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So after reading about Bashar on this forum I decided to watch some of his videos on youtube and look him up online. After watching a few videos I realized that the speaker would have this "out of body" kinda jerk reaction at the end of his session. Then I found out that Bashar is supposed to be a person from another world and Darryl Anka is the guy who channels him. Now I love LOA but this whole experience of channeling another being is a little weird to me. What are other people's opinions on this? 

Side Note: Is Abhraham Hicks the same thing then? Does Esther channel him from another planet? 


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Esther Hicks channels nonphysical energy... maybe one could say she's channeling her own soul, even though no one ever says that.

Darryl Anka channels his own "future"-self from another planet ("Bashar", an Essassani... related to Humans though).

So it's not exactly the same thing.

To me it's zero strange! But you don't have to believe anything! :)

First of all "Abraham" is the name given to the energies Esther translates.  Her name is Esther Hicks, having been married to Jerry Hicks for many, many years, who is now deceased.  There is no "Abraham Hicks" as a physical person.


Although, some may argue that there actually IS.  The point being that, like Bashar, and like Seth with Jane Roberts, and countless others of less fame over time . . . the idea of "channeling" is no more than one person being able to access portions of Higher Consciousness in order to gather information.  Other versions or aspects of themselves.  Because we're all One Consciousness, infinitely diversified.


So the idea of Bashar being a person from another planet, in another dimension, who exists as Darryl's alternate Self with whom he communicates, is no more bizarre to me than the idea that plants absorb carbon dioxide and exude oxygen.  It's all the same kind of energy exchange -- the eternal flow -- with different things happening at different levels.


anything is possible 

soooo funnnnnn

Fact is Darryl is engaging in commuication with a being that is much more knowledgeable and capable than most of us are, so it is wise to listen to what is said.


To be honest I dont like the violent reaction he has when he connects with Bashar. Ive heard that channeling like that is really a very crude way of communicating and mostly only the negative beings like to do it.

But I also recognize that maybe that is what is required to get the message across in exactly the way Bashar needs to do, without the information being translated but given directly.

I havent sensed anything bad about him anyway, and my discernment is pretty good.


I dont agree with Bashar over the 4 laws of creation, I see that there are 3 of them, but what he says about the process is still accurate. Still there is a little more to that than he describes.

According to Darryl, the "violent" connection is due to the sheer force of Bashar's energy when they finally achieve consonance.  He says it's a sensation not unlike needing to throw up -- it just HAS to come out in a gush, at least at first, until he stabilizes.


To the 4 Laws -- I actually perceive them as 5 Constants:  Existence, Duality, Holism, Unconditional Love, and Change, no fraction of which can exist without the remainder.  But that's my "translation" of things, if you will, and need not be a bone of contention.


I've learned not to answer questions that are not being asked . . .

. . . but if you want me to expand on what I mean, I'll answer :-) 

Those 4 laws or 5 constants fit into 2 of the prime cosmic laws as I know them - Law of Love and Law of Attraction itself. Most of them describing the Law of Love actually (existence, duality, holism, and unconditional love).

However there is a third one - the Law Of Free Will which actually governs much of the *reason* why we manifest anything- and that determines much of what we choose to manifest or allow to manifest (or block from manifesting). Ive been learning to become a master of the LOFW so I frowned a little when it wasnt mentioned.

Law of Free Will is the reason why Change exists, it produces a Choice by which change can be allowed, it produces a state of less than oneness. And then of course the Law of Attraction is the engine of change in motion.


That explaination about Darryl and Bashar does seem to make sense. I don't sense anything negative about Bashar to be honest, maybe it is in fact "telepathy" that is going on and not an actual "channeling" take-over experience. Especially like I said, because Bashar needs a much more active presence than just passing along information.


As for what Fred had to say, I don't have any doubts about Abraham and Esther Hicks.

Yes.... I agree. Channeling is pretty bogus. I think that both Esther Hicks and Anka are learned people who have been doing this for a long time, and so they can't just back out of it.... And humans have a profound ability to believe their own charades.


In order for them to open up, and tell the truth, would be analogous to the "All Star Wrestling" admitting that they are fake and just entertainment. The industry would collapse.


However, I do owe a lot of what resonates with me to them, to assist me in figuring it out for myself.... I just simply understand it from a "natural law"/scientific way, and relate what they are saying to literature like "Think and Grow Rich", Nightingale's "The Strangest Thing", Shinn's "The Game of Life", etc..., etc....


My point is... that you can learn a bit from them by ignoring that these people may simply be crazy. lol


Just realize that "law of attraction" is a VERY old school term from the industrial age of business for how our consciousness interacts with the Universe, and a lot of the other stuff is hippie and new age stuff.




I won't get into whether or not I think they are bogus or not, because it doesn't really matter that much... kind of what you said.  If what they are saying resonates and/or assists us in any way, that's pretty cool... and if they're bogus, that's between them and them. 

What I have really come to love, is that whenever I get to a point where I'm ready to learn something, it can come from anywhere or anyone... or no one.  And its not the vehicle of learning that really matters, but rather the substance of that which was learned.

That's more or less where I'm at, Karen -- and I've said it before.


I care much less about who or what the messenger purports to be, or where or when they're supposed to be from, and much more about the message itself.


Does it ring true to me?  Does it make sense to me?  If the answer is "Yes" then I pay attention.  If the answer is "No" then I move on :-)

So you think they're frauds??

Not completely. I think their information is true, but I must admit, calling yourself "Abraham", you might as well claim to be the rebirth of Jesus. (Note: I am not religious, so don't go thinking that it offends my sensabilities.)


People have the amazing ability to see what they want to see.... There are people who think they are vampires, and they change their name, sharpen their teeth, etc... and to their "believers" they are. I don't think those vampires are trying to scam people, however they are so attached psychologically to BEING a vampire, they can't even let it go themselves.... Just imagine an awkward nerd getting notoriety being a vampire, after puberty, and then when they are 35 years old there is nothing else........... Now add millions of dollars to the mix, and add the adulation and love of thousands of people.... It must feel awesome for your dreams to come true in this manner.


And I just realized you weren't asking me.... lol


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