begin with and between it & your subconscious mind, they know what to ignore because they understand the reasoning better than your conscious ego mind. However, body frame and other such things are usually things that can be altered to some degree. The most obvious being if you wanted to lose weight or tone up, you'd want to exercise and eat properly. As well, today we live in an interesting time that most features can be changed via operations, if that's something you must have. However, I'm sure we've all seen what that does in our later years, so it's best advised to put real thought into what you're wanting and if what you already have is as bad as you think it is; question why you think the things that you do about yourself and decide if it's your voice or the voice of someone else. 

So with the lover, if you find an amazing person but they don't fit your list perfectly, it's a no go for you? I suppose I should ask first, what is the characteristics that you desire?

As for the career, what is it that you actively enjoy doing in life? Whats your passion in regards to activities? Even further, what type of job is it that you would find interesting? Clearly you want to travel, and I'm 100% on that with you, but is there a particular field you find interest in?

Risultati immagini per if you close your eyes you see darkness but if you keep them photo

I remember a guy on this forum saying he wrote down his affirmations( or spoke them) and took action to get what he wanted. He now has an abundance of money. Try affirming and taking action for a while. Should helpma great deal


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