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In the last couple of years I have learned how important appreciation is. I earned some powerful processes from Ester Hicks/Abraham. With my father it allowed me to forget about thinking he is selfish and I focused on the love he has. It was over ninight our relationship changed.we went from seeing each other on holidays to contacting each other just about everyday. 

Also by applying appreciation consistently  and looking for the good in everything I aligned myself to hind my hidden art talent. It is amazing. It is works amazingly in my relationship with my wife. I would love to hear other people life changes when applying appreciation/gratitude. 

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Some good for thought here, especially in how appreciation aligned you with your art talent. I find that whenever I have a real rampage of appreciation for the job I now have, I have a really good and enjoyable day, either that or the following one. So many people complain about their jobs, but I wonder what they would attract if they actually showed gratitude instead?

I also find that when I give thanks in advance for something I need, the Universe always delivers it in some way or another.

Earlier on this year, I made a long list of memorable experience I have had, in each destination I have travelled to (it's on the appreciation thread). And then at the end of the summer, I went to Lisbon for the week, and it was probably the best holiday I have had so far.

Appreciation, when practiced consistently, certainly works, and it opens up doors unexpectedly.
That is great. I love hearing stories like that. Applying appreciation is so powerful and yet simple. I still get amazed what comes from applying it. I have been working with my 7 year old daughter with appreciation towards school. She wasn't happy this year. Math was hard and she wasn't happy with the other girls in her class. She was getting nausea every morning before school. I had her write things down about school that she liked and that she felt good about when she thought if it. She loved doing this with me. We did this every night for about 3 weeks. Now she has play dates and likes the girls she didn't like before. The teacher said she is doing great in math and finally my daughter feels good about math. The funny part is my wife and daughter laugh at me and say ..no the changes are because of doing the list. I laugh and won't defend it anymore. I apply appreciation on everyrhing. But as far as applying it on the things I want to create it works for me as long as I don't have resistance towards that. I learned that you can't fake appreciation you have to feel it. But once you feel it, it's yours

Very nice..Love this.

Appreciation also worked with my son. When he was 19 he dropped out of collage ( failed his exams even after a retake)  and was partying hard.

He had the typical young mans view of life meaning he thought he knew it all. Ego driven. Very difficult to talk too. It broke my heart.

He went to work for a while and we found another collage that would take him.

This time I told him that he has been given a second chance. He needs to appreciate the chance and everything that came with it. Appreciate the journey. He asked me to help him since he didn't know the way. I sent him text msg's to remind him of appreciation. Saying thank you for the things in his reality everyday .

He changed so much. He is so loving and always has a smile now. And so very helpful. Its like I have a new son!

He did very well in his exams and has been recently made president of faculty.

When he is with us during his breaks he speaks of appreciation a lot.

I once asked him, how was the dinner I made since I thought it was a bit off. He told me he appreciated his meal and the love that came with it :)

And he manifest things pretty easily too I notice.

One time he wanted to go to the movies but didn't tell me. That night I booked movie tickets for us since there was a 50% discount if I used my credit card on that particular day .

When we were in Thailand , I tried to book a trip to the islands but all trips were unavailable . Only the trip to Maya Bay and the Phi Phi Islands was. So I booked that. When I got back to the room and told the kids we were going to Maya Bay. He then told me he has set the intention to come to Maya Bay, imagined himself there. And was very thankful for the trip. And so he did. :)

p/s- I also sent him love every night with intention when he is away

That is great. Your son is young and he already knows the power of appreciation and visualizing. When you see this woking in your own experience it takes the fear away because you know you have control. The power is within you to deliberately create the life you want. I wish you guys the best.

Thank you,..

and your daughter is very lucky to have a brilliant father to guide her.

Thank you so much. That felt nice. The same goes to your son. You are an amaazing mom!


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