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Hi does anyone successful in attracting money easily. Can you please share how you do that. I always attract lack of money since many times my then situastion would be thay i am facing financial lack and i am thinking how am i going to meet the two ends together that particular month. Also money easily goes away from me. Evethough i am using the money to pay my landloard, buy material stuffs, pay bills and i also tip my taxi driver and donate a few rupee every month which i really enjoy.. Also the source from where i recieve extra money is not open all the time( i have a 50%) chance.(i work as a special educator for children with autism. After regular school hours i take private therapy. So now what happens is either the child gets sick and does not come for the session or the family unexpectedly moves to another state. I am clueless and want to work on this. Can some one give me some suggestions. Thanks in advance. Love you all.

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see today's post entitled MONEY, Len

Hi there!!

Did you know that prosperity and peacefulness go hand in hand? When you lack something, have you noticed that it brings you feelings of frustration, fear, discomfort, anxiety, and other chaotic negative emotions?

On the other hand, abundance and prosperity makes you feel content, pleased, secured, and comfortable. Feelings of peacefulness can actually be created by prosperity. But did you know that being peaceful can attract prosperity into your life?

Try to find a quiet and peaceful place where you can relax as much as you can. You can try some breathing exercises while imagining a soothing scene that makes you feel at peace, calm, and relaxed. Try as best as you can to set a mood of total relaxation and peace.

You can try playing a soothing music or lighting up scented candles if you’d like. Once you are completely relaxed, conjure up an image of yourself having all the money you need and living an abundant life.

There are a lot of ways you can imagine yourself to be, but let me give you a few suggestions:

- Imagine yourself effortlessly having all the money you need, and you can freely buy and have anything you want – from a big house, luxury cars, fabulous clothes, eating at expensive restaurants, and you have plenty of time to do the things you want to do.

- Imagine yourself happy and content about your financial situation, and being of great help to others, contributing to the growth of society, or just plainly doing things for fun.

- Picture yourself feeling extremely grateful for all the blessings that you have.

Being at Peace with Your Financial Situation

Make sure that when you visualize, you infuse your imagination with a strong feeling of joy, peace, and contentment. Imagine what it feels like when you have financial stability, you have more than enough of what you really need, and you always will. Have you noticed a change in yourself? The strong feeling that you infuse your imaginations with are positive vibrational frequencies that you send out to the universe.

This will change the things that you are going to experience regarding your financial situation. By feeling peaceful about your financial situation, you are in turn attracting prosperity into your life. Make sure to be in a peaceful state regarding your financial situation before you do anything with it.

Pay your bills or get into financial transactions when you are at peace with your financial situation. This will attract more peace in relation to money in your life and make your life prosperous. Be at peace first, then prosperity will come naturally.

Try to do the exercise at least once a day – but of course more than once will work a whole lot better. Every session does not have to be that long, 5 to 10 minutes will do. What is of utmost importance is to get yourself into a peaceful and relaxed state while imagining that you have all the money you’ll ever need.

Prosperity and being at peace are both connected to each other – so be at peace to attract prosperity.


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