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So I look through dating afs.  And just become discouragef thinking from lots of Experience, "Those are faces of men who will rip my heart to shreds, cheat,  lie,  and decieve me. "

I thought I met a guy who looked and acted honest snd kind and not callous and threatening. He was in the end likely aloof and no conceided to even consider me as a romantic partner. 

I just think I will take lovers but nevet commit again.  My heart cannot do it. 

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You had some bad experiences but you still have d power! Because you have the power to let the past hurt destroy you or  make you stronger & more determined to have what you want. Guess what the true you would choice??

That's what this super great relationships' coach explains here - the whole video may be very useful:


p.s. Here are other two great videos about intimate relationships, they both talk about the standards that we as women need to articulate in a relationship, these 2 coaches can truly help you in preventing/avoiding to date someone who does not respect you:




It just hurts a lot to not have the lover I want. I dreampt of him last night.

I drempt he was standing at a podium and kept saying, "I cannot do this!" and it was because he needed to tell me he loved me, and needed to stop what he was doing and speak to me, be with me alone.

It’ll work out someday.

yes i know it can hurt so so much but d fact you were able to dream him means you are already in that vibration to attract him. In d awesome book "The Metasecret" by Mel Gill d author says that life may be not very beautiful without your love but it is also not that ugly so d more you focus on his presence and on having fun d quicker he will come!!

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I feel your pain Artist Laura, as I understand.

I believe it would be best to take a break at this point until you can raise your vibration.  I respectfully disagree with Stephanie about you being "there" just because of that dream, the fact that when you look at men having the negative thoughts that you do means there's still a lot of hurt inside you and resentment towards those who hurt you in the past. 

The best way to look at past relationships is to try to see if there's something to learn  from them because there always is, and if we miss those lessons then we're bound to recreate the same situations/outcomes again and again until we finally learn what we needed to learn, like the women who only attract drunks or batterers and think they just have "bad luck".  When we come into the LoA we sometimes are wrongly guided to believe that's all there is but I don't believe so, we all need to grow while we're on this world in order to fulfill our purpose which contrary to what some teachers say is not "all about you".  And we only do that through learning, so let's take hold of every opportunity and squeeze all the wisdom we can get from them!

If you haven't done it, write down a list of the qualities you want and need in your soulmate and read them to yourself out loud every day and give thanks because he is on his way.  Knowing that you have placed "an order" with the Universe for the man who is right for you and who would never hurt you should give you the confidence you now lack to believe it is possible to be loved and cherished instead of getting hurt.  Equally important is to make a list of all your good qualities, things that will contribute to a strong and balanced relationship, not one based on needs only.  And if you feel you are weak on some points, then work on them now that you have the time and room to do it.  Once you are truly ready for that wonderful relationship you dream of it will appear, otherwise you'll keep attracting what you still seem to fear.

Yes Rackie, i totally agree with you, she probably needs sometimes to heal so that she can attract the perfect relationship with the perfect man for her. I was just suggesting she was already able to get that great vibe in her dreams so she can manifest the guy sooner than she thinks. Meanwhile she can keep healing, growing, thriving and being inspired by some great relationships coaches like this one so that she develops an extraordinary confidence and high standards for relationships:


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So glad we agree! :-D


Good idea Rackie :)

Excellent advice, couldn't agree more! :-D


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