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I've been reading a lot and watching a lot of videos on attracting money lately. One of the videos mentioned that you should write down your beliefs, fears and thoughts on money. I want this to be an open thread where anyone can post these.

Deep down, I have always feared money. I think my biggest fear is that the only ways to earn lots of it involve ripping people off or destroying your soul. Of course this isn't true but this belief has been with me since a young age and it's frankly hard to let go.

I believe deep down I also fear earning lots of money because I would not spend it in the proper manor. Perhaps I believe I don't deserve it or I feel guilty for having it because so many people don't.

I've also had this belief that it's impossible to earn lots of money and I will be poor forever. I know this isn't true but this is another belief that has been with me for a long time.

What I want to believe and what I want to choose to believe is that money can buy happiness, I deserve a lot of money and I deserve to receive more money right now.

It's funny because from a young age we are thought by our elders and authority figures that money isn't something you should discuss. I often wonder if because of this mantra, this is why so many people have negative beliefs and thoughts towards money. Because they keep everything bottled up inside. When you keep everything bottled up inside, it creates negative energy which leads to negative beliefs. I believe this creates the negative belief cycle toward money.

What are your beliefs on money?

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A really great video, an article & 2 quotes for all those who are struggling with allowing/perceiving abundance/money in their life:



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Focus on why you want money, and keep the whole conversation on how you want to feel. Also, don’t focus on happiness, because that’s too much of a stretch. Focus on softer emotions.

“I want to feel loved. I want to feel accepted. I want to feel supported. I want to feel freedom. I want to feel ease. I want to feel comfortable. I want to feel relaxed. I want to feel soothed. I want to feel like I’m just going with the flow.”

Money tends to be a touchy subject for most people, which is why it isn't generally discussed, but I think you would be fine doing so on here.

Lots of people have a love-hate relationship with money. They love having it, but they also have a lot of fears and negative beliefs around it, which blocks the flow to them.  Purging these and changing them is key to allowing that flow to happen. 

I have never really worried about money, as we always had it when I was growing up. We weren't amazingly rich, but we never went without and had pretty good lives.  The only time I worried about money was when I was a University student and had to be a bit frugal with it, but I now realise that that frugality (although it kept me in credit) wasn't all that necessary. 

The reason being is that we are all connected to the Universe: the Universal source of provision, and it will supply your every need and desire of you believe it does.  This takes some trust and that has to be built up over time, but once you start it's quite easy to do.  The basic idea is that what you give out, you get back.  So if you are struggling for money, don't scrimp and save too much, try and spend some money unnecessarily. Outflow a bit more and that will come back to you multiplied.  Then once you have had some experiences of that, try and outflow a little bit more afterwards.  Then you will start up a flow of money coming into your life, but at the same time, you won't be 'afraid' to spend it.

For instance, I had an experience a few years ago when I was unemployed, in which I started giving to charity or good causes for a couple of days on the bounce, and then I attracted a tax rebate.  I continued, and attracted free flights to Nice for a weekend away, and spending money. Lesson had been had but not yet learned.  I began donating to charity and worthwhile causes again a few months later, and was given an iPad as a present.

A couple of years later, I decided to make a habit of it as I was working again and had a regular income, and have done so ever since.  Every other day, I give to charity, or outflow in some way (tips, sponsoring fundraising initiatives, giving to street artists and buskers etc) and it certainly serves me well.  I have had regular pay rises, been given money unexpectedly, and have had nice things given to me for my flat.  I also have more money now than I have ever done. When you make this a habit, giving becomes its own reward.

Something else you can do if you are struggling for money is to give thanks for the money you have right now, and keep on doing so.  This uses the law of attention in a different way, since you aren't complaining about not having money, but replacing those negative thoughts with something positive. If you do that then you outflow energy in a positive way, and what you give thanks for comes back to you multiplied.  Once again, I did this when I was out of work 7 years ago, and though I didn't necessarily attract any new money, finances stopped being a worry for a while.  It was probably that I didn't do it long enough, and had I given thanks for longer, I would have attracted new money.

Another thing you can do, I to see the Source/Universe/God/Allah etc as your provider, not just of your money, but of everything in your life. Your home, your work, your health, your material goods etc.  It provides for you, rather than your job, your pension, or your stocks and shares, and it isn't restricted by what is going on in the world.  If you can do this (I'm still learning, and I do realise that trust can take a while to build up) then you won't be worried by things like recession or job loss. 

How about paying off debts, and staying positive and not guilty about being in debt? 

Usually, the first thing people feel about debt is that they are stuck in it, that there's no way out, and that they will be in it forever.  And when they think like that, that's where they stay: stuck in debt with no way out.  The first thought that you need to toy with, is that THERE IS A WAY OUT, and that THERE IS A SOLUTION.

I would say that if you have debts, and you can see any way forward or can't make any headway, then ask the Universe to help you.  You have tried everything you can to pay them off, but you just can't, and there's no shame in that.   Debt is everywhere, and there are many people in it.  It's one of the ways the system keeps control over us - so beat them at their own game by calling in a Higher Power which is infinitely bigger than anything or anyone else on Earth.

Ask it to help you and provide you with the way forward.  You may attract the money, or a new way to make money, or the debt may be written off, or you may attract some kind of management plan, so that you can pay it off in instalments, if there is something more you need to learn about money. Whatever happens, it will be a CREATIVE SOLUTION which you probably haven't thought of yet, and couldn't see coming. 

Ask for its help.  Write a letter and then burn it, detailing your situation, and asking for its help. Once you have done that, then start to believe and affirm that GOD IS TAKING CARE OF IT ALL (or words to that effect which chime with you). There is something very relieving in handing over an Albatross-like problem to a much greater power than you. Give it up.  Give up the struggle and the worry. The Univese loves you and wants to help you, but can only do so if you give it your permission.  By writing that letter, you are doing that, and by believing that it's taking care of it all, you are starting to ease away the doubts and fears.

For everyone with a seemingly insurmountable problem (illness, addiction, alcoholism, debt, abuse, bullies, unemployment, depression etc) the Universe is saying " don't suffer any longer, I'm here to help if you would only ask and let me in. "  The Universe is saying that to you right now.  Let it in. 

I think the biggest problem we all have is we keep forgetting that money isn't real. Money isn't natural either. And here we are calling upon the natural laws of the universal truths to nurture an illusion. That illusion being that money is real. 

Remember that it is your value that is real.....not the money. The money is just evidence of your value. 

I'm sure this didn't help but I couldn't resist throwing in my 2 cents.

Love it


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