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I recently hosted a VIP day with one of my clients and she had a break through experience that I wanted to share with you.

Amy has been trying to secure a particular contract for her business, but has been unsuccessful and has struggled with it for about 6 months now.

While we were working on her beliefs and her energy, I took her through my sneaky 'Backdoor Manifesting' technique.

All creation is done backwards - reverse to what we think should happen logically.

Our common sense tells us that in order to get something, or go somewhere, or do something, that we have to sort out the path or plan first.

However, when it comes to creation and manifesting, it actually goes in reverse to what we have been taught. All creation actually starts at the end and works foreword.

So effortless manifesting is done by starting at your imagined ending point, which allows the means (the 'how', path or plan) of what you want to show up.

In other words, when you start at the end, everything you need starts to show up for you, to show you the path to follow that will lead to your desire.

My client, Amy, realized that she was stuck and wasn't having any progress because she couldn't figure out how to get the contract signed that she needed for her business.

She has gone through hours and hours of negotiations, talked to everyone she could think of, and even lowered the price on the contract - and still it wasn't signed.

So I took her through my backdoor manifesting process (which only takes about 20 minutes) so that she could create the outcome she wanted.

Then we wrapped up the day and went for a quick coffee so we could plan her next VIP day together.

Amy called me a few minutes after she left.

It seems as though while we were having coffee the contract was signed, sealed, and delivered.

This was after going around and around over the details for months and he wouldn't budge.

There was nothing Amy could do to change his mind and get him to sign the contract.

Yet, that day, as soon as Amy went through the process of manifesting from the end first - the contract was signed.

When you line up with what you want, from the end result first, then all the details sort out, all of the resistance fades away, and, everything necessary to bring it into reality falls into place.

So take the time to get clear about what you and and WHY you want it. See it clearly in your mind, FEEL how it will feel when it happens, and KNOW that it is being formed in the energetic field.


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This is great thank you!  It makes so much sense and it puts a different perspective on it.  It MAKES you really see the end picture more clearly and stops you from being vague about it.  I like this so much.  How does one get to do your backdoor manifesting process?

Hi - not been on the site for ages and this was the first thing I opened up. Thank you - makes so much sense and can see why I was guided back. x

Well done!  I too would like a few more details on your method.

Love it!

yep thats what abraham teaches and I so agree with this!

when we feel the ended results and feel good about it, then we are inspired to take the good actions that will lead us there! but we need to feel good first and to line up with it, amazing stuff!

Can you share with us what else is involved in this tecnique?

Wow....this is just what I needed....I have been so stuck on how something should happen....and yes any more details would be greatly appreciated!


Love and Peace


Thank-you so much! It's a great help to me, as sometimes I wonder HOW in the world what I want will come.

This really resonated with me Karen :) thank you for sharing!

Mike Dooley talks about this reverse way of explaining manifestation in this message I got in my emails today!


I am extremely curious what else you are supposed to do with this tecnique and what makes it any different from regular manifesting. Isn't thinking about the end result what loa is all about, so how is this different. What are the other steps. Do you think about the end and then go through all the scenarios in reverse until present?

Thanks I am really curious!

hi everyone,

Basically the technique is to go to the end result, back up a bit to release any resistance, and then go to the end result again.

So you start by talking about what your end result looks like - pretend it has happened, without being to specific on that how it happened. (we now have the money to run out business instead of  so-and-so gave us the money to run our business) Talk about what it feels like, what the benefits are, and who it is benefiting. This is a key that no one mentions - talking about WHO is benefiting by the outcome. When you expand your thoughts to include the who you automatically go into appreciation as you realize that so many people's life's are being changed.

Get so clear on what the end looks like that you can't imagine it not being anyway else.

The next step is to back up and look inside and see what aspects of the end result you DON"T want. What underlying fears, what concerns, what elements of the end result are you resisting. In my clients case, one of her fears was that her company would grow too fast and she wouldn't have the staff to support it. These underlying fears are silently communicating to the universe as 'I am not ready, don't bring my desire yet'... so they need to be cleared out. We do some muscle testing and some specific questioning to see if the conflict is cleared.

The reason I do this step second is because I find that my clients get better results if they go into the vortex of their end result (step 1) first. Then when they go into step 2, it is from a discussion point of view instead of an attachment point of view.

Once the conflict is cleared we go back to step 1 and get back into feeling the end result. However this time, we go even further beyond the end result. I intentionally take the fear or concern that was cleared in step 2 and use it in their end result. 

For example, with my client Amy, the first time we did step 1 we went to the end result she wanted (the contract signed and her company proceeding with the next step in manufacturing). Then we cleared her concern of growing too big too fast so that she was actually looking forward to the growth instead of being worried about it. Then when we go back to the end result for the second time we leap even further into the future where she sees her company 10 times bigger and impacting people on a global scale.

The reason why this works is that when you do step 1 the second time you have already progressed past the end result you are trying to achieve now, and line up with the next end result. In your mind, the first end result is already history - a done deal - so your energy is lined up to it and your resistance to it is gone. After all, it has already happened.

As I said in my original post "When you line up with what you want, from the end result first, then all the details sort out, all of the resistance fades away, and, everything necessary to bring it into reality falls into place."


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