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Hey guys. You can ask your Law of Attraction questions and I'll be happy to flow some soothing clarity.

As an answer to every question: Focus on feeling better and getting into alignment, feeling better regardless of the conditions, and then you will have more clarity of what the next step is. Do what feels the best for you. Your emotions are your guidance system and let you know when you are allowing or offering resistance to what you want.

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Hi Brian,

I have a concern about the law of attraction and my O.C.D (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder), I suspect that other people with O.C.D on here might have the same concerns that I've got so I think this is well worth getting peoples opinions on. There is a type of O.C.D symptom coined as "magical thinking" this is when O.C.D sufferers get obsessive thoughts of having to do certain physical or mental rituals to prevent something horrible from happening but it involves an unexplainable belief that thoughts and actions can effect reality in a non conventional way. For example a sufferer might be in a pub and have a drink of lemonade but when they go to drink it they realise that it has been on a drinks mat that has a picture of someone they don't like on it or something else bad. They will then not want to drink the lemonade in that glass because of the fear that they might start becoming like that person they don't like or that some other harm will come to them. They might want to put the glass on a picture of something good to neutralise the drink before drinking it. Other examples of this are a concern about stepping on cracked pavement slabs with the fear that their life may crack up or the worries might have less of a figurative psychological association and be more random, such as feeling that if they don't touch a table before leaving a room then something bad will happen, or that something bad will happen if they do certain actions with bad thoughts in mind such as opening and closing doors and windows, putting a cap on a bottle, walking passed a certain area, swallowing, putting something down and letting go of it, sitting down or standing up, stirring some food and many others.

The medical health profession see this as a mental health illness that needs to be cured but they view life from a materialist perspective and completely exclude the possibility of thoughts and actions effecting reality in this non conventional way but I feel reasonably sure that there is such a thing as spirituality and thoughts and actions might be able to influence reality in a non conventional magical way. So I'm wondering if this so claimed O.C.D symptom has been misunderstood and may in fact be a natural defence instinct to give protection from spiritual harm that might come to people.

It's not as if the law of attraction is the only way that reality could be effected in a supernatural and magical way, in the witchcraft practice of Wicca witches use thoughts and actions to effect reality in this same non conventional way, in fact many witchcraft rituals and O.C.D rituals are so frighteningly similar that I suspect that a CBT therapist would not be able to tell the difference between them. The only difference is that witches learn about these rituals where as people with O.C.D inexplicably get these sorts of thoughts reinforced by strong anxiety and feel a strong need to perform these rituals to relieve the anxiety even though they can't explain why they feel they need to do them.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying that I believe that this so called O.C.D symptom couldn't be a mental health illness just like the medical health profession thinks it is but given my realisation about spiritual laws, I can't help but wonder if maybe it's not and if not how best to go about dealing with these spiritual laws. If this O.C.D symptom is not actually a mental health illness and is a spiritual protector then I'm wondering if there is another way of living life but dealing with these spiritual laws in a different way, because it's very time consuming and exhausting to be bombarded with these obsessive thoughts and then having to do certain rituals to relieve anxiety caused by them.

Anyway I would very much appreciate getting your opinion on this topic, What are your thoughts?

Many Thanks.


Hi Brian,

Maybe you have read my recent post.. Below is a long post.. Wish to hear from your wisedom. ;)

Before I took my EX always as my faith. When we are good, i am happy; when we are not good, for example he blocked me or broke contacts with me, I felt bad, so i used LOA and always find back my happiness. BECAUSE while i was using LOA, i can see the image of being together with him and see the image of him loving me well, so i get happy and focus on myself, then eventually EX always came back as my LOA result as well.

Recently, the things happened on me, his dishonest and cheating and misbehaviours and his families' reaction hurt me, made me hard to find back this faith. I don't feel the same kind of happiness any more. Even when I try to use LOA to feel happy, i can't see that image, so I feel inside of me, lost something which i am always looking forward to.

1).   So how to solve this empty feeling??  I got frustrated not because he cheated or he broke up with me again, because drama happend a lot in the past as well, and i always ignored those so-called conditions to build me own. i got frustrated because I am losing the faith..

Moreover, as I am always applying LOA to my relationship, each time no matter what happened, no matter how I doubted whether he would be back on those conditions, my EX always came back to me.  But why we always repeated this process, and why he always lied behind me..? 

Abraham Hicks said in her video, to tell whether the person is the right one, let Universe do it

I did, i imagined my Ex and thinking of our happy times and future, then he always came back to me. So i think Universe is telling me he is the right person. That's why I always trust him would be good, loyal and honest one day, so I never quit but trust that day will come.


But after this time of what happened on me, i don't know if my understanding towards Abraham's words is correct. Everybody around me told me to quit, and indeed he cheated 9 behind me, his families didn't treat me nice, and he didn't dare take his responsibilities .... etc. These all made me disappointed and hard to trust he is the right person any more..

2).   I just don't understand why if he isn't right person, why Universe brought him back to me again and again..???

So what I did, is I wrote myself 17 pages of what has happened between my EX and I since 2013 till now, and how he treated me. I sent one copy to him as well, i want him to remember how he treated me while I was loving him all the time. 

People said I grew love seeds between him and I , even now it looks bad, but good results will come...

Wish to hear from you,


You’re working with the Law of Attraction to get the relationship, instead of to actually feel better. Because if your only motive was to feel better, you could easily accomplish that within a couple minutes.

“2). I just don't understand why if he isn't right person, why Universe brought him back to me again and again..?”

You attract what you think about. It doesn’t mean something is right or not, it is just a normal, basic function of the Law of Attraction. You think about something, what you want or what you don't want, so you attract it.

To add to my text above, I think my sub-conscious can be easier concluded as :

I don't know whether I should still want my EX back, when he treated me so bad.

Because in the past, I always want him back, but this time I just knew the truth he cheated so many girls behind me and how irresponsible and fake he was.

Thanks for answering questions. Mine is about relationships and loneliness. I have been single for years  - with a few brief relationships - and am very ready for a proper relationship now. I have done a lot of work on myself and made great in roads in understanding myself and removing limiting beliefs. Unfortunately I am still on my own and very lonely. I do a meditation by Laura Day and I can really feel the joy of a relationship and then I let it go.... and return to feeling lonely. It's an over riding feeling. I'm finding it hard to believe that it will happen to me, I've put myself out there and dated till I can date no more. 

So my question really is, how do you maintain feeling positive in the constant absence of what you want?

(Please understand that I am not complaining about being single after only a few months, I am talking years and I have so much in my life and so much good, but I really want to share my life with someone. I can't hear any more quotes about "don't give up the day before it happens / it's always darkest before the dawn / spring will always come". I feel like spring is never coming!).

This answer is just too true and too funny!!!

and as always it's perfect and complete. i'd like only to add this quote just to make things even clearer - even if Brian already said everything:

Nessun testo alternativo automatico disponibile.

Thanks for taking the time to respond, however, you have no understood me or my situation at all and have made a lot of assumptions.

Hi Brian - I didn't mean for you to remove your post? There were nuggets in there and likely others would find it helpful?

I have a particularly nasty neighbour who has caused lots of trouble for me over the last 8 years or so since my husband died. He is a non uniformed police man and likes to intimidate single women. It's not physical, its things like he reports me to authorities for things I haven't done.  I have friends round so he lights a bonfire.  My passport was delivered to him my mistake and he said he "lost" it.  All stuff like that.  All my other neighbours dislike him too. He has started causing trouble again recently.  I don't want to get my own back and am trying to visualise a "For Sale" sign on his house as I just want him out of my life. Is this the right thing to do?  It is constantly on my mind and am probably on the wrong sort of frequency attracting the wrong kind of energy.  I need to turn this around and be positive and believe that he will get out of my life. Can you offer any suggestions please?

If you want them out of your life so then you feel better, then you don't allow them to leave because of your judgement, resistance and attention to them. Your judgement of what you don't want is what allows you to be a vibrational match to what you don't want. You focusing on making peace with what-is, and doing your best to take your focus off of them and put your focus on anything that helps you feel better without needing the conditions to change, is what allows you to drop your resistance and allow your life to be a match to what you do want.

Life-changing advice! im just copying and pasting it to another member of PI - obviously adding You wrote that :D

@Brian, it's me again. I know this is supposed to be a spiritual question but I'm asking you to be a friend for just a little while, in addition to being a spiritual adviser..

A very long story short - even after not having the slightest bit of negativity or fear or worry about a soul-connection based relationship, it seems to be ending. One of us had stronger attachment than the other to the relationship (and complete faith that it's all working out and only getting better). NOTHING happened between us, he just went on a trip with his family (wife n kid, like i said very long story..) and started to become distant..

I'm trying to sound really matter of fact about a heartbreaking emotional situation here, so I ask for your kindness and understanding as a friend. I'm sick of people telling other people to look for other fish in the sea. I've had more than my fair share of fishes and i want this particular fish and NO OTHER! And i don't understand why this is happening. If someone tells me I brought this on me with my thoughts I swear I'm gonna punch them, because i SO did not! I had nothing but good feeling positive thoughts until things started to become really really different.

And i know i'm supposed to feel good or atleast neutral regardless. But how the hell do you do that when your heart is breaking into million painful bleeding pieces and it's all you can do not to scream cry and burn the whole planet down :( :( :'(

Nothing is comforting right now... Brian.. Nothing's helping... :(


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