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I have seen things like "be careful what you wish for." or some stories about things backfiring or manifesting in bad or not as good ways and it has made me cautious and somewhat nervous. Does anybody have any advice or input? 

thank you

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thank you! I really appreciate your reply. these stories got me paranoid haha

for example if you wanted somebody to text you and they said something you wouldn't want, you want to lose weight and you get sick, making you lose the weight or you want money and somebody dies

I got in a car accident once - someone pulled out in front of me and I couldn't stop.  It totaled my car.  Looking back on the experience I realized that I attracted the experience because I really didn't want to go where I had to go.  I was resisting it in my mind thinking how much I didn't want to go.  After wrecking my car I didn't have to go, so I guess I got what I wanted, just had to lose my car in the process.  :(

Another time I got pulled over by a cop for speeding and got a ticket.  I didn't realize I was speeding, I was just upset because I had to go over to my grandparents house and help them with stuff and I really didn't want to have to do that.  So again I was resisting it in my mind.  So from these two experiences I learned that if you have to go somewhere you don't want to fight it in your mind or you could attract a ticket or an accident. 

One of the first books I read about LOA warned that you should be careful what you wish for.  I can't remember the name of the book, but she tells a story about a guy that asked the Universe for a certain amount of money. Then I believe he ended up getting in a car accident and he lost one of his arms. He ended up getting the exact amount of money he asked for from the insurance. 

She taught in her book how to create these affirmation-like prayers that you repeat over and over to attract your desires.  And one of the things you say at the end of your prayer is "it comes to me now in a safe and loving way according to divine will and the free will of all concerned".  That way it doesn't come to you in a bad way.  

I'm not sure, but I imagine that when things come in a bad way it's probably because we have some resistance in our vibration.  Resistance to what we're focusing upon, whether it's something we want or something we don't want.

I think the underlying thing about this statement is what I called 'fearful spirituality.'  That is to say, spiritual advice, which although well-intended, actually comes across very negatively and people don't realise.  When this happens, it can have the effect of doubt and nerves which you have experienced.  I would say the way around it is to remind yourself a number of times, that the Universe is a benevolent and loving higher power, and wants the best for you. The only way this can be interfered with is by our own negative beliefs.  When these aren't there and when we believe different things, we get better realities.  The phrase 'be careful what you wish for' basically means 'is this really what you want to manifest?' But in my opinion, if it wasn't right for you, your higher self (which is connected to the highest intelligence in the Universe) wouldn't have given you the desire in the first place.  That just wouldn't make any sense at all.

So remind yourself of these things, and when manifesting, you can also affirm THIS OR SOMETHING BETTER, NOW MANIFESTS FOR ME AND FOR THE GOOD OF ALL. 

ok so i really don't have to worry about bad things happen when I'm trying to manifest? it doesn't really make sense that a simple (or even complicated) manifestation would result in such terrible things like loss of life or limbs or sight 

also thanks for the reply

No you don't have to worry.  Those negative things only happen when people are manifesting, but their underlying feelings are negative.  If you are believing in the positive, then that is what you will get.

great so you just have to manifest things to make you happy or feel better. what would be an example of a negative underlying feeling just so i know

You want to manifest a lot of money, but feel bad about money, so it comes to you in a negative way (such as a redundancy payment). 

You want a new job, but don't actually like working, so you get a job which seems ideal, but which then turns out to be bad for you.

You want a holiday, but feel guilty about taking one when something is happening elsewhere in your life, so you manifest one at an inconvenient time.

These could be examples.

Thank you. I really appreciate your help.

ah thats a good point of view that we can uncreate or create something better. In one of the other replies to this post there was a someone wanting a specific amount of money and getting it but only after losing an arm for insurance money. do you think this could happen? how would it happen? is there a way to prevent this while not distracting you from your original goal?

this definitely helps. thank you

"be careful what you wish for."  Ohhhh, what fear...

This advice is total crap, i think that peoples that like say theses things dont have a clue about what is intention or they know and want spread fear on purpose...just ignore it, you are already intending all the time, if things backfire is because peoples intend unconsciouslly, you see the bad  or neutral results are already happening even if you desire or not.

So, learn how handle with your power and then start intending what you want, let it go theses kind of clichês that are just hollow and means nothing if you say that it means nothing.


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