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Asking The Universe & God To Help Me Find My Passion And Purpose


Can anyone help me with the above. I feel like my love doesn’t move forward and I am stuck in the same lonely, broke loop.
I need to get a love for life. Right now I feel as if I am existing without any purpose. I get up, shower, go to work and come home and worry about my future and feel bad about how my life never seems to move forward to where I want it to be. I continue to see the same results.

I do not feel excited about anything. Only worry about how unattainable and how far away a life similar to what my friends have seems to me.

I need to find my passion. As I said I don’t have anything that excites me in my life. I want to spring out of bed in the morning not needing an alarm buzzing to get into my day and work on my passion. I want to use my passion to make me financially free for life, location independent and to give other people benefits to there lives.

I have started asking out loud “Please God and Universe, please help me find my passion and purpose ASAP. I am tired of living in this loop. I am tired of being broke and lonely. I want to find my passion and purpose to give my life some meaning, to make me financially free and to give back to other people. Please help me find my passion and let me know what my passion is”

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They are already helping you. You have asked and it’s been given. Your only work is to allow yourself to receive the help that is there for you. You don’t feel excited because you have been offering resistance to momentum building to where excitement would feel effortless.

If God said, “Your passion is painting.” Would you believe them?

Here's a great meditation to reconnect with your Soul's purpose:



I have the same problem - no passion, no purpose.  Nothing excites me.  I've also been praying for God to reveal to me what my passion/purpose is, but I haven't got an answer yet.  I think he likes to keep us in the dark and make us have to figure it out on our own.  A lot of people probably go to their death bed without ever knowing what the purpose is.  I really don't want that to be me. I don't want to get to the other side and realize that I didn't fulfill my purpose. 

In one of the recordings, I heard Abraham say that the purpose of our life is simply experiencing joy. So as long as you pursue what seems fun to you, you are on the right path. It does not have to be dramatic like rescuing endangered species or dedicating your life to feeding street children.

Pursuing your passion will still require discipline and commitment from your side. There will be some challenging times too. It is really upto you to keep your passion alive with your focus. At the end of the day you will feel fulfilled and excited to reach for more. 

Also, for some people- this source of joy could change after a while. So your passion does not have to be the same throughout your life. 

You could find your passion yourself by having an honest conversation with yourself . Look at your value system, see what you enjoy doing. I think it was Robin Sharma who suggested that you imagine you are at your funeral and then ask yourself what kind of a life would you want to have lived at that moment.

See if you feel eager to explore new avenues. There is a lot of free material covering this topic. It does not have to be like an electric bulb moment . Set the intention and ask the universe to help you find it and trust it. If you believe that the universe likes to have fun at your expense ( by keeping you in the dark) then it will respond to your vibrations. 

Excellent reply.

At one time, Abe said in a workshop the purpose of life really was to have fun.  It was so funny as it was a spiritual crowd they were talking to and some people were outraged by that statement.  They got up to the mike and argued for 5-10 minutes, and then Abe pointed out that they had bought a story and were designing their lives on a story that was no where near what their soul or inner being would have chosen, but that they were filtering their lifes through it.  There was everyone from doctors and nurses, to midwives and energy healers who were all angry at the idea that the purpose of life was to have fun, and there were many anedotes throughout but it really hit a note with me.  What if rather than having to save the world, we saved the world by being ourselves and having fun and that radiated out from us and touched everyone around us including the planet.  That seems way cool to me!

nice post :)

i remember how i felt when i was supposed to have fun.hahaha; i was def not in the vicinity of having fun when i first learned this stuff- it was a lot of work for me to finally learn that fun is a state of mind rather than an act ,passion,purpose or vocation.


Well "fun" is personal to you and everyone.  Whats fun for me, may not be for you and vice versa.  Nothing wrong with that at all.  However its not till you start to examine what is actually fun that you start to recognise what is and what isn't.  

Its like that old saying "Happiness is just a choice".  Happiness too is subjective, meaning its different things to different people and (to my horror) initially it was a learning experience to learn that some people are actually happy being unhappy.  However its just a choice and the choice to be unhappy is no greater or lesser than being happy at all.  

Beautifully profound reply. 

Apparently there are two ways to live once we are in the hear and now. One, we have soil contracts to be a part of other's lives, and two we are winging it So you make up your purpose when the inkling g strikes you in any situation or circumstance. This isn't about fate or a good outside you assigning you a purpose.

I am feeling the same, too. :(


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