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I really need someone's input on this. I'M really in love with someone like never befoeé This love is so deep and I don't know what to do about it. I tried everything from law of attraction , RS, switchwords , positive thinking .... all of it. I tried forgetting about him and I even let it go for a long while (got him out of my mind). Those feelings just comes back and i don.t know why. i really believe that he was attracted to me but I'm not sure anymore.  I can still imagine us together holding hands , kissing ..everytime i think about that it puts a smile on my face. He is the last thing I think about at night and the first thing I think about in the morning.. I thought I really believed but now i'm not sure or i don't know how to truly believe. Can someone please let me know how you managed to attract someone when you thought nothing was possible anymore. I visualized text messages which i didn't get for a while now.. I really felt the emotions of him texting me.. seriously I've tried it all. I really believed that everything was possible..

Now I'm trying really hard not to believe otherwise.. I need a miracle.. Thank you

I'm grateful for all your answers .. Thank you

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Same situation here... :)

Me 3.

I am in love with him & he only wants sex.  And I'm crazy in love with him.  His interactions have softened he has started sometimes saying lovely things & texting me more plus texting me just to stay in touch, which is new.

Damn it, heart!!  Why do I have to be in love with this guy?  

The love you have for another is the love you have for (or possibly wish you had but are withholding from) yourself.

When you focus more on what you want, which is to feel love, and know that you don't need another person as your object of affection in order to feel the emotional essence of love, you release the other person from needing to be anything other than who they want to be, and you allow them, or someone else who is a vibrational match to what you want, to come into your life. But, they do not come so that you can feel love/d, they come as a reflection of the love you already feel towards yourself.

You are so good at this!  Very very wise words!

So nicely put but still very hard to understand or toget there! Thank you

It can be challenging to grasp, especially if you haven't practiced your thoughts on loving yourself, and I get that. But all that really means is to start caring about how you feel. That's really all that's required. Start caring about how you feel, focus on thoughts that feel better than thoughts you were previously thinking, and if you do not feel good, focus on feeling relief.

As you begin caring more about how you feel, and making your intention to soothe yourself and focus on feeling a little better, and feeling a little better, and feeling a little better, you will be focused more of loving yourself. Caring about how you feel, and guiding your thoughts to finding relief and feeling better, is self-love.

Brian you are so inspiring :) ive tried everything but loving myself .. I think i do love myself but not completely because i always think of others before myself ! In your opinion is it ok if i phone him . I usually dont want to because of my ego but tonight i feel differently . Thanks again for answering :) im grateful

Abraham Hicks says, "Get into alignment, and then..." Which means, focus on feeling good first, and then decide what you want to do. Do whatever feels good for you. You have your own guidance system (indicated through how you feel) with you every step of the way.

Thanks Brian actually talking to you made me feel good . You are sso very kind
Sorry i wasnt finished . I asked the universe for help and you came . :) thank you very much !! I'm grateful :) you are easy to understand :) xx

Yeh, its  funny that thats was for Athena.  I hear you loud and clear :)

I'm not sure what your interactions with him are at the moment, but the number one rule I've heard that helps to either get over someone or to get them back, is no contact. I am guilty of not following this "rule". If someone has rejected or dumped you and you keep in contact with him, it sends the message that you are content with their decision and ok with having less than a relationship with him. It helps them to move on from you because they never have to face the reality of you not being around. It helps them to ease out of the relationship while they find somebody new and they think you're ok with thane cause you're rewarding their behavior by continuing to give love to them. This might be harsh, but I'm trying to think of my ex like a dog. I will no longer reward bad behavior. If he does not start the conversation, we don't talk. If he doesn't want to do something "date-like" I won't come over to just cuddle. That is what friends with benefits do and I don't want to reward that behavior. I have always wanted to be the girl who doesn't put up with wishy washy crap and boys who send mixed signals. If someone doesn't treat you like gold, you should be outta there. Take on the persona of Taylor swift, Beyoncé...etc. What Would Beyoncé Do...WWBD... Haha. This shows confidence, self worth, respect, and love of yourself. Focus on yourself and things you love to do and your own future. You have so much ahead of you and you deserve the best.


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