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My Whisper today should help you become more grounded in your 'today time' and open up your mind to the importance of taking advantage of TODAY...the only time you will ever have.

Could if be possible that you are pushing your happiness and your life off to a distant point in time and hoping everything comes together and you are finally happy and content with everything in your life?

This is not unusual so don't feel bad if you discover this is how you think. Most of us think this way until we learn there is a better way.

The problem with this type of thinking is that the perfect day usually never happens and you end up losing the happiness and 'aliveness' you could have enjoyed TODAY.


Do not JUDGE this in any way if this is you. The only work you have to do to benefit is to OBSERVE this thinking. You are putting in no effort and only LOOKING.

The next think I would ask you to do is to CONSIDER this question...


Instead of living for some fantasy day in your future doesn't it make perfect sense to live for TODAY?

Especially since TODAY is NOW and all you will ever have. No one is guaranteed tomorrow.

I suggest you CONSIDER this new thinking from now on, as many times as you can each day.

Every time you CONSIDER this structured thought you are shifted into living in your present, the best place to live.

Every time you plant this seed of thought into your mindset you will be building those new neural pathways in your brain that allow new, positive, life changing thoughts to travel on.

Think of these new neural pathways in your brain as being like super 4-lane highways of new thought and new perspectives that you are building over the top of the old, mediocre 2 lane roads you have been driving your life upon up to this point.

Eventually your new super highways are completely built and your thinking and your life will never be the same old same old again.

Life will be new and exciting and adventurous because you are living in your present every TODAY.

Life will be slow, clear, peaceful, controlled, and so much easier.

Isn't that a fantastic OBSERVATION of the power you possess with just small, effortless shifts in your mindset?

To make this happen takes no physical work. It is effortless on your part other than reading a few minutes at a time, planting new seeds of thought, and then effortlessly working on remembering to focus on watering those seeds.

A 'secret' to making it all work faster is re-reading.

When you focus on living TODAY there is no pain or worry about attaining that perfect day in the future where everything comes together and makes you happy.

The pain of worry and the seemingly insurmountable effort it will take to reach that perfect day of happiness in your future disappears because your new knowledge allows you to understand it is already here for you...EVERY DAY.

After reading these specific structured words and following my imaginative thoughts how do you feel RIGHT NOW?

You should feel 'different.' You should feel hopeful. You should feel good.

In my next Whisper I will talk more about how to put this concept into everyday thoughts and actions to help you accelerate the building of your new neural super highways.

...LIVE the Whisper

For more visit my Facebook page...https://www.facebook.com/CoachDoug60/

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Cultivating happiness and appreciation in the present moment is very empowering to do, because unless you are focusing your attention in the present, everything else will remain as a possible future reality - just out of your grasp.  Lots of talk is made of perfect timing etc, but that just gives rise to feelings of things happening in the undefined future, and they aren't very helpful at all.  What you need to do if you have a desire, is to create alignment (good feelings and thoughts) in the present moment, and then you will be on the same energetic frequency as what you desire.  Not next week, not next year, not on some golden day in the future, but in the NOW.  And as you pay attention and appreciate all of the good in your life, you will find that your present circumstances get better and better, and life expands proportionally.  Not in the nebulously undefined future, but in the now.  You won't need to have a perfect day and " I'll be happy when..... " scenarios, because you will be happy in the present.

Well said CoachDough!!!

Great message! Thank you for posting this.

Living in the past creates depression, Living in the future creates anxiety. Live in the present.


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