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As simple as that saying is, it’s more complicated than it needs to be. That’s not even its final form. Receiving is your only work. Asking is also your work, but it happens automatically by you living life. For example, when you eat something that lacks flavor, you “ask” for something that tastes better, whether you stated that intention or not. Also, think of your heart beating or digesting food. Yes, you need to do it, but it’s automatic, so you don’t need to think about it.

You might think, “I don’t know what I want,” and that’s okay, because you don’t need to. Source already knows what you want, from you asking throughout your day. You just want to focus all of your attention on being open, and you will receive the clarity of what to want.

In fact, the only way you could know what you want, is because you’ve asked for and received that clarity. Receiving comes before (consciously) asking, because you receive the awareness of what to ask for. People think Source comes in after the question, sitting idly by, but never really considered them being involved in the making of the question and intention itself.

So for visualizing, or writing lists of what you want, they have no power in creating your desire, since that part’s done. They are just tools that can help you line up with what you’ve already asked for and been given.

As for believing, it’s helpful, but optional. If a person doesn’t believe they can get a relationship or job, but they don’t spend any time focusing on their doubt, they would allow the relationship and job. They manifest what they want, with no belief required.

You don’t have to believe in your desire, you just have to not doubt it. If you don’t believe something, but don’t spend any time thinking about not believing it, you will receive it. If you have resistance on a subject, but don’t spend time activating that resistance, it won’t play a factor in your desire.

You’ve heard people say, and maybe yourself included, “Never in my wildest dreams did I think this (getting what I want) was possible.” It happened, because they were distracted with something else and stopped doubting long enough to let it happen (i.e. they watched their favorite show, played with their kids, and/or went on vacation).

Belief’s purpose, is to increase expectation to speed up and receive your desire, but so will decreased resistance. Having both is a potent combination. However, simply decreasing resistance is enough, especially if there is so much resistance, that belief can sometimes feel impossible.

It’s like when someone feels depressed, and wants to be happy and motivated, but they can’t, because there is too much of a gap. That’s why people believe being happy or positive is so hard, because they’re going about it in a harder way.

Trying to believe in your desire, when you don’t, adds unnecessary difficulty into the mix. The path of least resistance would be to stop trying to believe, go have fun, and your desire would come. That’s why even thinking you need to believe, can make it more complicated and take longer, than if you simply focused in general on what feels better.

If you can believe, great. But if you can’t, it’s no big deal. You don’t have to force yourself, which gives you relief, which then helps you receive, by not being bogged down with the belief you need to believe.

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Your guidance is divine Brian! Thank you for this new gem!

This was really awesome! Thanks a lot :)

Thanks Brian, loved this, an eye-opener! 

I agree! 100%!!! We spend too much time thinking about our desire, that makes us more attached to it. We  need to focus on other things as well in order to let the universe do its job. Once we expect, we do not need to constantly think about our desire. I learnt it the hard way but i finally succeeded in manifesting my wildest dream!

“We spend too much time thinking about our desire, that makes us more attached to it.”

It’s when people spend so much time thinking about the lack of their desire, and it hasn’t happened, that makes them more attached. If they thought a lot about their desire and felt good, they would remain detached to the outcome, and attached to their satisfaction.

“We need to focus on other things as well in order to let the universe do its job.”

You don’t have to, although it can be helpful. Also, the universe has already done its job.  Everything’s good to go. You focus on what feels better (whether that be your desire and/or other things) to let you do your job, which is allow.

That's a good point when you said we should remain detached from the outcome and attached to the satisfaction. That is very important because the universe does not know the difference between a thought and an actual thing. It is giving you what you put out there! 

Love this



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