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Hey guys. You can ask your Law of Attraction questions and I'll be happy to flow some soothing clarity.

As an answer to every question: Focus on feeling better and getting into alignment, feeling better regardless of the conditions, and then you will have more clarity of what the next step is. Do what feels the best for you. Your emotions are your guidance system and let you know when you are allowing or offering resistance to what you want.

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How do I stop judging myself,I keep doing it without thinking, and when I try to make it ok or to feel ok that it's okay to judge myself (soothing it through) I judge myself on that too, it's horrible.

People only do something because they believe it benefits them in some way. So, you believe it makes more sense to judge yourself than it does to be nicer, easier and more accepting of yourself when you make a mistake. And you believe self-judgement is better than self-acceptance because you're afraid that if you didn't judge yourself, you would keep making the same mistakes.

Part of it is it's just practiced. As you practice out of alignment thoughts, Law of Attraction makes it easier for you to practice out of alignment thoughts. So as you judge yourself, Law of Attraction makes it easier for you to judge yourself. And the opposite is also true. As you focus more on caring about how you feel and thinking thoughts that feel a little better than thoughts you were thinking, Law of Attraction makes it easier for you to think thoughts that feel a little better.

It comes down to being more willing to be nicer to yourself, than to be mean to yourself. Because really, the only reason that you judge yourself in the first place is because you do actually care about yourself. Think of it like your family or friends. When they judge you, it's usually because they care about you and just want you to be happy, but it's filtered through a belief in fear or lack and being out of alignment, so the message of love is lost through the judgement. But the love is there. So when you judge yourself, it's because you do actually love yourself, you do care about yourself, it just gets lost because you just want yourself to be the best you can be and live the life you know you deserve. But judging yourself keeps you where you are and causes you to make more mistakes, not that there's anything wrong with that. You are a beautiful person, and perfect just the way you are. The more you choose to be just a little bit nicer to yourself, a little bit easier, and decide that nothing is more important than that you feel good, that you feel better, that relief is your main focus, then the judgement will begin to subside because you cherishing your heart becomes your main focus.

Will you judge yourself sometimes? Of course. And that's not a big deal. Does it suck? Yes. But it's okay. It just takes practice. That's all. And the more you practice caring about how you feel, consistently reaching for thoughts that help you feel better, you will naturally begin being nicer to yourself in the way you know you deserve and are absolutely worthy of a gentle, fun and loving relationship you have with yourself.

What do you do when you don't have a vision? (apart from feeling good) 

You know you want to manifest something big, something super successful but you just don't know what that is. 

Let feeling good be enough. Because when you say, "I want it, but nothing happening. I want this, but I don't have a vision," you introduce resistance.

When you focus on thoughts that feel good, and let those good feelings be enough, you allow momentum to build and you allow yourself to receive the vision from Source, who is fully aware of your vision in all it's specific goodyness.


Brian, So you really dont have to visualise the desire. You just need to allow yourself to feel good right ?

Yes. You can visualize if it feels good, or do something else that helps you feel good.

Thank u.

Hi Brian, hopefully this is okay, but I would like to post a question from my friend Holly, who can't get on the forums right now to ask this herself. I told her that you were answering LOA questions today, and she knows of you because I've shared your posts with her before. Please provide her your insight? Here goes: 

"I currently don't have access to money and making money in societal ways isn't an option bc I have severe social anxiety and I'm unable to get a job. However manifesting money is an extreme necessity bc in my household, my parent is having severe debt issues and we risk losing our house and my beloved cats. The living situation is also not ideal because I'm living under an abusive roof. In both situations I'm desperate for money so I can help my mom, but also leave for my own safety.

As much as I struggle to fathom LOA, I know that I need to put my resistance aside to help myself. I feel money is the hardest subject for me although I've had success with certain objects, making friends, and manifesting certain people. Perhaps it being a 'big' goal makes it that much harder. I'm not one to use particular methods as it feels forced but any advice you may have to let me allow would be good and really appreciated. Thanks so much for answering everyone's questions."

Thanks from me too. :) 

Great question! 

“I currently don't have access to money . . .”

You don’t have access to physical money right now, but you do have access to the vibration of money. And lucky for you, that’s all you need to allow it.

The only reason anyone wants anything is because they believe they will feel better in the having of it. So, the only reason you want money is so that you can feel better. Take a couple minutes to focus on what emotions you want to feel. Why do you want to feel financially free?

“I want to feel freedom. I want to feel relief. I want to feel empowered. I want to have fun. I want to feel secure. I want to feel confident. I may not feel confident, but wouldn’t it be nice if I did? I like the idea of feeling a little more confident in myself. I like feeling the relief of being able to support myself. I want to feel supported. I want to feel loved. I want to feel accepted. I like the idea of feeling supported and loved by the Universe. I want to feel good.”

It’s focusing on general, downstream, easy to believe thoughts that help soothe you and feel relief as you think those better-feeling thoughts.

You want to do your best to stay off of subjects that help you feel worse when you think about them, and guide your focus to think thoughts that help you feel better. The more you focus on feeling better, the more you are in the receptive mode to allow yourself to receive inspired thoughts and ideas that can help allow the abundance you are worthy of.

Also, when you wake up in the morning, meditating for 15 minutes can help you release resistance and pre-pave the day with positive momentum, making it easier for you to focus on feeling good. Or if you don’t like meditating, then go buy some Play-doh or toys and play with those in the morning. Just anything that helps you have some fun and lighten up with yourself.

I showed this to Holly, and I wasn't sure what her response would be due to how much this situation upsets her, but she in fact said that she really liked your answer. Thank you for your help and all of the other ways you've contributed to this forum!!


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