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So I've been playing around with scripting for the past 6 months, and so far it is one of the best LOA tools I've found. Because I enter commands that go into my mind, this causes the universe to shift people and events around, and it's very powerful to the point it's like I'm inside my own video game. People even move and say things exactly as I put them down as if I am a puppeteer controlling puppets.

The main issue I'm having right now with scripting is the dating scene. Everything in my script seems to work BUT this, and it's caused me to become very frustrated. The two main things I've noticed is when I script a female friend or someone I've never met to get into a relationship with me, either

A. The girl confronts me and nothing happens, or

B. We're about to merge into a relationship, and my anxiety flares up, killing the attraction. The thing with the anxiety has been going on for 5 years, and that's what brought me into studying law of attraction.

With A, the universe just doesn't move my mouth or my body. If I try to do or say something, it's not in alignment with the script, and just makes things worse or doesn't work in general. As for B, this anxiety issue did NOT happen until I read a book many years ago about gender roles which must have distorted my beliefs causing the universe to shift. I remember back before I read that stupid gender roles book, I was able to get into a relationship with someone without knowing any LOA.

Now since I've touched that book, I've spent about 1,000+ hours trying to figure out what the hell is going on, driving to other cities to talk to spiritualists, the list goes on. I have been through absolute madness with this, and sometimes feel like killing myself and going back to source. I think what the gender roles book did was program a belief into my mind that men had to approach women, and I've noticed this is the red flag that seems to cause the attraction to get killed when the girl is interested. I get very scared, nervous, and then everything falls apart. This NEVER EVER happened before I touched that book. Women were approaching me, and that's how the ball got rolling. There was a spiritualist on here before that even said he thinks PUA did some damage and distorted my beliefs about relationships. This belief must have shifted the universe, and that's why things are all screwed up now. The name of the book is called The Tao of Badass by Joshua Pellicer.

A little while ago, there was a female LOA therapist that was helping me, and I scripted a sex scene with us. I saw thunderstorms outside and we both got sick at the same time, and then about a month later, I noticed she began to seduce me. I backed off at the last minute, because I didn't want an FWB relationship and got very upset that there was no romance involved. The good news is that based on this incident where the seduction was going through, whatever happened in my head can be reversed. The question is how to do it.

I have literally tried a billion different things. What seems to be going on here is there's some sort of fear that's killing my chances with women. If there was just someway I could return to the point where I just allowed things to happen naturally and wasn't going crazy reading all these books, etc. The way I look at it is this. If my mind is connected to God/source, then there's some sort of power that's in me, I just haven't discovered it yet. In other words, there is an easy way out of this, and it exists.

The incident with the therapist seemed to be like one of the missing puzzle pieces, but there's more to the picture here I'm not seeing. If there was someway I can make this anxiety no longer existent and just easily merge into seduction with someone, then this would be the key. I'm looking for any help here, thank you.

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What if you stop seeing women as women and you start seeing them as human beings exactly like you? You will discover they have the SAME fears, anxieties you have and your relationships will be based on spontaneity and compassion so they will be totally genuine! If you still have big anxiety for dating maybe you are not totally ready, reading your posts sometimes i feel you feel the need to make these relationships manifest because they are so vital for you and i think this is not very healthy. You should want to date people just to have fun, to have authentic conversations and love and you have to remember that you are already perfect, whole and complete RIGHT NOW without a girlfriend, can you really feel that?
AND the right girl will like you EXACTLY as you are, so there is no need to feel any anxiety, really.

BS. Take your feminist views out of here. Begone, thanks.

LOL...it's not a feminist view at all, im not a feminist, im totally neutral. If you are so rude, irrational and ungrateful with women (or people in general) like that im not surprised that you are not able to manifest a good healthy relationships. People are not puppets of your script, they are human being who deserve respect.

Because you're another one of these women on here with this "treat women right" bullshit when that's not what is going on here. What is going on here is anxiety issues, and this was clearly mentioned in the first post.

p.s. if you have mental issues or you still hate women YOU need to go away from here, this is a social network where people gently discuss about loa, spiritual stuff and their experiences. We don't need hateful and rude people here, this is a safe place. Thanks.

And we don't need people in here giving false beliefs, which is strongly against the community. If I enjoy scripting and watching people act out in the script, this is my belief, not yours.

Lol...false beliefs!! so it's a false belief to respect other people, well yes for a narcissist it is!!
I agree that we can manifest people acting the way we want them to but sometimes things don't work out the way we want because there are some lessons we need to learn or -if you only believe in loa- some vibrations we need to clean. Anyway even loa greatest coaches say that loa is just one law of the Universe, there are some other laws that maybe you can read about if you feel you are not being successful with loa.
SO what i wanted to tell you in the beginning is not that loa doesn't work BUT that people are already perfect as they are, they do not need magic spells to attract the people they want. I just wanted to tell you that sometimes it's ok and great and helpful to forget loa and the script and to just naturally and effortlessly be the not perfect vulnerable humans that we are, from that place of self-acceptance we attract people who deeply accept us and they also are the people we were dreaming about, isn't that magic?

No, it's a false belief to condemn someone on here for using scripting for the sole purpose of getting a girlfriend or getting dates. I agree with the bottom poster that fear is the #1 cause for killing any manifestation, because it's literally on the bottom of the totem pole. Love creates, fear destroys.

Im not condemning you for using scripting! It's a great tool! I was just talking about your aggressive and rude answer to me, you told me to go away (and that i was a feminist?!) when i was trying to help you by telling you that if your methods with loa are making you frustrated it's ok to be natural with no scripts, you can still attract what you want, scripts are just one of the many processes available to attract what you desire.

Hah hah ... Existence has no voids as there isn't anything else/other-than . Non-voidable and un-avoidable. 

What exists .... exists... Absolutely, Singularly, Wholly .  Existence's Existing Existence .... The One/Self.  Presence.  

You have correctly identified that it's the anxiety which is blocking the final part of your manifestation, the business end of it. That is generally what kills any intended manifestation, that and doubt. I would say that it will keep on happening this way UNTIL YOU RELEASE THE ANXIETY FIRST.  When you are free of that, then things will really manifest for you. 

Ask the Universe to help you out, first showing you where thr blocks are, and then helping you to heal them. Affirm that I RELEASE ALL FEAR, many times a day, and as that thought begins to sink in, that will become your reality. Fears will start to get released and healed, and the energies which would have been bound up in them will start to get transmuted into positive energies to help you in your manifesting. 

I have tried affirmations, and they don't work, because they don't have any emotion put into them. I'm thinking my best bet as of now is to meditate for 30 minutes a day, and release all fears, like you said. One thing I did notice is with the last girl, she was being pushed and pulled the more I directed my thoughts away from fear, but it was hard for me to focus.


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