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Just wanted to share two little tidbits that I heard.  I've been looking for love myself and found the following uplifting.


1.   I love the show "Millionaire Matchmaker".  On one show, Patty (the matchmaker) says:   "You have to be ready to fall in love.  When you're ready, the Universe will send love your way."   Don't know if Patty follows LoA, but that simple sentence made sense!


2.   I'm one of those women that believes women should be approached by men.  But reading today's Dear Abby column, I read the following from a woman who was looking for love:


"When I saw him, I actually took the first step and introduced myself to him instead of waiting for him to notice and approach me. I'm so glad I did because although I always hoped that soul mates exist, I was hesitant to believe that "you just know." But I do! Better yet, he does, too. He's the kindest, most thoughtful, respectful man I have ever met, and I know I'm lucky to have found him."


I guess I'm going to stop being the "demure wallflower" and next time see a man I think is attractive, just come right up and make the first move.  If I can find true love like that, it will be well worth it! 


Hope this helps any of my LoA friends who are looking for love....  :)

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I asked to borrow his mobile & I ended up marrying him. So, there you go!
I agree 100%. I LOVE WHEN THE LADIES MAKE THE FIRST MOVE. I speak for all men in general, ;-) we love this. 

LOL  I will take that advice! 

1)  Yes, when you are ready to fall in love, it means that you are feeling positive emotions about it.  When you feel these, your thoughts and beliefs regarding love are much more positive, and so is your present thinking.  In this state of being you are much more aligned with suitable and appealing people, and you allow them in.

2)  Ladies, take it from a bloke, it's a great and blessed relief when the girl takes the initiative in the chasing, and also takes the lead in affection.  It's really nice and there's nothing wrong with it at all.  We won't think bad of you, we will probably be very happy that the onus isn't on us to initiate things.

1. How can I ' ready to fall in love"? What should I do?

2. I always hope to have a wedding in Greece with my right man, but I don't have boyfriend at this moment, should I still focus on "Having a wedding" or "hope to have a boyfriend?, sometime make me confused

1. You get yourself ready to fall in love, by feeling good about yourself and how your life is going.  If you can do this at a time when nobody is in your life, you will then start to attract them because the right people will be attracted to your good feelings. 

2. Yes, still focus on having the wedding in Greece.  In visualisation, it's a case of you can't make an omelette without cracking eggs, which means that you can't have the final thing, without having the things which lead up to it.  If you are picturing having a husband, then that precludes that at a previous time, he would have been your boyfriend as well.  You could be visualising your husband, and the Universe will say;

" Hold on a minute, she's visualising a husband and she hasn't yet had a boyfriend.  Better close the gap by sending her some ideal men to be her boyfriend before becoming her husband. "

You may attract a choice of them too.  It's all good if you visualise consistently. 

Thank you Sir Neil!

Actually I keep visualizing the same scene (wearing the wedding dress in Santorini) about 3 months, but seems nothing happen in my life. Sometimes I feel discouraged. Sometimes I think I have some block beliefs so that Universe don't give me what I want or maybe it want me to clear my negative thinking (sometime I think of my ex) first? I don't know 

But I will keep visualizing. 

Abe says that visualizing helps if you don’t stress on creating something . Visualizing should be done with the intention of enjoying. 

Probably a bit of both.  If you have been visualising for that long and nothing much is happening, then it could be that you are holding onto something, probably from the past. Negative beliefs?  Negative memories?  Poor expectations?  Something your ex has done.  Brainstorm all of the beliefs you have regarding love and relationships, and you could well find some buried gremlins which are denying you the relationship you desire.  When you have made your list of beliefs, read through them a couple of times, and one or two 'themes' will appear.  These are the negative beliefs which are holding you back.

 So how can I remove these negative beliefs? I hope to clear it all!!!!

can self-hypnosis help me? what should I do first?

I totally agree with the first point. That is exactly how it has worked for me.Always. 

About the Greece wedding, tune in to your desire for the wedding first . Make sure that it isn’t coming from a place of finding a solution to a problem. When your desire about the wedding venue is too strong you won’t even care who your husband is. You want to be lost in the pleasure and bliss of it. 

There was a time in my life where I had an intense desire to have my baby, I have always loved them and still do. I didn’t intend to have one but the thought was so exciting! And I was in a long distance relationship at that time, not having met my BF for over a year. A couple times I had this dream where I had my baby in my hands and I would think this is impossible. But I was too happy to care. LOL 

Finally you have baby?


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