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ATTN: Having a major issue right now. Looking for help please.

So I've been playing around with scripting for the past 6 months, and so far it is one of the best LOA tools I've found. Because I enter commands that go into my mind, this causes the universe to shift people and events around, and it's very powerful to the point it's like I'm inside my own video game. People even move and say things exactly as I put them down as if I am a puppeteer controlling puppets.

The main issue I'm having right now with scripting is the dating scene. Everything in my script seems to work BUT this, and it's caused me to become very frustrated. The two main things I've noticed is when I script a female friend or someone I've never met to get into a relationship with me, either

A. The girl confronts me and nothing happens, or

B. We're about to merge into a relationship, and my anxiety flares up, killing the attraction. The thing with the anxiety has been going on for 5 years, and that's what brought me into studying law of attraction.

With A, the universe just doesn't move my mouth or my body. If I try to do or say something, it's not in alignment with the script, and just makes things worse or doesn't work in general. As for B, this anxiety issue did NOT happen until I read a book many years ago about gender roles which must have distorted my beliefs causing the universe to shift. I remember back before I read that stupid gender roles book, I was able to get into a relationship with someone without knowing any LOA.

Now since I've touched that book, I've spent about 1,000+ hours trying to figure out what the hell is going on, driving to other cities to talk to spiritualists, the list goes on. I have been through absolute madness with this, and sometimes feel like killing myself and going back to source. I think what the gender roles book did was program a belief into my mind that men had to approach women, and I've noticed this is the red flag that seems to cause the attraction to get killed when the girl is interested. I get very scared, nervous, and then everything falls apart. This NEVER EVER happened before I touched that book. Women were approaching me, and that's how the ball got rolling. There was a spiritualist on here before that even said he thinks PUA did some damage and distorted my beliefs about relationships. This belief must have shifted the universe, and that's why things are all screwed up now. The name of the book is called The Tao of Badass by Joshua Pellicer.

A little while ago, there was a female LOA therapist that was helping me, and I scripted a sex scene with us. I saw thunderstorms outside and we both got sick at the same time, and then about a month later, I noticed she began to seduce me. I backed off at the last minute, because I didn't want an FWB relationship and got very upset that there was no romance involved. The good news is that based on this incident where the seduction was going through, whatever happened in my head can be reversed. The question is how to do it.

I have literally tried a billion different things. What seems to be going on here is there's some sort of fear that's killing my chances with women. If there was just someway I could return to the point where I just allowed things to happen naturally and wasn't going crazy reading all these books, etc. The way I look at it is this. If my mind is connected to God/source, then there's some sort of power that's in me, I just haven't discovered it yet. In other words, there is an easy way out of this, and it exists.

The incident with the therapist seemed to be like one of the missing puzzle pieces, but there's more to the picture here I'm not seeing. If there was someway I can make this anxiety no longer existent and just easily merge into seduction with someone, then this would be the key. I'm looking for any help here, thank you.

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It's only a matter of time before I permanently resolve this, then I will be able to sleep with any woman I want. Screw your stupid ass opinions, I only go by the laws of the universe. Going to bed, goodnight!

And there you go again bullying...Good luck with women if you behave like that. If you want a Real advanced spiritualist's advice about removing fear i will write to you some words by Buddha: "The more motivated you are by Love, the more fearless & free your action will be." That's why i keep saying that if you want a magic formula hope you find it, but my perspective is that you already have the keys: if you are kind and loving you will attract good women. p.s. if you are just interested in sex you just need to feel attractive and confident and you will attract available women. if you want a specific woman then there are many videos on YouTube about that.

The fear is coming from a practiced vibration back when I was in the cult, because I would filter out women the moment they tried to seduce me. How this ended up becoming fear is due to developing a belief that they would leave me at some point in my life. This thing is pretty much 99% gone, because I've already nailed the origin. Now, it's time to activate a new vibration that rewrites this old one, and like you said, the most powerful cure is the emotion of love.

Yes sure, i totally get you, i have been a catholic for more than 20 years and i was so full of negative/limiting beliefs and fears omg, those cults just kill your natural joy.

Remember this:


The REAL fear is coming from believing the girl would leave me, and this is why the girl rejects me, because the law of attraction responds to that practiced vibration. The same thing happened with a male friend this year. I went to a friend's birthday party vibrating intense fear he would leave me, we both noticed the signs, and I lost him for about a month. This is coming from lack of confidence in relationships with both males and females. There's already another girl at my job taking interest in me thanks to the script. I need to make sure I stay confident anytime a woman is showing romantic interest, and this also applies to male friendships.

Yeah....this is a fear most people have but i think in this case the deepest fear is probably another one: you don't trust the Universe 100%, because when you trust the Universe 100% you KNOW that you're ALWAYS heard, loved and supported! In that way you don't really need people to be 24/7 with you, actually you don't really need them, you just want them to be with you, you enjoy their company without a painful need.


Whatever's going on in your life, right now, you deserve to be treated with kindness, compassion, respect, and love. You deserve to be heard. And you deserve to feel safe.

Which is why I am scripting, and the script 100% works as long as I am in alignment with it and my focus is right. And yeah, I'm going to start going places myself, because I'm tired of sitting at home and only going out with someone due to validation reasons.

Anxiety is a Bitch. Full Stop. Everybody in this world will experience it at least 100+ times in their life. I still do.

But the real answer to getting anything you want is to NOT fight anxiety. You need to say to yourself, Just let it happen. 

If You fight it, it becomes worse, just let it happen. 

When I used to Fight Anxiety, I would sweat, my heart rate would go up and my anxiety would double. 

When I let it Happen, I say carry on, It just disappears.

What I'm trying to say is the next time your with that girl, Just be yourself and ask them questions to put them on the spot - not you. 

Some good articles I found on this Subject You might like To Read


Basics of manifestation and some Good human points.


Another basic guide and has some great content in. 


Some good content as well, just focusing on yourself.

Keep it up and enjoy the Laws off attraction. 

Totally agree. I think when these women are interested, I'm getting way too worked up and overthinking things. I'm going to script that my anxiety goes away, and I stay calm during female interactions.

Guys, I put in the script that the anxiety goes away, so I'm going to see what happens here. Thanks for the responses.

i love what Abraham Hicks say about anxiety, they say it dissipates when you transform it into eagerness for life! anyway, did you try EFT for anxiety, im not a fan of EFT but it helped me in a period in which i was in deep pain because it gives you some incredibly powerful & meaningful affirmations, i especially love the work of Nick Ortner and Jessica Ortner, they are just great.

Here's another truly good video by Juliet cleary that can help, 3 Tricks To Get In Powerful Alignment with Your Desire FAST!:


First it was these women going back to the boyfriends, then I use LOA to attract single women, now they just flake and cling to the nearest guy around. Are you fucking kidding me!!?? Seriously, GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE!!!


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