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I DON'T want my ex back. I need to move on. But it just hurts so much right now. I've tried EFT, I'm doing all I can to love myself. I'm thousands of miles from home so all I have are my kids and I don't want them to feel my pain.

I know time heals.. Or getting another bloke but my heart is nowhere near ready for a new relationship. I'm doing reiki to heal from the past and I meditate daily. Doing the hoponnno daily to to just let go... He's just moved on so easily from me that it's made me feel like shit on the bottom of his shoe and I know that it's own insecurity that's making me feel that way.

Sorry.. Just having a bad day. Just wish there was an emotional off switch eh?


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Just keep yourself and mind busy by focusing elsewhere! Join a gym, take a community ef class, write a book, go to see Egypt! Something big and enthralling!

This caption has some truly wonderful words:


L'immagine può contenere: montagna e testo

Truth is the only Existence.

Sorry for what you are going through. This will pass and it will surely make you a better person. 

Do you have a friend nearby you can talk to? Just talking about how you feel ( to a real person ) can be very freeing. I don’t suggest doing this all the time  . Spend some time with your girlfriends who remind you of how awesome you are. If you feel lonely right now then this kind of bonding will help you a lot. I took up different hobbies to keep my mind off, one time I started taking music lessons, one time I joined a library and regularly read novels . My exes came chasing right back but I had decided not to go back. 

Also, about him having moved on already- First of all, we don’t really know what’s goin on inside a person’s mind. May be it looks like it on the surface, we just never know . Assuming he actually moved on doesn’t tell how much he loved you or how worthy you are, it simply depends on several other factors that have little to do with you. There were times when I moved on quickly because I had promises to keep and I couldn’t let my parents and myself down. ( Also I was afraid of failing my tests :P) I never thought that my ex was unimportant or unworthy. We were just not right for each other anymore. There were people who still loved me, in your case, your wonderful children . Give them the focus they deserve. I simply told myself that I deserve better relationships and I did find them later. I also took the time to evaluate myself and the relationship . When you know  what you don’t like and how you don’t want to be treated you can intend the opposite.

I am glad that all these techniques are helping you. Just make sure you are feeling good doing them. When I was doing them I realized I was too focused on my pain and they kept me hooked there . Whenever you feel ready make sure you switch from letting go of your pain to actually living a happy life. 

One important lesson I learnt was to love myself first . Previously, I used to lose myself completely, ignoring my friends, not  paying much attention to my goals and things that make me happy . Such relationships never last. I am not saying that romantic relationships are not important, all I am saying is that everything has a place. There must be harmony in your life. 

I hope this helps! 

Thank you so much for that Infinity. Unfortunately I'm alone in a foreign country. Only been in my current city a year. Its funny if you read any of my previous posts. You could nearly track what was going to play out. I'm sure he's moved on so he didn't have to deal with what happened when we split. He's never truly accepted his alcoholism or how it destroys others. I'm the one who refused to enable him. Demanded better and called the cops when he crossed the line. My behaviour was my higher self saying enough. Weirdly all day today my son keeps mentioning his dad's new chick.. Random weird stuff. So instead of getting stuck stressing over how this hurts I've been playing a game with my son asking him what kinda 'friend' should Mommy have. Kind of a pivot stick so I don't get stuff in the now. One day I'm sure my son will be telling my ex about mommy's lovely new friend and how he makes her smile all the time. I'm gonna try some EFT too to let go. Do a new mind movie about the relationship I do want.

Awesome ! You are doing great! 

Your body is made of this supreme divine intelligence. Trust it knows it's own pace to heal. Trust the opportunities will come when you're absolutely ready for them. Trust the power of your mind to manifest the life you're worthy of. Trust your nervous system knows stillness and inner peace. Trust your heart to keep surrendering to love a millions times over again. Trust your thought forms are there to teach you more about your unique patterns and overcoming. Trust your emotions are your guidance system back home towards the connections truly meant for you. 
You can't loose what's meant for you. Rejection is protection! Rejection is your higher self protecting you and re-directing you on your life path. All is love <3 You are meant to have deeper connections and greater love than your ex could provide you at this time in life. This is a blessing.  

Wise girl! 

Love this! 

That being said, I know the pain that you are going through, I've been through it too. Be gentle with yourself. The pain you are experiencing is a completely natural reaction to what has happened. Try to remember your worth. The way your ex (or anyone) treat you is not a reflection of your worth, it's merely a reflection of themselves and their own inner world. The fact that you are feeling hurt and are experiencing pain means that you have a tender, soft and sensitive heart that dared to love another human - how beautiful isn't that? How beautiful aren't you to have such lovely features?  

Exactly !!

Mona....i think these 2 videos may be really helpful because they're truly empowering & give alot of clarity, I'm So Sad because I just can't figure it out by Abraham Hicks & How to let the Universe fully support you by Julie Dickinson/Unveiled Miracles and:





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