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Hey guys. Ask your Law of Attraction questions and I’ll answer them.

As a general answer: Focus on feeling better regardless of the conditions and you will have clarity of what the next step is. Your emotions are your guidance system and let you know when you are allowing or resisting what you want.

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Brian, may i ask you another thing? Can we create the reality of another person? I mean, what this person is doing is making me upset, extremely sad and disappointing but above all he is clearly destroying himself and he is more confused than i could ever imagine. Can i create a different reality for him or it is not my business, i should be happy no matter what and maybe d conditions will change? I know im probably talking about conditional happiness but ugh we're human, aren't we? XD
Thank you in advance

No one can make you feel upset. Your emotions come from the thoughts you think. Since you choose your thoughts, you chose your emotions. You want to stop giving other people responsibility for your emotions when they don’t even have that ability in the first place.

You can help influence their well-being, but they also have the freedom to offer resistance to their well-being.

The better question is, why do you want to create a better reality for them? You want to so you can feel better. You want to focus on feeling better anyway, and from your place of unconditional satisfaction you will be of benefit for them.

Thank you!!!! So, if for example i see a guy who is like killing himself with all his stressing work and taking pill after pill i can feel better by thinking he will abandon his job or whatever or i may feel better trusting d Universe that even if he dies he has choosen his path? Because actually the second option is very difficult/impossible for me, so maybe im still in d conditional happiness or what? im sorry if i bother you but i'd love to have total clarity about this. Thank you again.

Go general. What emotions do you want to feel?

“I want to feel relaxed. I want to feel the ease of all of this. I want to feel comfortable. I want to feel satisfied. I want to feel ease and flow. I want to feel everything is working out for me. I want to feel loved. I want to feel supported. I want to feel confident. I want to focus on my life and what feels the best for me. I want to see through the eyes Source. How do they think? What do they feel? And thats what I’m going to allow myself to feel as well.”

Ok. Thank U very much.

Question: Can I ask for more than one desires? 

In meanwhile, I need Love, I am single for a long time and I am not young, I am quite hurry to find a loyal and dreamed partner. Secondly, my eyes have some problem and I hope my eyes can recover asap because most of time I can't see things clearly. Thirdly, I hope my life can be more happy because I always think about the past, it really make me very unhappy. 

I have listened some subliminal message music, I bought "Attact Love", "Release and Let go", "Positive thinking", can I listen it together? Or should I just focus one thing?

You ask for an abundance of desires every day. That’s welcomed by the universe.

You can listen to all of those. Don’t listen to them to manifest anything, that’s not what they are for, listen to them if they help you feel better. If they don’t help you feel better, then focus on something else that helps you feel better.

You want another to love you so you can feel loved. But you feeling loved comes from your thoughts, not from another. When you focus on feeling loved because you accept and appreciate yourself, you will not care about not being in a relationship with another because you are fulfilled with your relationship with yourself. The same goes for your others desires. When you feel satisfied with your relationship with yourself you allow what you want.

Thanks Brian.

"Don’t listen to them to manifest anything", that mean do not listen when I am visualising ??

which one should I listen when I am sleeping?

Some people said it should remove the limiting belief before you desire something, do you think the first step is to remove the limiting belief? or I should repeat to desire my thing to cover the limiting belief?

They are not to help you manifest anything or remove limiting beliefs. They are to help you feel better. So you can listen to them when it feels good, or don’t listen to them if they don’t help you feel good. All you want to do is care about how you feel and focus on feeling good. The more you focus on feeling good you easily let go of limiting beliefs and allow your desire.

get it!

what do you recommend to do to enhance my feeling good? write affirmation ?

besides, I need some help is my confident to the relationship. I had been betrayed. So now, when I meet a new man, I have a lot of doubt. I will think a lot, e.g. is he a loyal person? do he have intention? do he cheat me? I know it is not healthy to a relationship if you have this feeling/thinking. what should I do to eliminate this thinking / behaviour ?

Keep it simple. Start with meditation in the morning for fifteen minutes. You can also write about what you appreciate about yourself and your day. Look for reasons to be nicer to yourself. Give yourself the benefit of the doubt. Play more. Have more fun. Focus on you. Focus on anything that feels good, whether it be painting, walking in nature or playing with animals.


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