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I think that my years of intense negative focus are taking there toll and everytime I attempt to cancel out the negative things it fails miserably. I try to reverse my mistakes but I attracted such negativity that it has hurt spirits angels and caused a situation I can not overcome. I am angry at the source and wish I didn't have to worry about his rules or the mistakes I made with this law. Is there any tips to manifesting positive things even when negativity looms over someone? Any phrases, exercises, strategies? I often feel hopeless because I have attracted hellishly negative things through my pessimism. 

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The universe says you cant change what is and what is already manifested. Well I manifested some terrible things and I want them reversed.

Don't focus on what you want to reverse.  That only empowers it. Create the new reality in your mind and then feed it.  It is a process that requires effort because right now your focus is on what is. But you can do what I mentioned above and it really does work if you put the effort in.  I have many miraculous stories.

You have to stop being on auto-pilot and letting your subconscious run the show. It pulls you into the past and has you focus on what you fear or don't like. It thinks it is helping keep you safe but it isn't. When there is no real danger, don't spend time there. Create with your magnificent mind and power it up with feelings that will be there once you have what you want.  You have to put the cart before the horse in this situation.

It really is pretty simple.  You have to stop feeding your energy to negative thoughts and regrets and instead make real effort to first, be at peace inside, then envision the end result you want, and use that vision to help bring it to life with feelings of expectation. 

Take a little note pad with you or your device if you really don't want to write things on paper. Writing by hand is better for several reasons, but note what you are thinking about and feeling about it one way or another. 

Then expect to find that more of the same shows up as the circumstances of your life.

If you don't like what your life looks like and feels like, change your focus and how you feel.

You can use energy work like EFT or even your breathing to break up the negative and so you can get to a state called coherence, inner peace and harmony.  That is a state where your brain waves are cycling at a slower rate and that allows you to program your mind at deeper levels.  What you focus on programs your mind with your beliefs and perceptions about it and gives it more power.

Yes, it is possible to manifest things in an instant. But it normally doesn't work that way because you manifest things that fit with your energy, your vibration and what you feel strong emotions about. Studies show that the majority of people spend more time thinking about what they fear or don't like than on things that make them feel good. Your feelings are the fuel that give life to your thoughts.

It takes effort and focus because you have to change who you are from the inside out and stop reacting to life. You have to make an effort to become a "Conscious Creator" and stay focused on what it not yet real.

The more you practice techniques and develop skills that allow you to see your new reality in your mind, and develop the ability to stay focused and aware of your thinking, the sooner your reality will change. 

Identify the cause of feelings that are  fear based, like anger, resentment, worry as opposed to Love based feelings like gratitude, appreciation, compassion. Then use energy work to get to a place of inner peace and stay there. Envision your desired changes from that state and you will see changes if you are consistent.

I've used that process to cause miraculous manifestations with everything from overnight healing of severe injuries to manifesting relationships, money and opportunities.  You have to take charge of your thoughts, imaginings and emotions. 

I've been trying to manifest against what is. The problem is I hate what is and while people say you cant manifest against what already is i have to. I have to undo some of what is manifested cause some of what i manifested is so ugly i cant repeat it on here.

Well, Terri Rose gave you some excellent advice above. What you resist persists, therefore like she recommended, doing some energy work to get to a more accepting place before you focused on the positive, would be wise indeed. I've also suggested some other practices in your previous threads.

LOA is not easy to master. You guys may have success stories but some have blocks that consume them for years. Depends on the person.

No it doesn't it really is about choice.  Even the idea you are telling yourself here that LOA is not easy to master and some blocks consume people for years are all orders you are placing with the universe that it has to deliver to you.  If you were to pay more attention to the words you are using you would see you are getting exactly what you say. 

I get it. I was at rock bottom years ago -  life was like hell. It took me years to climb my way up vibrationally. So I can relate. It's good advice, just start doing some energy work now. No matter where you are, you can get where you want to be. It doesn't matter how long it takes, if you're making progress. Having been 'down there' and transcended things somehow, I know exactly what it takes. What i said about compassion & forgiveness in previous thread is also helpful. 

No what you are doing here is your resisting everything you have created to this point in time, and your resistance (the hate) is a focus point that you are using to create more to hate.  What you think about becomes true - and that's great news in that what you have created up to this point you have done so, but you can choose to create something entirely different.  The easy thing about the LOA is that you can create change when you are in complete acceptance of where you are at this moment in time and work out where you desire to be and then plot steps to get there.  Its about focus and your focus here is consistently on the negative and thus you are getting more of it despite your words saying you desire the opposite.  Your energy and focus are powerful creation tools that you are using against yourself. 

Truly perfect Terri Rose*****
p.s. Teri, sorry :/

The Uni-Verse aka ALL aka GOD aka ONE 


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I AM The IS , The BE

I-BEING AM ONE , not 2/dual/separated etc. 




LIGHT and nothing but LIGHT 

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