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This thread was birthed collaboratively. Thank you very much. ~DS


Starting with several quotes....more are in the thread....

Jesus said, to turn the other cheek, and that’s exactly what he was talking about. Resist not evil. Turn the other cheek — and achieve vibrational harmony with that which feels better. excerpted from Abraham_Hicks Workshop Tapes: Phoenix, AZ — 3/21/99 and Silver Springs, MD—4/11/99

You can, as Jesus said, turn the other cheek, and allow that vibration to become inactive again, while you are tuning your vibration to that which feels better. excerpted from Abraham_Hicks Workshop Tapes: Phoenix, AZ — 3/21/99 and Silver Springs, MD—4/11/99

And so, we’re not here to teach you to raise your vibration, because your vibration is naturally raised. We’re here to help distract you from the lower vibration. Jesus said, turn the other cheek, and that’s exactly what he was talking about. Turn your attention from what holds your vibration in a lower place, and your vibration will naturally raise >From Abraham-Hicks Workshop Ashland, OR — 5/16/00

You talk about a teacher you call Jesus who expressed it as clearly as we’ve ever heard it when he said, turn the other cheek or look the other way, or resist not this thing you fear. Because when you take your attention from whatever it is that is drowning your cork, your cork will bob right back to the surface. >From Abraham-Hicks Workshop Dallas, TX — 11/11/01 & San Antonio, TX — 11/25/01


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Jesus said you have to be like a child to get into heaven (OK my paraphrase) and the more I learn about LoA and listen to Abraham, the more I realise just how incredibly true that was.  It's all about lightening up and remembering to have fun and to play, to live just the way children do.

"Your only point of focus is preparing your grid. And the filling of the vortex into the grid will be all of the specifics and all of the wonderful things. People will come; you'll have conversations, you'll become animated, you'll all want to talk at the same time. The ideas will keep flowing, it just gets better and better. Your energy gets higher, you recognize your power, you come to understand your true knowing. You  begin to feel the fullness of who you are, you get tuned in, tapped in, turned on. You begin to recognize the beauty in others. In your alignment you feel happy about where you are. You see the beauty where ever you are looking because in your alignment you are not able to see otherwise. Your words come out of your mouth at the perfect time and others are uplifted by the things that you say.  In other words, really friends; it all takes care of itself. All of this goodness, and all of this advantage and all of this wholeness and all of this help that you are wanting to offer to others becomes just second nature.  It  happens to you because you did the only thing that matters. Jesus said: The meek shall inherit the earth. And that's what he's talking about: The aligned. Non-resistant. The non-agitated. Those who are allowing the natural wellbeing that they were born with to be the basis of their experience. And then the specifics that you've carved out (of the contrast/created in the vortex) begin to fill in."


Abraham Hicks Publications


When you feel like you are wanting to pray to that non-physical beingness who will assist you, we want you to know that, what you are wanting and what you are asking for is already fully understood by that source within you. So let your prayers or your requests, be those that guide you as quickly as you can toward the vibration that the source within you is already holding. 

What you are asking for has already been achieved, that's what the contents of the vortex are about, and the source within you knows where you stand in relationship to this vibrational version that has already been achieved. So if you take your mind back from the idea of achievement, back from the idea of more requests, back from the idea-- more general, more general, more general. Back from the idea that I need to know what to do, that I need to know where to do it, or I need to know who to do it with. Back from the idea, and into an attitude of appreciation about where you are. 

As you offer your prayers and you let your intention be to offer these prayers of appreciation – can you feel the difference? Rather than saying what do I need to do in order to get more of what I want, can you feel the power of offering appreciation for what is already surrounding you? Rather than asking for the more money that you want or need, feel appreciation for the abundance that is, and as you achieve vibrational alignment with the abundance of that which is, you prepare your grid to allow more that you are looking for. It is the trying too hard that we are wanting to soften. 

Asheville, NC, 10/24/12

"Your heaven or your hell that you are living is your resonance [with the Source within you] or lack of it; its our alignment or your not. Its your allowing of the Source within you now or not, you see. 

Source is never departing from you; you didn't loose your connection with Source when you came into this physical experience. Source came right here with you. But you can choose thoughts that pinch you off pretty good from it and you could choose thoughts that align you with it right away, you see. You can live a life of alignment and you will discover heaven on earth. And from our perspective what heaven on earth really is is sifting through the contrast and recognizing some negative emotions. That's delicious guidance! I have guidance within me! I know what I'm off the track of something but I also I know I gave birth to something more and that Source witin me resonated with the more and became it immediately and that the only reason that I can feel negative emotiona rightn own is because I expanded and didn't go; that's heaven on earth! And now I'm consciously aware of my guidance system and now I can find thoughts that feel a little better. I can give myself some ease and relief. You call that forgiveness, we call it coming back into alignment. Its the releasing of the resistance and the resonance with the  Source within me. And now I'm back in resonance and now my grid is filling in and now wonderful things are happening everywhere I am. Sweet people talking to me. Intellectual conversations going on. Physical stamina and vitality and flexibility is mine. A feeling of wellbeing. Everywhere I look is beautiful. I'm zigging and zagging with the best of life." Abraham Speaking Melbourne, AU March 24, 2013

"The heaven that you want is RIGHT HERE! Source is right here with you, holding a very educated perspective of what you are looking at! So, when you're feeling good, you can say, 'We're ALL feeling good, aren't we?'"

From the Cancun, Mexico Landcruise, April 2013 

Q: I am not understanding. [the questioner is Hispanic]

A: Jesus said, after one healing, 'It is your faith that has made you whole.' In other words, he was not willing to take credit for what happened.

We promise you that this man that you hold in this very high position...and we do not quarrel with how you feel about him at all...we're just saying, he was not asserting power into anyone's experience.

He was utilizing the Laws of the Universe in the same way that we are asking you to do it....Holding the vision inside the Vortex, and then there is a greater probability of bringing someone into Vibrational accord with their own Well-Being.

We were just jumping on you a bit about your words, 'He was able to heal EVERYONE.' Because there were Vibrational hold-outs for him as well.

When you hold someone up as a comparison about your work, and your view of them is full of flawed premises, then you shoot your own evolution in the foot.

So, if you understand the Laws of the Universe as they are, and he was not apart from them, as is no one, and you work within the Laws, consciously understanding them, then your successes will make sense to you, you see?

Q: Now, the process on which he spent the 40 days fasting, separate from the whole different normal way of living...

A: 26 days... [laughter]

Q: Whatever amount of time he spent, did this process of the fasting enable him to become...

A: Whatever it takes you to distract yourself from resistance, go for it.

In other words, It's hard to go into the Vortex when you live in a village where they make fun of you when you meditate...We're just sayin...[laughter]

If you don't try to make literal sense out of things like that and, instead, you use your own experience of Alignment or not, in the moment, you'll find you own power as he did.

Can you feel how we acknowledge the power of your being in as supreme a way as we acknowledge the power of the being of the one that you know as Jesus?

And that, as we're visiting with you here, we can feel that in your comparison you're not bring yourself into Alignment with all that you are?

Your letting what you think you know about another person get in the way of what you could know about you.

The biggest false premise that has come out of that whole movement is that he was something more special than you, and that you need him somehow in order to be All-That-You-Are.

And he stands now as this Eternal Being, knowing what he knows, expressing it in another way, wanting you all to let go of what that was, and live with what you are now a Vibrational match to.

In other words, how could you take something that was written, so long ago, not even by those who lived it, translated again and again and again by all kinds of people who had economic motives for their translation.

And now you try to live your life by it...when you have ~ right here right now ~ living breathing guidance within you responding to every single thought you think. THAT's guidance!

Q: I would like to see someone channeling for the Hispanic community in the future.

A: We choose YOU!...But, don't go to the desert...[laughter]

~Abraham September 19, 2009 San Diego, CA

Excerpts taken from this recording:


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