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I have artistic dreams such as being the greatest biggest most successful rapper/popstar singer rock star and ballet dancer and being a great entertainer like Michael Jackson and James Brown , basically putting on a great show. And being the greatest most successful movie star actor of all time! But I feel like I'd be look down on when trying to make like who is this idiot who thinks he can become an entertainer / UN secretary general/ business tycoon! When I think of the ene result I don't see the problem I just think yeah that's awesome I'm awesome!

How do I reconcile these contradictory desires?

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But I feel like I'd be look down on when trying to make like who is this idiot who thinks he can become an entertainer / UN secretary general/ business tycoon!


You have active subconscious beliefs, the universe only delivers to you when you feel fully ready for anything to manifest. You need acknowledge being ready and imaging your desire coming to you. Yes, that's great that you're aware of your desire, you're aware of the belief. Try to work on releasing the belief by replacing the belief through affirmations. 

Most importantly, self-love. Honor yourself the way you would want others to and watch the results come marching down. 

Happy Manifesting! 

Thanks Celine!

Can you tell me how to replace beliefs through affirmations - and what are some good affirmations to use?

Corinthian, when I read your posts you always say you want to be the best, the richest, etc.  Not just rich, but THE RICHEST PERSON in the world, for example.  And now you say you want to be the most successful rapper, ballet star, etc.  But the question is, what do you really want? You have another post asking why you haven't manifested your desires even though it's been a long time.  But do you know what you really desire?  For instance, being the richest person in the world.  Why?  Why would you want more money than you would even know what to do with?  Would it really make you happy, or do you have something to prove?  It would be one thing to want to be really rich to buy the things you want and maybe donate to causes you believe in.  But the richest person in the world just seems to mean it would make you happy to have more than anyone else. For instance, if the second richest person had 100 billion and you had 110 billion, would that make you happy?  What if that person suddenly also had 110 billion?  Would you no longer be happy, because you'd have to have more than the next person?   The reason I'm asking is because if the things that you think you want aren't manifesting, it may be because you don't have feelings of joy attached to them because they aren't what you really want.

And when you talk about wanting to put on a great show, do you really enjoy entertaining?  Do you like to sing and dance?  Is it the adulation of the audience you're looking for, or the creative fulfillment?  You seem to have a lot of aspirations, but there must be something at the core of each one of them that connects them in some way. For instance, UN secretary general and business tycoon.  Do you really relish having to meet with world leaders and work out international issues, or having to deal with running a business and dealing with the boring logistics of inventory and supply and demand and employee issues and profits, figuring out what price to put on something , which products to continue or discontinue, etc. Is it the actual day to day life people in those positions actually have?  Is it the title?  The apparent glamour?  You say, "How do I reconcile these contradictory desires?" and I think the answer is to figure out what benefit you think you would get from each one, and then to finally figure out what it is that you're really looking for, and then you will be able to manifest it.  Do you want adventure?  A sense of achievement?  Fame?  Why do you feel the need to be the greatest, to be better than everyone else?  Do you feel inadequate if you're not THE BEST?  If you're attaching your happiness to other people's opinion of you, you will never be truly happy!  Imagine you're on a deserted island, completely alone, no one to impress.  No one's going to care what your "title" is.  Would you want to sing and dance just for yourself, out of sheer joy?  Would you want to dance ballet?  You mentioned botany in an earlier post.  Would it make you happy to have a fantastic botanical garden to tend to, even if there was no one around to say, "Wow!  He's the greatest botanist ever!"  I think you really need to dig deep and figure out what you really, really, REALLY want.  Then you can set aside all the distractions, and focus on your true desire.

I just read your other post, with a list of things you want to achieve.  And again, you don't just want to sail because you enjoy sailing, but you want to win races!  It seems like you feel you have to collect awards and titles and fill up a scrapbook with articles about your successes in order to validate yourself or prove something to someone.  You need to think about what you really want to do with your time!  What you really enjoy!  Live your life for yourself!  Don't worry about garnering other people's approval and admiration, because you will not be living your life for yourself then, you will be living your life for "them" ,whoever they are.  The public in general?  Your family?  People who may have put you down in the past, and now you're going to "show" them?  How?  By letting them influence your thoughts and actions?  All that's showing them is that they are still influencing your life. You also mention the Kennedys, and once before I think I read a post of yours mentioning the DuPonts.  Have you done any reading into those powerful, famous families?  They are not happy people.  The movie Foxcatcher was about the DuPonts.  And there's even more recent debauchery that I'm not going to go into here.  The point is, you mention wanting to live a life like the print ads of Ralph Lauren, but that's fiction!  If famous people, living lives of glamour, were so happy, you wouldn't have so many tragedies like Elvis, Marilyn Monroe, Michael Jackson, etc.  John Lennon said if he had it to do all over again, he would have been a fisherman. I think he was quoting someone else.  But he said it too.  I think you are caught up in the image of it all, the photo-ops, instead of thinking about what you really want, in day- to-day real life. Maybe you should read some biographies of famous, glamorous people, families like the Kennedys and the DuPonts, and maybe it will give you a better idea of what you're really asking for.  Maybe the worst thing that could happen to you would be if you did get some of the things you think you want.

Look at Donald Trump.  He recently said something like, he had no idea being president would be so hard!  This is a guy who liked the idea of WINNING the presidency, and being president in terms of having the title and power and respect and being in the history books, but when it comes to the REALITY of what it's really like, all the responsibility and decisions and pressure, it seems like he's having second thoughts.

I also remember reading an article once, I'm pretty sure it was about Mary Higgins Clark, and she said there's a difference between wanting to be a writer and wanting to write.

So anyway, there's my input.  I think you need to really think about what you want your day to be like, what you actually want to do, not how other people will perceive you.  And then you will be able to get what you want.

i totally agree with you Brianna! such a great advice, you are really wise!

the interesting thing about life is that when you don't care anymore about other pple's judgement and you start living your dream life people magically admire you & want to be with you. that's because you develop a high energy, you live with joy & you only attract joy.

big hugs to both of you ****

L'immagine può contenere: 1 persona, sMS e natura

But this is what I really want. The Kennedys and the Duponts are only two families that are American Aristocrats when there are a few hundred families that are like that. And I'm sure those families are fine.

Also somebody is going to be the best at these things so why not me?

And also I think some of the things I want are so esoteric and left of lane I cant really imagine anybody really wanting these things but me.

Who here wants to be a chess grandmaster or a great fencer or ballet dancer?

I just want to feel exhilaration an increase of adrenaline and accomplishment.

 Also I want to be the greatest philanthropist ever. And start a golden age of non profits. I love giving to the world wildlife fund. And I want to tithe more often I only tithed $5,600 to unity.org but stopped recently that's where I think my troubles started. I want to be the greatest animal environmental conservationist ever.

I want power cause I feel powerless in this situation. But I still have artistic dreams of rapping and acting and dancing and singing etc. Though I feel as though the people higher up in society the old money the tycoons the royals the politicians would disapprove. I read that high society can be boring - everyone heard of aristocrats with ennui. But then I've heard of fun things happening scandalous things that I'm sort of drawn to. I wish could just be me.

Maybe you want to go general and start with the FEELING of power. What does it feel to feel powerful? What would you do differently if you FELT powerful?

With Loa you have to start with the feeling, the rest will take care of itself.


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