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Doesn't matter which addiction. But addiction in general: what would be the proper way to cure it using LOA?? Anyone had luck with this??

I'm not sure how to go about wording it properly in my mind. Should I repeat things such as "I no longer need to _____"??


I hope to find some success stories on here with this!

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Hi there, I am trying to overcome an annoying and embarrasing addiction that I've had for about 14 years called trichotillomania.  I, too, am trying to use LOA to end it and thought that the best way would be to imagine myself with gorgeous, long, thick, luscious locks of brown, glossy, curly hair everytime I have the urge.  I then say to myself how much I love my hair and how great it looks.  Whatever visualisation I am doing, I make sure I incorporate an image of myself with this amazing hair.  I really look at myself in the mirror and love myself and say "you've got great hair" with as much meaning as I can muster.  It's working!

I maybe wouldn't say "I no longer need to..." because it's a little on the negative side.  Instead, try repeating affirmations that are purely positive.  Say what you DO want - same as everything for LOA.

Love to you, and hope this helps

Fran xxx


Give yourself permission to indulge your addiction with the full consciousness of what you're doing while you're doing it. I once told myself that I either had to stop doing things that embarrassed me, or stop being embarrassed by the things I was doing. So with your addiction I would say either stop doing whatever it is you're doing, or stop beating yourself up for doing it.

For myself, I would say the first thing to do is to address to the word itself. Addiction. This suggests that whatever the action is one is engaging, it is "out of control".


Addictions generally have a lot to do with control which is a very big area for most of us to address to. As long as something is perceived to be "out of your control", there is nothing you can do about it, by definition.


Thus, as much as I could, what I would do is take responsibility for the action and remind myself that it is my choice to engage it, no matter how much it may seem like I have no choice.


Now the caution in this, is that I would be careful of trying to "assert" control or force myself to do other actions in relation to the "addiction" initially. Because the paradox in trying to assert control is that it is based or founded in the idea that one does not have it to begin with and no matter how much one has convinced oneself this is true...it isn't.


You have control. You ALWAYS have control.


Depending on the addiction, I may even set aside times to engage the action purposefully. Rather than waiting for that feeling to creep up on me that I "just have to". For once again, the purpose in this is to see and realize my own control and direction of this action.


If I am going to do it anyway and am having a hard time stopping myself, then I might as well do it on my terms. When I choose to and how.


For me, this helps to instill a sense of empowerment with regards to what I am dealing with.


At some point in the future, when I've been doing it purposefully for a time, I'll decide to "skip" one of my appointments. It's best for me to do this kind of spontaneously, in that something "better" to do happens to coincide with my timing for this. But, if I feel ready for it, I may simply plan something "better" to do.


The point is to more and more reveal and see my own sense of control and direction over this. That control which already exists, beyond any contrived need to assert such.



I believe all addictions are the same. No, the side effects of each substance you abuse may be different, but addiction is addiction. It is done to escape your problems, to avoid reality, to feel numb. So IMO, whether its booze, drugs, food, sex, codependent relationships- it is all the same. Because the problem lies within the person, not in the substance your addicted to.

Jane.... the phrase you asked about will just keep your predominant focus on the problem.


We live in an affirmative Universe. In other words, it only says and sees the positive so you want your focus to be predominantly on what you DO want, rather than what you don't want.


This can be tricky but only because we've trained ourselves so well to focus on the 'don't wants'. However, take some time to look at the benefits you'll experience being addiction-free. This might take some time because you're likely to experience a lot of variations of what you don't want... before you hit on the phrasing that truly expresses what you DO WANT and how happy it makes you feel when you think about it will be a good indicator that you're on the right track.


Switching your attention away from any thoughts of addiction would actually be the fastest path.  If you can find incredibly good feeling blissful thoughts, and you can think them just for the sole reason to make yourself feel great, you will begin to attract those subjects instead.  Thoughts become words, words become actions, actions become habit.  So, thoughts are your destiny.  By stopping your addiction at the source, at the level of thought, you will stop the habit, because if you change your thoughts away from thoughts of your addiction and what you are addicted to, you will then say different words when you speak, take different actions when you act, and thus create different habits for yourself.  If you focus on really good feeling thoughts, you will develop habits that are actually beneficial to your life too.


Michael Parker



A lot of good info on here. Thanks

Replacing bad habits with good mental habit form is a good place to begin the process. I would bring in strengthening affirmations to alleviate the weakness that is joined by the addiction and when it begins to feel exhausting that is when you know you’re pushing the emotion cause by the weakness out. Also put in some focus time on loving yourself, you'll be less prone to self-destruction when love is present.

I am getting stronger each day (x)
I am healthy and Happy (x)

What about witnessing someone's addiction and because I have no control on someones choice to change.  Is the best way to not focus on that persons addiction?  In hope they get a hold it and awaken?


Remember that we are all free to do whatever we want to do, and that we are also free to enjoy the consequences of doing whatever we want to do. If focusing on someone else's addiction doesn't work for you and doesn't feel good, then don't do it. They will either sort it out, or they won't. It is not your responsibility to fix them. 


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