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I've managed to overcome a LOT, and even change myself physically.  To be honest, though, I still have some very limiting beliefs and I know it's going to take me at least a few weeks or months to work through them.  I don't want to be impatient, but I'm eager to feel even better :)

I noticed I've been attracting a lack of credit for my ideas and sometimes it feels like I'm almost sending my ideas to others if that even makes sense.  Like, people will come up with the exact same specific things, only they'll get there first.  I mean, like really specific things only they'll get there like hours before and get lots of people praising their work and mine gets ignored.  It's frustrating.  I know it's like Abe says...all the questions have the same answer.  I'm just being grumpy.

In reality I've overcome a humungous amount in a relatively short amount of time.  If I can overcome these limiting beliefs, I'll be doing even better :D

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I'm also working on trying to change limiting beliefs.  The last four days I've been listening to Youtube subliminals on the topic that I'm working on.  You can't hear the subliminals consciously, but they're supposedly heard by your subconscious which gets programmed by them by listening to them over and over again. 

If you look at the comments under some of these videos you will see that some people report that they worked for them.  And some people report that they didn't.  Maybe the people they didn't work for didn't give them long enough, I don't know.  I heard they can take a few days, weeks, or sometimes months before they works.  Listening to them more often can supposedly help speed up the process.  You can even listen to them while sleeping.

If you give subliminals a try, I would pick ones that list the affirmations under the video.  Obviously you want to know what exactly they're programming your subconscious mind with.  There are also hypnosis videos on Youtube on different topics, but I don't know if they work any better then subliminals.  I would assume the do the same thing - give suggestions/affirmations to your subconscious. 

I suppose you could also say affirmations over and over, but it seems like that would take longer.  

Thanks, Ndacloud!  I'll look into this for sure.  I suppose if you believe it's going to work, then it will work for you! :)

From what I’ve been reading here and elsewhere, changing your focus or a thought will change your belief. Joseph Murphy says, “A thought is a belief.” Think the same things frequently or enough times and it becomes a solid belief. Think or focus on contradictory things and you’ll negate the other belief. So focus on what makes you feel good! Think thoughts that feel good! Do it enough times and it’s concrete.

I’m still learning. Not the board’s leading LOA expert yet but all this sounds right to me. Some say if you sit there trying to dissect your beliefs and thinking about them, you won’t change them as well.

Ask your higher self to show you what your MAIN LIMITING BELIEF is.  From that, most if not all other limiting beliefs stem and create your reality. Once you know what it is you can then work on turning it around and releasing it in your mind. Ask it and keep on asking for a few days and then it will show you in some way. It could be an article, a conversation with someone else, a person who really stands out in some way, an uncomfortable feeling you may have, an experience, a film plot etc...there are all sorts of possible ways. Just be open to receiving the idea and working out what it could mean. 

Changing be!ifes. This implies an underlying belief. That belief can be undone through catharsis. Just saying outright that belief you hold that you want to undo. Then simply affirm, visualize, intend as usual.

Eliminating the Main limiting belief is not only an answer to a current problem but also for consistent results.

Sometimes we work on eliminating the ‘sub-beliefs’ and it brings us temporary success but eventually we go back to where we started . It takes a lot of energy to keep fighting the main limiting belief when eliminating it is very very liberating . 

You can use youtube 'guided meditation' hypnosis. I like HYPNOTIC LABS, there is one hypnotist named Joe Tracy and he is great, he guided me to past lives, spirit guides, finding my field of abundance. It really helped get my hidden contrary beliefs on the same page as the words I was speaking. He uses a technique where you are lucid, and in control at all times, but it relaxes your wake mind so that he and you may gently guide your image mind. 

Here is 

"Hypnosis for Changing Your Reality and Beliefs (Law of Attraction)" 


Hi Tatum,

If I may, I'd like to ask a few questions about the way in which you used hypnosis to change your beliefs. Did you hypnotize yourself once to change just one belief? Also, did you use hypnosis to change deep-seated beliefs or just a few trivial ones?


Hi Billy,

I used two techniques. I used affirmations as I slept, 5+ hours of I AM ... affirmations. Such as I am abundance etc. I also dedicated an hour a day to guided meditation hypnosis before sleep and would choose to release unconscience blockages, meeting my spirit guide, and many for prosperity and joy. I chose a new one each day. It was amazing, and I still do this once or twice a week and at night with the sleep hypnosis affirmations


I have subliminal cues around the house. Like white labels with words like I AM BLESSED, HAVE FAITH, Enjoy the journey, It is done unto me as I believe and so on. I put them places that I hardly notice like the white of my fridge door when opened, inside my medicine cabinet, just all over in places many never know they see. 

Interesting! Thanks for the answer.

Very helpful :)


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