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Hey guys. You can ask your Law of Attraction questions and I'll be happy to flow some soothing clarity.

As an answer to every question: Focus on feeling better and getting into alignment, feeling better regardless of the conditions, and then you will have more clarity of what the next step is. Do what feels the best for you. Your emotions are your guidance system and let you know when you are allowing or offering resistance to what you want.

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Hi Brian,

"If you’re trying to be happy to get your ex back, then it won’t work because you’re not feeling happy just because you like how it feels."

I understand that in order to manifest something, we must feel good about it as if it is happing RIGHT NOW (LIVING IN THE END RESULT). Whenever I do visualizations, I feel the joy of being with my loved one. And of course, I enjoy that feeling. I've read on another post that said something similar to what you just said: 

 "But if you are feeling ‘By visualizing/affirming I am going to feel good. By feeling good I can supposedly attract him/her back’ then you are again operating from a place of attachment and lack."

My question is that why can't it work this way? You're still FEELING GOOD by doing visualizations after all? and isn't it the key to manifesting: FEELING GOOD? So why can't feeling good (living in the end result) by doing visualizations bring about my manifestations?

Whenever I do my visualizations, I feel good. And try to find things that make me feel good when I'm not doing my visualizations while keeping my faith that my loved on is on his way to me. Am I on the right track?

Even i am looking for an answer to this.

“You’re still feeling good by doing visualizations after all?”

It can help you attract them, but if you're feeling good primarily to get your relationship, you either will eventually take negative score and use your lack of relationship as your reason to not feel good. Or even if you do attract them, if you’re happiness is dependent on them and their presence in your life, that will introduce resistance and arguments into your relationship, wanting to control your partner, and eventually lead to a break up due to being conditionally in alignment.

You want to feel good thinking about being in a relationship whether you get back together or not. It doesn’t matter if you attract them back. What matters is that you feel good. And when you don’t care about being with them because you’re so satisfied with the thought of being in a relationship, then you allow yourself to attract them or someone else who is a match to what you want.

“. . . isn’t it the key to manifesting: feeling good?”

Yes, but you’re feeling good to feel good, not feeling good to get the manifestation.

“So why can’t feeling good (living in the end result) by doing visualizations bring about my manifestations?”

It will, and you have shown yourself that you felt good with just the thought of the manifestation. The manifestation itself doesn’t actually make you feel good. And since you are living in the end result you have what you want, so you don’t care how long the relationship takes to manifest because you’re living your juicy, satisfying life right now.

Yes yes :))
So, I've been practicing LOA to get my ex (of about 3 months, no contact for about 3 weeks) back for about a week. During my first few days of practicing, he finally contacted me. I was hesitant everyday, but eventually after about 3 days of minimal text conversations, he asked me to brunch. I went and we enjoyed each other.

After asking indirectly about his interests in relationships in general, he responds with "I have major plans and a girlfriend may ruin it."

My manifestations have slowly been unfolding, and the brunch initially was what I thought was clear indication of wanting to try things again. However, he lets me know his plans and seems adamant.

Is that a sign from the Universe that I should completely move forward and abandon this desire of wanting another relationship? Or could continuing to practice LOA grant my desire? Do I just need to be patient?
How can I manifest twins being single and 38 old woman? Im afraid about age and if you meet someone new you dont decide to get kids asap... I dont have many options to meet new people and I have always fear that manifesting kids family is also not only up to me..its other man

Since you have practiced fear on the subject of relationships (with children and a partner), that fear is guidance letting you know you want to begin enhancing the relationship you have with yourself. You’re so focused on your relationships with others, but your relationship with yourself is the most important, since all others reflect your relationship with you.

The more you focus on accepting yourself, looking for more reasons to appreciate and be kind, gentle and loving to yourself, soothing yourself, you will allow yourself to attract the relationships with others and the children that you want. It can help to meditate for fifteen minutes each morning to help you release resistance and get into alignment.

How can i be more accepting of myself...please give simple examples.
Yes pls thats interesting how you can care about relationship with yourself with inner being?
Question's for Brian
1.what is the difference between changing a circumstance and creating a new circumstance..isnt it essentially the same,but then why does creating come so naturally and one feels resistance to change?

2.if i want to create some new circumstance but i am coming from a place of anxiety,i am offering resistance..how do i overcome that bearing in mind that what i want to create is important to me and maybe that is why the anxiousness and resistance because of fear


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