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Hey y'all, Hope all of you have been having a good day. Anyway, what I am about to say feels more like an update or like a journal entry in a way to keep myself on track. Being so busy with my life right now, I hadn't realized that in a few months that it is going to an actual year since I started my journey in LOA. It was the start of everything for me. My life changed forever thanks to discovering this. 

As most of y'all know, I came across this site for one main reason a year ago. In the span of a month in late 2016, I had lost three things in this order: job, vehicle, relationship. It brought me down to the level where I literally had to start over with everything with myself. It was a painful process; that was something I am not going to lie about. However, what I am not going to forget to tell you is what the blessing of the change it had brought me. The blessing still blesses me today. Change is good. 

Once upon a time, I used to be afraid of change. Hell, I'm a Taurus. Change or anything unknown, its like the worst thing a Taurus can think of. I was common in that belief. However, there was a man I listened to on Youtube and he said this, "When you've lost your mind, you regain your sanity." That was me in the literal sense. After that, as contradictory as it may sound, I approach change now with an open mind. It has help me gain clarity on situations that I come cross and it gives me knowledge on what I need to do. 

When I began with LOA, I made a promise to myself that I would regain and reach better heights in what I had lost. 2017 is and still continues to be the best year I am living in right now. And I am confident that every year after that is going to continue to be a blessing towards me. LOA does truly work, y'all. It has worked. For example, after I had quit my last job before I got into my current one, I made the intention that I would get this job before I turned 23 years old. From around March to like late April, I kept myself happy and focused on my school work. And yeah, I had gotten frustrated a bit, but only for a little bit of time. 

When I least expected, things had come through. I got hired and earning that job was my birthday present. Everything I had wanted for the job was granted like I was checking off a list. I was in shock.

The first part of the three I promised myself came true. And the bonus part was something I didn't even voice out loud. I had that weekend off to celebrate my birthday with my mom, which was pretty awesome.

The second part of my promise took longer to manifest, but nevertheless, wonderful just the same. I had longed for a car for a while, especially after with my last one breaking down. I wasn't grateful for it, which led to all the problems it had. Now, in 2017, I learned to remain patient and have faith that it was coming my way. The funny thing was that I was looking for a Toyota Tacoma. There was a list of things and conditions I wanted for the car, but I had looked for it a Tacoma for months. I was coming to a point where I started to consider other options and save the truck for another day. That's where the magic was happening (that's as best as I could describe it).

You know those crazy ideas that come out of the blue? And you had no idea of thinking that in the first place? Those ideas actually came from my mother! On some random night in August, a few weeks before school starts, my mom comes to me and goes, "Hey, Mal. I was thinking and I think this is the best decision to come up with. I want to give you my car." 


I was in shock. It wasn't until I put the pieces together that my mother's car would be exactly what I had been looking for in a vehicle. She knew she wanted  something that was safe and reliable. And her car is always in top shape. And like before, everything just marked off on my list. I never expected for this to happen to me at all. (Learned to not figure out the hows. Makes your brain hurt.) And what's even funnier is that the thing about me wanting a Toyota? My mom is actually going to get a new car, and it is a TOYOTA! WHAT WERE THE ODDS OF THAT?!

All of this is happening days before I got back to school next week! I'm not afraid of driving again either! I have faith that everything is going to be okay. EVERYTHING IS GOING TO BE GREAT! 

And yeah, this shift in myself as of late. I feel as if I am growing up in a sense. I feel far from the scared little girl I was before. I'm strong, beautiful, and full of light (TVD quote!) xD I feel like I have just changed period. 

As far as the final part of the relationship thing, I kind of honestly don't know. What I know is that the old relationships I had have no meaning to me. Starting fresh means more to me since I am a new person. My happiness comes from myself and me first. I mean, lately I've had a few reminders of him come up, but I'm not really putting any importance to it. At this point in my life, happiness is all that I am focusing on. I know that true relationship I deserve is gonna come when it is right. Whether it is a better version of him or someone else entirely, it's up to God or (the Universe). While a part of me believes that the timing of me and him wasn't right last year and last year could be a glimpse of the happiness I know coming my way, I'm keeping an open mind. Relationships are like icing on the cake now for me. It's not the whole cake. xD

Anyway, thanks for reading this. :) Y'all have a wonderful day. 

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Wow you pretty much have Law of attraction figured out. You don't need any help.   


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