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I think that my years of intense negative focus are taking there toll and everytime I attempt to cancel out the negative things it fails miserably. I try to reverse my mistakes but I attracted such negativity that it has hurt spirits angels and caused a situation I can not overcome. I am angry at the source and wish I didn't have to worry about his rules or the mistakes I made with this law. Is there any tips to manifesting positive things even when negativity looms over someone? Any phrases, exercises, strategies? I often feel hopeless because I have attracted hellishly negative things through my pessimism. 

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You seem to say you desire change, but then your beliefs are in direct conflict with that and you consistently make statements that rather than free you trap you with the actions you have done in the past and that is what you are consistently creating.  Now rather than reverse mistakes, simply recognise them as choices, and in that you can make new choices.  I know it sounds simple - because it really is that easy and simple, but maybe it should be more difficult.  Now the other thing is that you donj't need to cancel out the negative.  As explained to you previously, negative as you are using the term doesn't exist in the natural world.  Now also I assure you that spirit cannot ever be hurt.  Sorry - but you seem to infer you cause spirits harm.  That simply isn't possible.  Spirits have free will (it doesn't end just because they don't have a body) and it may be part of their destiny to experience something.  

Now anger and being angry at source is a good awareness to have, and its worthwhile expressing that in a healthy way.  Clearing your thoughts by writing a letter to source, and getting rid of any energy you have around that is a great thing to do and can be very releasing to do.  Simply express your feelings about the situations and really do it to release yourself from the burdens you are consistently attacking yourself with. 

Now the other thing is you keep inferring you have made mistakes.  Not so.  You have learned something from those choices.  They are not mistakes per se, but important lessons you had to learn.  You don't have to worry about rules per se. 

The biggest change is only possible when you start to feel good - so for you feeling good is a must.  So doing anything that helps you feel good is worthwhile doing.  Have you read any of the Abraham material?  That can be a great guide.  The Ask and it is Given book by Jerry and Esther Hicks is a great starting point and explains a lot and there are tools in there to help you make changes if you so wish to. 

Wise words!
As Abraham says: "You must decide that you want to feel good and develop the self-discipline to look in the direction of what feels good."

Sending you healing light, love & stardust*

Not just change my biggest struggle is that I try to change what is. I need to change what is because some of what i manifested is bad for me.I should try to take Terri Roses advice. Maybe stop focusing on the past can bring me a future that doesn't depend on the mistakes I once made.

Yes, like I have said, your focus is on the past and so called "mistakes" you have made and believe are impacting your present and future.  Its the belief you have that this is so and the consistent focus you are making that is creating these results.  Likewise you seem to be obsessed with it having to be difficult and a struggle - again its an interesting choice to believe and maybe one you want to change too.

a truly powerful video that Monkey posted on PI and a quote 4 you:

3 Steps That Will Resolve Any Issue In Your Life:


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I would focus on detachment from the old thoughts. Abraham talks about starting where you are at and just "turning the other cheek" which really means focusing in what you really want instead of those old thoughts.


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