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Are there any other popular books other than Abe that go into LOA?

I have read Abe twice, and I still do not fully understand everything they are teaching in there. The book requires wisdom to figure out what's going on, but I've noticed that when I take breaks from it and examine situations in real life, it starts to sink in. Thanks.

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i have read many authors, there are soo many great ones, like for example Mike Dooley's and Joe Vitale's books are Amazing as well. Anyway i think that Abraham Hicks' books are the best but i get that their content can be more difficult to grasp because they sort of "scientifically/specifically" explain loa.

Actually, a giant piece of the puzzle was solved today. It was actually kind of cute too.

The universe and the mind is the same thing, meaning the spoken and unspoken thoughts. In other words, every thought and unspoken thought in our head is what the universe is doing as far as shifting stuff around. How do I know this? Simple. Once I changed my beliefs about women, they have actually been hitting on me, and I automatically hit on them. How did I change my beliefs? Easy, I just focused a thought again and again until the magic happened. The universe responds to stuff that's going on in the back of our head as well, and not just the stuff we are consciously aware of. Another example, if I focus thoughts on Pokemon, more Pokemon stuff will appear, and in fact, there's a giant Pikachu doll sitting on my bed right now. Another fun way to think of it is this. Imagine a giant video game, you're the character inside it, and your thoughts act like cheat codes that make things appear. LOL!!

Abraham Hicks can be complicated for those who don’t fully comprehend their diction. Here’s a list of definition of their words than can help you: 

Alignment:  It is the energetic positioning or state of adjustment between one's thoughts/object of focus, and the emotion of one's desired reality.  Adjusting your attention in relation to how you want to be feeling, such that they have the same quality or energetic frequency; so they match. To be in alignment is to be thinking thoughts that naturally allow you to be feeling a state of peace, love, happiness, contentment, relaxation, enthusiasm, or joy. Also to be lined-up, in the flow, have an open valve, feel tuned-in, in the zone, or positively focused.

Art of Allowing: To receive, and to allow one's experiences without trying to fight them or to change them with resistant thoughts.

Bounce: A bit of lingo being used in the Abraham Hicks workshops to refer to the the power, and the "punch" of attraction energy that is available when you immediately identify 'what you DO want instead' while experiencing negative emotion. Like using an energetic trampoline to jump-up to a higher understanding and clarity about what you DO want to be experiencing.

Contrast: Everything that is experienced in life is a manifestation of what has been attracted thus far, as an indicator of where resistance may be present and an opportunity to fine-tune one's thoughts on the subject. "Contrast" is the evidence of the opposite of what we intend to manifest.

Disc, High-Flying Disc: The disc lingo is an imagery tool Abraham to help visualize the consciousness levels of the Emotional Scale in a more physical way. Imagine a sort of magical elevator comprised of spinning energetic discs at various levels, the lower discs having predominate emotional states such as annoyed, or discouragement, or worry, whereas the high-flying discs are emotions like contentment, enthusiasm, fascination, eagerness, or joy. You "choose" what disc (level) you want to be on by the thoughts, memories, and stimulus you allow into your attention and focus.

Downstream: A term often used in the Abraham-Hicks Art of Allowing workshops as a shorthand way of saying "to go with the flow", to make peace with an idea, thought, or situation, or, to find some relief from negative thoughts on a given subject. To "go downstream" in a Law of Attraction way is to "let it be", to focus on the positive aspects of the situation, and to let life take you where it will on that subject - to deliberately change your thinking or beliefs such that you feel more optimistic, peaceful and content.

Emotional Scale: The hierarchy of emotional states based on their vibrational frequencies and energetic 'distance' from your natural state/Inner being and source energy consciousness. Shame,fear, despair, and powerlessness are at the bottom of the scale while joy, empowerment, freedom, love, appreciation, and passion are at the top.

Grid: The concept of how energy arranges itself, and accumulates, around a person based on the thoughts, beliefs, words, attention, and focus of the moment. Most closely related to the Vortex, it is a way to visualize how the energetic vibration of ideas becomes a manifested creation. See The Grid page for more explanation beyond this short "lingo" definition.

Intention: An affirmative statement of what you want to have, be, do, or experience, made in advance. To be intentional is to have a positively focused idea, plan, or purpose in mind, and to imagine yourself successful in experiencing it sending out the energy into the universe.

Laying New Pipes:  Some lingo from an analogy used in Abraham-Hicks workshops, referring to some buried plumbing lines which had filled with roots. So, rather than try to clean out the existing pipes, it was more efficient and cost-effective to "lay new pipes" instead. It means that for the Law of Attraction, forming new beliefs and choosing new habits of thought is better than trying to "get to the bottom of" and heal old problems/issues.

Manifestation: Anything (positive or negative) that comes into physical world reality that had previously been only a vision, an idea, a desire, a wish, a thought or a plan (or sometimes, not even in your conscious awareness.) A manifestation is really anything, and everything, that happens to you, or comes into your awareness as a thing, a feeling, an emotion, or information of any kind. Manifestation is also the act of deliberately intending transform an idea into reality.

Momentum:  It refers to the build-up of energy, the intensity, motion, speed, and quantity of thoughts, emotions, and vibrations currently active on any topic that you have strong feelings/opinions.

Pivot/Pivoting: To deliberately shift your attention off of an unwanted experience or situation, and onto thinking about what you would prefer instead (or onto an entirely new topic.) To immediately focus your mind, thoughts, and words onto something enjoyable, rather than what is currently happening.

Point of Attraction: The balance of vibrational energy and focus which dictates what is being manifested. For instance, the desire to have good health vs. to avoid being sick are two opposite ways of looking at the same subject, wellness.

Rampage of Appreciation:  It means to speak or write expressing love, joy, appreciation, gratitude, and enjoyment for various people, things, or experiences in your life for a consistent period of time.

Resistance: In the most basic sense, negative thoughts, and habits, attitudes, thoughts, feelings, expectations, and beliefs that are in opposition to the desire. It also doesn’t allow whatever is happening at the time, .

Source/Source Energy: In Law of Attraction and Abraham circles, Source Energy is a used interchangeably with the concepts of the universe, divine spirit, God, Vortex, etc. It is the unseeable energy that flows through everyone and everything, the life-force of thoughts, ideas, and consciousness, and is synonymous with pure love.

Upstream: Refers to the state of having a preponderance of negative feelings and struggling with life. It is a metaphor for "paddling upstream", "going against the current", and not "going with the flow" while working way too hard at something (figuratively speaking.)

Vibration:  The quality, frequency, or tenor of the emotional energy that is emitted into the Universe while thinking, speaking, or taking action on any topic.

Vibrational Escrow, Vibrational Reality: It is the version of an escrow "account". All of one's “as yet to be manifested" desires are said to be located in Vibrational Reality, Vibrational Escrow, or in the vortex. It is the temporary, energetic "holding zone" where thoughts and desires are collecting and gathering steam, until such time that one is in alignment with them, at which time they become manifest. If something is in Vibrational Escrow, it means that the newly identified and clarified desires have already been created mentally and energetically, and are in the process of being attracted and manifested now (though not yet visible in physical world reality).

Vibrational Match: Every thought, feeling, emotion, belief, intention and manifestation has an energy, a mood, or a "vibe" to it. (Think of how you can tell when the person standing next to is angry, even if nothing is said or done.) The energy or mood that something/someone has is its' vibration, and that is what is attracting people, situations, thoughts and ideas to itself. Only thoughts/things with a similar "vibe" (within a similar energy frequency range), or with similarly matching intentions are attracted to one another.

Vortex:  To be in the Vortex describes the positively aligned state of being; akin to being "in the flow", "in the groove", or even, simply very happy, blissful, content or supremely peaceful.  Being "in love with everything" is what it is to be "in the Vortex" -- it is the vibration of Source Energy, and to be in alignment with it gives the feeling of being perfectly content with the state of your experience, as it is, in the moment. The vortex is also sometimes used as a synonym for one's "Vibrational Escrow" or "Vibrational Reality".

Well-Being: Well-being is encompassing everything - it is peace, contentment, ease, joy, love, health, and vitality. At the core of each individual is absolute and perfect well-being; it is the essence of who each one of us really is at the soul level.

Wobble:  Feeling emotionally off-balance, uncertain, and unsteady.  It also refers to energetic place that is in-between a new desire, and the absolute knowingness or certainty that it is already created and on it's way to you, even if it hasn't manifested in physical form yet.

Source: https://www.real-life-law-of-attraction.com/lingo.html

Contrast is variety and options; it is not the opposite of what you want. It is neutral, and from your neutral options you discover preferences. You wouldn’t know what you want or don’t want without contrast which provides clarifying opportunities of both. All manifestations are contrast.

So accurate Celine, very helpful. & Brian's perspective is so helpful as well.

Some of the Bashar videos on YouTube have helped me approach using LOA in ways I can more understand.


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