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I really need someone's input on this. I'M really in love with someone like never befoeé This love is so deep and I don't know what to do about it. I tried everything from law of attraction , RS, switchwords , positive thinking .... all of it. I tried forgetting about him and I even let it go for a long while (got him out of my mind). Those feelings just comes back and i don.t know why. i really believe that he was attracted to me but I'm not sure anymore.  I can still imagine us together holding hands , kissing ..everytime i think about that it puts a smile on my face. He is the last thing I think about at night and the first thing I think about in the morning.. I thought I really believed but now i'm not sure or i don't know how to truly believe. Can someone please let me know how you managed to attract someone when you thought nothing was possible anymore. I visualized text messages which i didn't get for a while now.. I really felt the emotions of him texting me.. seriously I've tried it all. I really believed that everything was possible..

Now I'm trying really hard not to believe otherwise.. I need a miracle.. Thank you

I'm grateful for all your answers .. Thank you

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Also, I'm going to post something that might be more applicable that was sent to me by Eternity The Penguin on a different thread.

"It's a matter of being attached in my opinion. Maybe you feel that there is something that you can only get from him that you can't provide to yourself; it could be happiness, validation, security, etc. It's super common to give others the responsibility of making us feel those ways rather than to embrace it from within ourselves (which is the true source of it, or that's just what I believe personally). I chased after my ex last year, despite his not-so-special treatment toward me, for these very reasons. I wanted him to accept me, to validate me, because I didn't accept or validate myself... I hadn't given myself those things. We're taught that that comes from outside of ourselves (from other people, from relationships, even from money or certain objects), so naturally that's where we look, but the feelings are always very fleeting. A deep desire to love oneself can look like a need for someone else, but it's not really about them, it's all about us. Something you'll hear being said a lot is that what you truly what is a feeling, and the thing is, you've tied that to your ex and decided that those feelings must manifest through him, which may be why you're having such a difficult time separating yourself from him. It feels weird to think otherwise I know, but when ever you step away from a practiced thought, you'll often feel weird. 

Once you realize your worth, once you realize that you are the source of all of the love and validation you seek, you just don't accept or even manifest being treated a certain way anymore. That's not to say that no one can contribute to your happiness, you just no longer make others the sole source of that. My ex was one of my best friends too, but I've gotten to the point where I feel fine with never hearing from him again. The need for him has subsided, and although I still have insecurities to address, of course, I know that I'm the only one who can truly validate and accept myself, and you can do that too. :) It always seems difficult in the beginning, and as cliche as this sounds, it does get easier. You've just got to let it."

thank you Lucky belly :)

What would Beyonce do haha I love that!! When you take your energy out of another person and put that same love into yourself things start to change. Treat yourself like a queen and others will start to treat you the same way. This might feel foreign and strange at first but it will eventually become your new normal.

Lovely thread and great responses!

I think the main part is for us to realise that all comes from ourself. Whatever we think we need from other people or things- we need to seek from The Self first.

Once we love, appreciate, adore and accept ourselves, it gives rise for others to do so too. This will attract others in our path to treat us as such as well. Ask all from The Self, none other.

Everything will soon fall into place.




Thank You rumi DeeDee! I always thought I did love myself but now i realise that it is deeper than I thought. I will work on this part . I did start with sending love meditation and i send a whole lot to me :)

People call that feeling being in love, but I think we could stop romanticizing those feelings and call them as they are -addiction. Love always feel good. Addiction is satisfied only, when needed object is there and behaves in a way that satisfies our addiction. Love yourself and him unconditionally. Then you feel happy, self sufficiently happy, and nothing and nobody can take it away. When you loose it temporarily, you will know, how to get back there soon.

   The minute you make him as a condition to feel happy, you lost love and went into addiction territory. Of course, you can bounce back and forth as well, just be aware, that is not pure love. Abraham actually said once, that if you love someone, there is no way, that they won't love you back. If they don't - your vibration was not pure, it was mixed with insecurity or some other similar vibration.

  So your work is as always - to soften your thoughts about this, to relax, to enjoy, what you are able to enjoy NOW, and remember - this is not serious -it is just a movie, that you yourself are writing the script to, and others are the actors, that help you to play it out.

Hi peacefirst,
All of this is overwhelming. Its hard to understand that you love someone but you have to be ok with nit being with him. I love when you say it is just a movie. So starting now i am changing my movie and since im the director i will decide how the roles of each caracter plays out, we can have anything we want if we just believe . There are no exceptions , ! Thanks again , your post gave me an ahha moment . Im grateful .

It is, because most Hollywood movies portray that addition and call it love. We didn't see many (if any) examples of pure love and joy, unconditional love and joy. Don't forget, you are writing the script vibrationally. :) Get happy, make you being happy more important than being with him.

I love the movie analogy as well!  I'm going to be the leading lady :)

You already are, now just be deliberate one. And I am saying this to myself as well. :)

I wanted to add my two cents worth, because I am going through the same thing and had a lot of help on here and am coming back into alignment.  

When my affair fell around about my ears, the pain actually felt physical. I was knocked for six, I missed him and still do to a lesser extent.  I went from crying and staying in bed thinking "why me AGAIN" to swearing I didn't need him anyway and then going back to crying an hour later. Lol! It was from the help on here, I realised I physically missed him but I wasn't crying for him I was crying for the pain I felt in myself about not seemingly having acheived what I wanted at this stage of my life.  I was crying from perceived lonliness and lack of control over a certain part of my life direction.  When I recognised him as a catalyst, not the cause and accepted fully the pain as my own I can start to heal the parts that were exposed as a result of the relationship.  I separated the feeling entirely from him because we are deliberate creators, and I wanted my damn power back!  Recognising and owning the pain as your own and CHOOSING to heal means you can start to choose a different direction.  If you do this you will become thankful for what has occurred because it allowed you to see what was there all along.  Once healed imagine the wonderful possibilities for you!  

After just one day of reclaiming my power, and only thinking of him when I was in alignment, I got a phonecalll from him HOWEVER when I spoke to him I didn't feel the need  or the angst I felt before. Rather, I recognised it as a sign that I am getting back in touch with myself.  I didn't take it as validation I am getting him back, but that I am healing because the contact wasn't the life buoy I thought I would be, it didn't complete me! Lol! 

My personal opinon is that RS, wishing, spells etc never work when you are feeling a loss because it all amounts to the same thing a lack of belief, joy and expectancy that allows a desire to manifest. Believe me, I've tried out of sheer desperation before!

Take your time. Feel the pain, accept it,  embrace it and see it for what it really is.  All about you.

With love, and understanding



Thank you allowing all ! I want my damn power back too . It gave me a lot of energy when i read this . I will think of him only when i feel good . Also im a very powerful person , thanks for reminding me of that :) another inspiring story today . Thanks to all :)


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