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 So I have been sharing my joy in the Law of Attraction with my 12 year old son. I've manifested enough small things for him to start to have a little faith where he always thought I was loco outta my mind before when I'd talk to him about it. 

 Not too long ago I first read about heart energy and how to send it. I've been spending some time figuring out how to send my own heart energy out and to the people I love. One evening after school my son told me about an incident that day with a bully. This bully had called him some ugly names and then had turned his foul negativities on some girls that my son is friends with. The group banded together and heads held high, cheered each other on as they went to the principle. 

 My son was angry, he was hurt by what this boy said. I could feel the heaviness of his heart when he talked about the bully. But I could also feel the light and joy when he talked about the girls who cheered him up. So I took some time to explain to him (again) that it isn't his place to judge anyone, including this bully. I told him that he doesn't know where this garbage that fills this bully comes from or what he deals with in his own home. It's not for us to decide why he does and says what he does, we can only chose how we react. 

 I then thought that it would be good for him to learn about heart energy. I wasn't intending anything from it other than trying to help him feel better and giving him a tool he could use whenever he needed to be filled with love. I talked him through the focus and helped him to find things that brought up the feeling of love inside of him. Suddenly he stopped and said he missed a man that had been out of our life for a little while. I told him he could send some of his heart energy to him then explained that process and what to visualize. 

 A few moments later my son was beaming ear to ear. He was happy as could be and radiating love. He told me he'd sent heart energy to the man and to his niece and he'd also sent some to the bully. I told him I was proud of himself and he could rest assured that they had felt it. 

 The very next day I took him to our local community center so we could get some exercise in, as we walked through the door I heard a kid yelling my son's name. I looked up and the kid was all smiles, waving and yelling hi to my boy. My son said hi back and gave a quick smile but promptly followed me out of the room. My son is very sociable so I stopped and gave him a questioning look but as soon as I saw the look on his face I knew something had happened... He was in utter shock, frozen. Then slowly he said "Mom, that's the boy.... that's the bully. He's never said anything nice to me before." 

 I gave my son a huge hug and told him he should be proud of himself for what he'd done. He was indeed very happy with his outstanding results and is now a firm believer in the Law of Attraction.... but... now he's using it to manifest video games lol. 

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Wow. You are so awesome and I am so happy for you and your son. I have done this (sendnheart energy) many times and inhve seen things changing.
However, this ego kind gets caught up time to time and doesn’t want to let go! Anyway “I AFFIRM that I FORGIVE and I LET GO THOSE WHO HURT ME.”

I would love to know how u do it - send heart energy and visualize.

I think children are just naturals at manifesting. They just don't have all the garbage built up inside them that we adults have. They are also totally ego centered. Think about any child you know, they truly believe the whole world revolves around them. They truly believe that all they have to do is ask and they shall receive. They fully know that EVERYONE wants to see them and hear them. 

 So first thing to do is get back to a child's frame of mind. Your world truly does revolve around you. Think about the hurt that someone else caused and put it back in their world, you don't really know what garbage had built up in them. Their garbage is not a true reflection of you. 

Here's my recipe for heart energy or even just feeling loved:

1. Sit down, get comfy, close your eyes. 

2. Take 6 deep breathes. Breathe in for four counts and out for four counts. Focus on your breath and when you breathe out let go of any hurt you've been holding onto. Focus on your body, Where do you feel the hurt? Let it go, feel it moving out of your body.

3. Replace the hurt with love. Think of things you love to do, love to feel, love to smell, people you love, anything that makes you feel that feeling. Focus on your body, where do you feel the love? How does it physically feel? How does your mind feel? Remind yourself that you are infinitely loved. 

   (Sometimes I feel full of love within seconds. Sometimes it takes me a lot longer. Always be easy on yourself and don't worry about how long it takes, just get there in your own time.) 

4. Visualize the white light of pure love glowing around your body. Enjoy the feeling of warmth and comfort for a moment. 

5. Now visualize strands or tendrils radiating from your heart. Next visualize the person you want to send that love to. Push those tendrils to them, imagine them filling up with love until you can see that white light around them too. It shouldn't deplete your feeling of love. Love is infinite so you have more than enough to share, send and keep. 

6. Do not think of the why's or the how's or the reasons. You don't need these. You only need to know that your person is feeling your love. 

7. Let your image fade, continue to feel full of love. Once your image is gone, feel gratitude. Be thankful to the universe for allowing you this opportunity, be thankful for the feeling of love. Just be grateful. 

8. Let it go, it is done. KNOW for a FACT that your chosen person felt something. They may think of you, dream of you, have a sudden memory of you. They may just suddenly feel better and not know why. The more you do it, the more they will feel it and associate it with you. 

Remember that if you're missing someone you are experiencing a feeling of lack. Feeling lack attracts more lack into your life. So if you find yourself in that state, use this exercise. 

When my ego refuses to let go I remind myself that letting go is easy when I already have all that I desire. Remember, you already have it, the universe is simply moving things around in order to bring it to your physical reality.

Much love to you and your journey!

This was so heart-warming to read!thank you for sharing <3

That was awesome! You should suggest to your son that he becomes a millionaire video game player on YouTube - yes those exist . Lol enjoy!

lol actually that is his dream job and yes he's already working on manifesting it. :)


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