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Just wanted to see what your thoughts on this were.

When I visualize myself - in situations, with people, getting certain things, fantasizing, etc. - I can never picture myself as I am in the mirror.  Rather, I appear as a girl who is the embodiment of my ideal beauty.  More than that, she is the girl I want to be: smart, fearless, beautiful, carefree, confident, nice, loved by people.  Anyway, sometimes I get the feeling that she exists in my head because she is who I am supposed to become (maybe not physically, although one can wish; she is my polar opposite though - where I'm 5'4, she's 5'7, where I'm brunette, she's blonde, my round face, her heart-shaped, etc.).  Why else would she exist so prominently in my mind?  Is she there to tease me, saying I could never be as good as this?  Or is she there to sort of tell me that this is what the universe has in store for me?

Do you think I can become her?  How would I become her?

I feel like she is what I'm meant to be, who I really am.  Or maybe I'm just kidding myself.  Who knows?

Don't know if any of that makes sense.

I know I get so scared of trying to be her and failing.

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Do you think this self projected image of your ideal self stems from some kind of insecurity or lack of confidence in your appearance? Beauty is vibrationally superficial because even if you had it on the outside, it doesn't necessarily mean you will be happy. You are trying to become "something" instead of making your feelings the center of attention. Afterall, feeling good is the ONLY thing that matters.

Of course it stems from the insecurity; that I know.  But it's hard to make myself feel good when I know I don't like the way I look.

Ok, let me give you a better question then; would you rather be that beautiful person that you imagined in your head but be unhappy and lonely at the same time? Or would you rather be a happy and abundant person regardless of how you looked? I ask because there are alot of people who look beautiful but have miserable lives. What you are asking for is something that cannot guarantee you happiness and yet you seem to be stubboringly stuck to that way of thinking.

I am willing to wager that one of the main reasons why you want an improved look is to appear more desirable to others so here's an even better question to ask: would you rather be that beautiful person but not attract the perfect soulmate or would you rather be a happy and abundant individual who is capable of attracting that perfect soulmate?

Me personally, I am a well groomed, stylish and modern man but im certainly no Abercrombie & Fitch model either. And yet I've had no problem attracting beautiful women into my life. Its easy for me because I've transformed myself into a very attractive person vibrationally. I feel more complete and fulfilled than I've ever been before in my life and women are drawn to that more and more. Sure, I could have gotten plastic surgery, got a new haircut and new wardrobe, but it wouldn't have made a difference. And thats the key difference between you and me; since I am already a happy and content person, I could improve my outer appearance and still attract the same high quality women I was doing before.

The most important question to ask yourself is: Why do you want to look more beautiful? Because you obviously want to FEEL GOOD. Thats your end goal. So why not try to find those good feelings first? Because when you do that, the beauty part can come next. I don't know how thats going to happen, but once you do your part (which is feeling good) the Universe will do the rest.

We are both in the same boat; the only difference is that I am way ahead of you and closer to my destination. And who knows, maybe I will be an Abercrombie & Fitch model one day! Either way, im not concerned because I already feel more beautiful than a 100 male models combined.

Of course I'd rather be happy and abundant, but I can't help but think that a great weight would be lifted off my shoulders if I was satisfied with how I looked, looked like I wanted, and felt good about myself.  I wouldn't worry about it.

But I get what you're saying.  I just find it really hard to feel good.  Sometimes I think I'm scared of being too happy or something.  It's very odd.

Well are there other things in life that you can feel good about? I am sure there are plenty. Find those things and focus only upon them. DISTRACT yourself. The beauty of all this is that the feelings of happiness and abundance can come from many different places. It can be as simple as taking nice walks in the park or something more complicated like writing a book about a topic that really excites you. Heck, you live in NYC, there are so many wonderful things that city has to offer!

Like I said above, im not the best physically good looking guy out there but i've made my peace with it because I've found happiness from other sources.

I think you're right about the fact that beauty is more about vibration than actual looks but there's sthg off in your reply, ur last paragraph is like look I'm here and you're nowhere, I dont think it's a kind way of replying to someone's post. It's not easy and she's obviously doing what she can..

So what? It's simply the contrast I am trying to show her and its the difference between finding out what it is you want and don't want. You make it seem like I am being discouraging which I am obviously not doing. I certainly do not see you giving her any advice mimi. At least I am offering help even though I am not obligated to do so.

no thats not what I'm saying but u're almost slagging her off because she finds it hard to feel good in her body as she is right now.

"We are both in the same boat; the only difference is that I am way ahead of you and closer to my destination"

I mean why do u need to compare urself to her like u're better because u managed to feel good? thats just what I meant.. good on u but that wasnt necessary

I can see how you took that the wrong way and thats fine, I would have too......but you misunderstood me and for that I apologize. I am not comparing myself to her at all, why would I do that? I already know where I am vibrationally and its my sincerest hope that she will find her way too. Why else would I be here offering help?

Again, I am trying to make her see the contrast because thats important. Even if I was making comparisons, I am well within my right to do so because I've been exactly where she's been. If she doesn't take anything from my advice, then theres nothing I can do about it. But the least I can do is give her the hope that its possible to find the happiness which is why I said what I said. I don't really care if what I said wasn't the best way to convey my message because I did my best. So if you want to criticize me for that, then fine.If you really want to help, then start by helping her instead of looking for the negative in what others have to say. Its what you should have been doing all along regardless if I posted here or not.......

we're fine :-) I guess I was off and picked up the wrong end of the stick!

I like your posts to be honest, you're an Abe, aren't u?

I was off because I feel like her inside.. It's like I know who I want to be look-wise, she's not different though, she's me but better looking, thinner, sexier etc and so I understand how she feels and I think u're right about the fact that we can feel that way not being her physically.. Sometimes I ask myself how would I behave if I were thin and this and that and behave as such even though Im not and it's fun because you're right, what attracts is vibration, mostly anyway.

I wonder if lets say a man who likes thin girls, would he be attracted to you although you're not because you are in the vortex? see what I mean?

I guess somehow I feel the man I want will only like thin girls and so as ong as I4m not thin I wont find him and that trips me up. I'm not saying all men are looking for thin girls but I want to be thin so in my head it works like this.. crazy

u can become her........... all u need to to is first appreciate wat u are and after that u can stongly vizulize wat u want to become... first give the love to urself for what u are........n with time u will become wat u want to be...........

no, I dont think with time she will become what she wants to be 

more possibly, she will either give up her dream  and accept herself the way she is , or she will feel depressed that she did not achieve her goal  ( personal opinion)


so, I suggest meditating every single night for months. Our body is energy,  and through meditation, when we enter theta state, we can instruct our cells to make changes in our DNA. Ive read storied about people who grew that way or changed their eye color

 I believe this will work for you as well :) good luck



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