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ATTN: Having a major issue right now. Looking for help please.

So I've been playing around with scripting for the past 6 months, and so far it is one of the best LOA tools I've found. Because I enter commands that go into my mind, this causes the universe to shift people and events around, and it's very powerful to the point it's like I'm inside my own video game. People even move and say things exactly as I put them down as if I am a puppeteer controlling puppets.

The main issue I'm having right now with scripting is the dating scene. Everything in my script seems to work BUT this, and it's caused me to become very frustrated. The two main things I've noticed is when I script a female friend or someone I've never met to get into a relationship with me, either

A. The girl confronts me and nothing happens, or

B. We're about to merge into a relationship, and my anxiety flares up, killing the attraction. The thing with the anxiety has been going on for 5 years, and that's what brought me into studying law of attraction.

With A, the universe just doesn't move my mouth or my body. If I try to do or say something, it's not in alignment with the script, and just makes things worse or doesn't work in general. As for B, this anxiety issue did NOT happen until I read a book many years ago about gender roles which must have distorted my beliefs causing the universe to shift. I remember back before I read that stupid gender roles book, I was able to get into a relationship with someone without knowing any LOA.

Now since I've touched that book, I've spent about 1,000+ hours trying to figure out what the hell is going on, driving to other cities to talk to spiritualists, the list goes on. I have been through absolute madness with this, and sometimes feel like killing myself and going back to source. I think what the gender roles book did was program a belief into my mind that men had to approach women, and I've noticed this is the red flag that seems to cause the attraction to get killed when the girl is interested. I get very scared, nervous, and then everything falls apart. This NEVER EVER happened before I touched that book. Women were approaching me, and that's how the ball got rolling. There was a spiritualist on here before that even said he thinks PUA did some damage and distorted my beliefs about relationships. This belief must have shifted the universe, and that's why things are all screwed up now. The name of the book is called The Tao of Badass by Joshua Pellicer.

A little while ago, there was a female LOA therapist that was helping me, and I scripted a sex scene with us. I saw thunderstorms outside and we both got sick at the same time, and then about a month later, I noticed she began to seduce me. I backed off at the last minute, because I didn't want an FWB relationship and got very upset that there was no romance involved. The good news is that based on this incident where the seduction was going through, whatever happened in my head can be reversed. The question is how to do it.

I have literally tried a billion different things. What seems to be going on here is there's some sort of fear that's killing my chances with women. If there was just someway I could return to the point where I just allowed things to happen naturally and wasn't going crazy reading all these books, etc. The way I look at it is this. If my mind is connected to God/source, then there's some sort of power that's in me, I just haven't discovered it yet. In other words, there is an easy way out of this, and it exists.

The incident with the therapist seemed to be like one of the missing puzzle pieces, but there's more to the picture here I'm not seeing. If there was someway I can make this anxiety no longer existent and just easily merge into seduction with someone, then this would be the key. I'm looking for any help here, thank you.

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The anxiety is being caused by fear of rejection, meaning fear of giving my heart to a woman, because she may leave or something bad may happen. I just experienced a new vibration today after a woman in her 40's spoke to me and shared a cookie. I think it could be a combination of different crappy vibrations that have been stored in my head for years.

It could be possible that I'm also looking at women as objects than humans. If there was just one woman out there that could understand what I'm going through. I have wanted to give up so many times, because I feel that moving into a relationship isn't going to remove this sadness. I think this sadness could be coming from something else. I once sat in a car with another woman in her 40's several months ago, and I even said "getting a girlfriend won't make me happy." The writing is on the wall. This could be some sort of sensitivity issue. I used to be very heavily into fiction years ago that involved couples breaking up, dying, going into comas, etc. I can even feel the pain as I sit here typing this up.

I just tried meditation for 30 minutes releasing all fear and blockages, and I noticed my vibrations went up. This may be the ticket out of this.

You have to tell yourself until you believe it that, "I always get along very well with and am at ease around women and they love me easily do I have excellent relationships with them romantic and otherwise at all times!" Reprogram!

I think it's very possible there could be something else going on. I hit a new vibration today where it made me realize relationships were more than just sex based, and had more meaning.

Well, yes.  Some of us are very romantic and actually like going out for dates and stuffs plus getting to know you as a person.

Are you giving out the vibe that YOU'D be only interested in sex? 

You sound like another feminist, so I'm not gonna even bother.

What the actual F---k are you on about?  I am someone who is ALSO trying to work out how to attract love who ALSO feels like dating books fucked them up a bit (or maybe I got that part wrong?) But I read a lot of dating books and for me if ANYTHING? They made me feel worse and even more confused about how to attract a relationship.  

You YOURSELF said "Made me realise relationships were more than just sex based"

It DID make it sound like you did not realise relationships can also have a non sexual part before? If I have misunderstood this then please explain.

I also don't understand what women's ages have to do with it? 

There can be lovely women of any age, so I'm not sure if you've had bad experiences with women in their 40s and so it's a suprise when you have a good one?

I'm glad you've had some good things happen and I WANT you to get into a happy relationship (a) cos I'm a nice person and (b) it would encourage me so much that it could happen for me.

I care about women's rights and issues, but I care about men's ones too and children's.  And animals'!  

I have the same effing problem as you dude!  I keep attracting guys who are way too interested in sex, so i DO understand what it's like I really do. 

And if anything I've only been trying to help

Because I know how sucky it can be.

but if you want to think I'm coming at you as an enemy rather than a (possibly misguided) ally, then go ahead.  

Listen, also if you DO want just friends with benefits, there's nothing wrong with that either so please don't think I'm judging that, I'm not.

I think it's possible to attract a purely sexual relationship if that's what you want.

I also think it's possible to attract a romantic AND sexual relationship if that's what you want.

I don't yet know HOW I can attract another one like that but I do believe it's not ENTIRELY impossible :-)

I actually feel rather sad that you've misjudged me.  

But I hope you get what you want, whatever that is.

And I have found parts of your posts on some of this really helpful in my own situation so thanks for that.  

Hah hah ..... 

By that story of cause and effect, "your woe" is the fault of "your creator"..... and by that logic "you" are at best a "puppet" ! 

Your very existence would be Existence's woe, "Existences Self burden/flaw/fault/guilt/duel" , thus there would be no cure, and every attempt to free/fix/change/alter would be met with futility for as long as "you, the other" exist, you're screwed. 

All that however assumes EXISTENCE ITSELF, is not ITSELF,  IS non-IS , plurality, not Singularity. Particles, not Wholeness.  None of that "makes sense" though, as EXISTENCE is "What IS" .... ISness

That which is "the IS" of every Existential statement.  The very BEING that BEING BE.... BEING ITSELF ....BEING-IS-SELF. 

The One/Only .

Any and everything that has to do with a past, future, cause. effect. reason, rationale, time, matter, space... otherness ..... 

Ahahaahahaahahahah  !   



"Changing your beliefs requires focus and practice."

- Abe

Your entire argument, gone.

If Existence required alteration of ITSELF  in order to BE ITSELF ..... ahahahahahaahaha ! 

There could be no Existence Existing in the first place from which to alter , duh .

Existence Existing Exists ..... Period .... Absolutely Absolute ..... IS-OWN-SELF

The universe is infinite. Nobody is ever stuck in a state of attraction.


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