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Does anyone every feel ashamed of being associated with LOA?  I've talked to a few people outside of this forum who have a very similar mindset about LOA.  However, this is the advice they've been giving people:

"If you are unemployed, then it is your fault.  You manifested being unemployed into your life and therefore you deserve it."

"Your friend should not have manifested cancer.  She chose to believe the doctor's' diagnosis, therefore that is why she will die.  There is no one to blame but herself."

"People are able to heal themselves.  People are able to prevent their own injuries.  Therefore, you should never go to a doctor."

"There is no such thing as a bad economy.  Therefore, stop being lazy and start manifesting a job."

Do you think these people are actually affiliated with LOA?  They believe you control your destiny and can heal yourself.  They believe you have the power to change your life.  However, they seem rather offensive to those who need positive energy and encouragement.  Sometimes, I wonder if these people are just rubbing salt and vinegar into the wounds instead of helping people.  I understand that we can control many aspects of our reality--though not all due to other people's free will--but sometimes I wonder if there is a line that we should not cross due to the negative vibes we pass along to others.

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I agree with THAT Salomie, I DO
I think it's better to say things like - listen to how people feel of COURSE and then things like how do you WANT to feel? What would you like to happen and so on NOT lecturing on them having attracted it.
SHOULD be - I'm not into shoulding but agree with Modest, should be trying to help you recover it rather than saying it's your fault.
LOVE what you've said too, Len!

That is so true,Athena. And your way of doing things seems so much more constructive. It stops you wallowing in negative thoughts and self doubt and helps you move on to where you really want to be.

Very true.

LOL... Abraham addressed it in a video once.  Something along the lines of, "When someone is going through a terrible time, the last thing they want to be told is that they are the master of their own destiny."  ;-)

Those statements are laced with truth, but they're completely tactless and ineffective spoken that way.... not to mention, they'd have to catch the person who is going through major contrast in the correct mindset to say it any way at ALL. 

I'm so appreciating the resurrection of a thread started two years ago!!! It's a juicy read when you start at page 1 and continue on! I'm also appreciating that the subject line made me giggle two years ago and had the same response today... thinking, why on earth would I ever be ashamed of a Universal Law?!? Of course, each time I read that first line and think... oh, I see, ashamed of being associated with it... still... whether consciously or not, we're ALL 'associated' with Universal Laws. And isn't that fun?

You guys and gals all ROCK! Thanks for the lift :)

There is so much wisdom here on the forum and so many topics that come up again and again. The universe asked me to do some searching last night! :) It was awesome because I brought Len back too!!! :) :) :)

you're AWESOME that way, get it?


LMAO!!! Yes I get it. I actually thought about capitalizing AWESOME in my sentence haha. I love you Steve!!!! You rock so much!!!! pokity poke

Flowerpatch, Thanks where was I? O yea I was working on my next million. Looks like I am about 3 weeks from releasing BotRevolt.com which will prevent the Billion plus known cyber criminals from hacking into your computer for the purpose of stealing your financial and personal data.My advice to everyone is:


So decide to be happy today and tomorrow do it again. Love and Peace. Len

GO LEN!!!!

Go you! =)



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