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Hey guys. Ask your Law of Attraction questions and I’ll answer them.

As a general answer: Focus on feeling better regardless of the conditions and you will have clarity of what the next step is. Your emotions are your guidance system and let you know when you are allowing or resisting what you want.

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You will attract what you want even if you’re not thinking about it as long as you are focused on something that feels good.

Question: How to ask for what you desire, to eliminate "I want".  Is it best to say I intend to have....???

When you ask it’s not to ask for what you want, it’s to line up with what has already been given. Source already knows what you want before you’ve said it. So you’re not doing it for them because they heard your vibration loud and clear. You’ve already asked and your desire has been given. It’s done. So don’t worry about figuring out how to ask because that’s not your work. You ask just by living life. All you want to do is allow yourself to receive it. And you receive by getting into alignment, feeling satisfied, having fun and being light and playful.

True, so our energy is speaking to the universe.

I continue to have difficulty letting go of my last relationship to let in the next relationship.  Many probably have the same struggle, the blockage in my head of I won't find someone as good or better.  Any ideas on letting go?  Being a better 'Allower'?

It’s not a blockage to what you do want, it’s a pathway to what you don’t want. Block means obstruction. But think of more like an open pathway. An open choice, which you have currently been going towards because you feel there is some value going in that direction. When you view it more as a choice in a direction you don’t prefer, instead of, “I want to go this way but can’t because of this thing blocking me,” it can remind you of your freedom and power.

It’s not one path that has a block or not. It’s two open paths, what you want and don’t want, and it’s just signaling (intention) and changing lanes to what path you want to be on.

Why do you want a relationship? What emotions do you want to feel?

“I want to feel loved. I want to feel desired. I want to feel accepted. I want to feel appreciated. I want to feel valued. I want to feel validated. I want to feel supported. I want to feel attractive. I want to feel sexy. I like feeling handsome and beautiful. I want to feel fun. I like having fun. I like feeling playful, and giddy, and silly. I like feeling adventurous and having new experiences.”

“I like feeling joy. I like feeling the ease and flow of an empowering relationship. I like the feeling of two people hanging out just feeling effortless. I love the feeling of giving and receiving love. I appreciate having someone to flow my affection and creativity towards. I want to feel creative. I want to feel intelligent. I want to feel eager and excited to talk and hang out with them.”


Thank you Brian.  Appreciate the analogy.  So I guess I would ask why do I feel there is value in going to the old path?  I don't feel there is any realistic chance in a reconciliation based on her energy.  

I do feel this person taught me more about love than my decades long marriage.  I feel like I am "clinging" as the Buddhists would say.   

I do want all of the things in my next partner that I had in my last, with very few tweaks or adjustments.  There were an incredible amount of positive aspects, with very minor negatives.  Maybe that is why it is difficult to release the relationship because there weren't complaints on my end. 

What did they teach you about love? What did you learn from that relationship?

If you only focused on their positive aspects you would have a much easier time letting go. If you start focusing on their positive aspects and then miss them, you have focused your attention on lack and negative aspects for what you want. If you remained steady of only what you like about them, only what you like about yourself, you would let go of the old and let in the new.

“Maybe that is why it is difficult to release the relationship because there weren't complaints on my end.”

Maybe. Maybe you practice a belief that says you should only move forward if you don’t like where you are. Why go somewhere else when you’re satisfied where you are? For even better. For even greater clarification and resonance with what you want. You’re learning that it’s not about moving away from what you don’t want in life, it’s moving towards what you do want.

Maybe she didn’t have complaints, but her relationship with you helped her realize even more of what she wants. That’s not to say you weren’t enough, but that you weren’t the right fit for her anymore. If so you were an important facilitator for her growth and expansion, as well as for your own.

Thanks Brian, you always help us all look at these things in a totally different way.  

Much appreciated.  

LOA says to believe as if it already happened. How do ypu believe without feeling delusional?

You believe it’s already happened because vibrationally it’s already happened. Physically it’s not visible, but vibrationally it's feelable. You can feel and sense it’s energetic existence.

It’s delusional if you need something to manifest in order for you to feel good. Because then feel good for awhile, but eventually get impatient, begin to doubt and then don’t feel good. But when you feel good unconditionally, it doesn’t need to come for you to maintain your alignment, then you stay feeling good and know it is coming because you can feel it is coming.

Can you share some personal stories about things you've manifested?


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