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Wow...I'm blown away... guys, this is nearly as movie like as it could get! I've been busy enjoying my days off from work, I ACTUALLY feel like a brand new person and I TOTALLY fell in love with myself (thanks to all the great advice here).

Now, to the shocking part...

1. You know for years I envisioned myself working with my ex (when he wasn't an ex, and we were mostly an LDR), or at least being so near we could meet for lunch (codeword: LUNCH.. not stick together like chewing gum). Well yesterday I found out, FROM HIM, that he's 1 minute away from my work place. And trust me, when I say this, I exaggerate when I say ONE minute. It's hardly 55 seconds, lol! He actually texted me saying, "I get reminded of you every morning when I enter my workplace and every evening I leave". And I was like, "woah.. well, now I don't care" :p

2. Remember all the pain and suffering I went through? Remember how I cried for days? Remember how much anger I had? Well, I was one of those who never really believed on Karma, but Karma is everywhere around me. Every other mutual friend I meet (even those who weren't really friends) tell me my ex and his new girl are always fighting. I first thought they were just bringing him up to hurt me or something but then here you go..he tells me himself. He says incidents happen that cause fights and well it ruins my mood put me down and all... I can't tell you everything.. it's kinda private you know"

If that wasn't enough, EVERY TIME he talks, he sounds soooo down it's scary. And this was the man who was crazily positive and happy :s Did he switch his soul or what? :s I surely don't want to spend the rest of my life who ends up sucking all the positive energy out of the place (he reminds me now of dementors from Harry Potter). He's always down with flu (God knows why), he's always rushing to complete deadlines in his work, and he's always so negative.

He even contacts me when I curse him. A few weeks ago, I sent him an extremely angry email with all the hate-words I could think of. I felt better after sending it (I know it was totally wrong thing to do, I'm ashamed). Well two days later, he emailed back asking me if I was feeling better and how my work and family were. Cool lol...this was the guy who wouldn't reply my texts when I was begging him to talk to me. I always feared he wouldn't ever talk to me so well... my fear kept getting realized.

I was wondering what happened to the man I thought he was. I am AMAZED! I truly am. I can't believe he's the one I was crying for. Or he was the one I badly wanted to marry. And I can't believe I BELIEVED him when he said I am the one who makes him so negative. Cuz he can't seem to make peace with the people whom he chose over me, he can't seem to enjoy the job/career he chased while completely ignoring me and he can't seem to remember what positivity was all about. And guess what? He was the one who gifted me "The Secret" and Abe's books!!

4. These days I'm just concentrating on myself, my life, my likes and dislikes. I listen to music allll day, go out with friends, watch movies, plan parties, visualize greatness coming my way, love my parents and siblings, play with family pets, dance, sketch, dream, and the list goes onnnn and onnnn. I finished my projects before the deadlines so my boss gave me a week off! It was totally unexpected and I love unexpected holidays!

5. I see 1111, 4444 and 7777 sooooooo much these days. Heck one morning I was cleaning my neighbors' cabinet and expiry dates were 07.07.07 (yeah old stuff :p)

6. Things that I visualize and talk about these days, tend to come true sooo soon too. For example, I asked for my hair to grow fast. Three days ago, at least four people told me my hair is growing really fast. Ditto for my clearer skin, money, clothes that I want to buy etc.

7. My social life is soooooooooo much better. I was the one who used to feel lonely and wished for plenty of really cool and close friends. I have them all. We are practically like a family. My friends watch out for me, they even said they'll be there for me when I need people to baby-sit my kids hehe.


You really DO get what you ask for. And you really DO get what you feel. I was really mad at him for cheating on me, but then I realized me being mad would mean destroying myself over something that WASN'T my fault. I changed the way how I felt and things started getting clearer. I NOW UNDERSTAND that whatever happened was really for the BEST. You know, he was treating me like junk for months and I wasn't letting go of him cuz of the fear that I wouldn't find someone like him. I ignored everything. Then he did something that literally shook me inside out. It changed me soooo much, I can't believe I have sooo much of strength.

THINGS HAPPEN FOR A GOOD REASON. LET THEM HAPPEN. PLEASE. Don't push the Universe to give you what YOU think is perfect.

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Munetune, do you know I never told my family the truth? I just said we drifted apart blah blah. I truth doesn't matter now. WHY? Cuz it's PAST and gone. Who cares...it's where I'm going that matters.

I was really alone when the worst hit me, I had NO one to rely upon or even talk to openly. I attracted that loneliness too, cuz I was too busy trying to make someone happy who wasn't worth it. I so completely lost myself. But I DECIDED to change myself and well here it is.

You are VERY VERY BLESSED and VERY fortunate too!! You can HAVE ANYTHING you want. Just be clear.

I was vacillating in the beginning cuz I kept thinking he would change, come back to me, or the girl would dump his a** and he would be reminded that i'm the best thing that happened to him (cuz I wasted so much time and energy to make it work! "how could he...?" kinda thoughts you know).

But then I said; screw it! I DON'T WANT TO WASTE ANOTHER MINUTE on him. I'm young and I'm smart and I'm responsible for my own happiness! I'm not going to take a guy who cheated, or did me wrong. I'll BE the person I want to attract in my life. I wouldn't take second best cuz I don't treat myself second best.

Also, you say you know EXACTLY what you want! Well there ya go! :D
And PI helped me loads too you know. :)
This is a really great post, Thanks Rose! It gives me strength to just BE, and focus on myself...and the universe will take care of the rest.
Yes, it will! All the best to you... you CAN have what you ASK for :) Focus on your happiness.
I'm sooo happy for you, Red Rose. You're such a lovely person, and you deserve the best!

There's so much positive energy in your words, and it gives hope. Thank you!

Love you!
Ah! I was just thinking about you! O.o

You are most welcome! I suggest you read it over and over and let it sink in. Miracles do happen and Everything is possible :)
Haha, wow... You think about me pretty often. Cooool !! :)

I will surely read it again ;)
lol Yeah, and I dream a lot about MP, Morning Star and so many other PI members. I guess I think of everyone here as my very own family or very close knit class fellows who go to the same School of LOA :)
Same for me...
Welcome to the rest of your life..

Veeeeeeee thanks Venus Lady :))))
Loved this post Red Rose.....You are really coming into your own!
Beautiful!!! You definitely have it :).
Thank you for this post. It's wonderful.


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