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Hi friends, I have LOVED learning about the Law of Attraction and love the simplicity of Ask, Believe and Receive ...... because it moved on nicely from my old religious views, that only God could intervene to change my life here on earth.

But in dealing with LOA and the Physical workings of this Universe, these words seem to work better for me, Imagine, Feel and Conceive.

Imagine versus Ask
When I use Ask, I feel like I am asking someone outside of myself ...but when I say IMAGINE, I feel I am using my own and universal power to See in my minds eye all the things I want.

Conceive versus Receive
Also when I say "receive', again I feel like someone is giving something to me and again I appreciated this when I felt that God was an Overseer granting to me what I wanted but withholding things if I didnt measure up.  Also sometimes I hear people saying that when they didnt get what they wanted "the Universe knows better', as if the Universe was witholding or denying  your request , but when I say "conceive' ...I feel like my "imaginings' are now transmuting into real manifestations, like the Conception of a new baby and then the birthing into reality ..

Feel versus Believe

and of course the middle step "believe' ..... I find "belief" a harder concept than "FEEL", Belief is more of an intellectual process whereas "feeling' is more embracing of all our senses and beliefs

So my process would be to "imagine what I want in my life',  Feel the feelings and presence  of it, and then it is Conceived as a physical manifestation and births into my life ..

I then reserve Asking for when I address God or Source as a collective of Souls here on Earth and in Heaven, when I am looking for higher guidance than my physical self can access.

Would love to hear your ideas on this ..or what other words you have found help you ..

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I love it! I have felt the same way. Thank you for suggesting an alternative method.
Absolutely Brilliant, Genevieve! :) Excellent points, thanks for sharing them. xxx
i totally agree with this. however, i am having real trouble with the feeling part at the moment. i feel kind of numb about everything! i used to be able to feel what it was like to have what i desire. but now, for some reason, when i sit and try to feel the feeling, i cant seem to get it. i feel 'meh' about everything! particularly in terms of being in love and in a relationship, i cant seem to get in the feeling of it anymore. i remember it! getting butterflies when you see your guy, the sensation of holding hands, cuddling etc. the incredible warm feeling of hearing someone say they love you etc. but when i actually try and recreate the emotion and physical feeling involved....it seems to have gone.

i'm hoping this is just a phase, but i dont know! a week ago i felt the best i have in a long time, i felt like i was finally getting all this, but now i'm in a lull again!! agh!

but, on another note, the fact that i am struggling to 'feel' it also means that i seem to be much better at the 'letting go' part. lately i feel loads more free from the desires i have been holding onto so tightly.

are we meant to be able to get into the feeling place, when visualising and affirming. but then let go completely when we are in letting go mode? for me at the moment it seems i cant do both, i'm doing much better on the letting go, but much worse on the getting in the zone of having it already!?

any advice would be amazing! thanks xxxx
I love your formula I am going to try this...
Love this Gen, just beautiful!

I think different words or concepts work for each of us differently, or in different parts of our growth. I love how you found a way to basically internalize the process and took responsiblity for what happens in your world. I believe there is a higher power and in my system I see "him" (saying that is just much easier tho I don't picture "him" that way) inside of myself as well as outside. I love that each of us can conceive our own beliefs and actions. Isn't this whole thing so veryvery neat?
Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Now that i think about it, my God says 'believe in your heart', and that would be the same as feeling, so by just imagining what i want is all i have to do.

You put it so simple, i appreciate it. It's something i've been wanting to understand already. I'll put this to practice right now.
Again thank yoouuuu!!!
I love this...
Thank you for putting this out here. I agree with you.
Hi Genevive
Its nice to know there is that hope out there and you have confirmed that with your words of wisdom. Im new here and this is the first blog ive seen. Defintitly the universe workss for us if we let it x
Happy to have come across this site
Tanks, Gen for explaining this so plain and in a so beautiful way. I really have a bit of a struggle with getting the grasp of LOA. So this is a way i can see it in a different and clearer way. Many says its easy, and maybe i just make it to complicated.

love and lights
I agree with a lot of people here...how do those who manifest so easily do it? And me, being the super analytical and skeptic type, it's been a challenge to get over that believe obstacle...and when you're going through a tough time where everything seems to be going wrong...wow, it makes it even harder. I do want to believe so much, you have no idea. How did some of you get through it - to the point of full belief?


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