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Hi,, I just wanted to share this with you, For the past few weeks, I have literally been bombarded by ideas and impulses. I did ask for them, and oh boy have I been getting them. I have to walk around the house with a pen and notebook or my phone to make notes on when they come up. It's gone crazy. NOT that I am complaining obviously. I say bring it on. I just might need to get myself a little bit more organised. I am working on my website, with ideas for that and eBooks as well. And the impulses to suddenly look something up, write something, do something... They have been coming at me too like rockets. It's the craziest I've ever known it, to be honest. I am seeing ahead of me a successful full-time internet business or 2 with all the ideas and I have literally nothing in my way now stopping me. I sadly lost my fiance on Boxing day last year, and before that, I was spending more time as a carer than a writer. He was my massive inspiration though and he was so proud of what I was doing and gave me a push when needed. .Well for a few months I didn't really feel like writing a lot, only personal stuff. Then I decided to throw myself into my work a he wanted. He didn't want me having to care for him but I did. He was trying to find ways around it so that I had more time to write. Bless him. Anyway these last few weeks, after me asking for some more ideas and being in a receptive mode to receive them, they started, and they are still coming in thick and fast. I feel like I am flying high. I just need to get more organised now as I say. 

Anyway, sorry for the long essay there. I didn't mean for that to happen but I was just so excited when I typed. Hope you are all having a wonderful Thursday. 

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Nice work Eve! Milk it for all it's worth! I love it when this happens! WTG! Keep it up! :D

Thank you so much. For some reason, I missed this comment and have only just read it. It just keeps getting better and better, day by day. Crazy, but I am not complaining. Oh no.. I am loving every single moment. :) 

Hey, I am not sure if I replied to you or not. I am sorry if I didn't. Thank you. I was just saying to someone else once you have cracked it and are in the receptive mode more and more it just gets easier and easier to stay here.. A lovely place to be. I milk it every single day. I'm the same, I love to read the stories or real positive vibes posts, when someone has cracked it, or manifested stuff, or just in their good vibe zone. Plus working and writing the law of attraction for my blog each day helps me of course. Couldn't ask for a better subject to blog about...Thank you!!! Have a wonderful weekend :)

Haha I have just noticed I have replied again to your comment. Oh well, sharing is caring eh? ;) 

Wow, wonderful! How do you stay in a receptive mode? 

Okay, well it's a lot easier once you have been in it for a long while. As the momentum just keeps on going and going. The main thing is that I still have the few unwanted things come into my life, but I shrug them off. Give them no attention, or as absolute little amount of attention as possible. If I need a solution I focus on the solution, not the actual problem. 

When I wake every morning, I (most mornings), spend a few moments getting myself into my good vibe zone before getting out of bed. A trick I learned from Esther Hicks. I do meditation for 10 mins in the mornings. Not before I have had a few lovely cups of coffee though. I don't claim to be perfect haha.. Then if I feel myself slipping at any point, now I am in the receptive mode for 95% of my waking days, I notice it quickly, and adjust. If I can't just gently steer my thoughts back up, I will usually stick some music on and this does it for me. Or spend 10 minutes writing about something that makes me feel good. I make it up if necessary. ake up my own life future. Oh that feels good to do. Then in the evenings, if I feel like it, I do another short 5-10 minutes meditation. Then when I go to sleep, some nights, I will listen to meditative music, or Esther Hicks chatting, or subliminal sessions... The beauty of really sticking with focussing on your good feelings. It does take time and practice but once you get there, then it just becomes easier and easier. As I manifest my dreams, as I carry out ideas and impulses leading me on my path, it just adds to my positive momentum even more. 

Hmmm. There you go I think you have all my secrets haha.. Thank you for such kind comments. They all mean a lot to me. :)

Awesome! Thanks for sharing! :) I personally find it really hard to stay in a receptive mode just because I'm so result oriented that I go nuts when I don't see any results in 2-3-4 weeks/months' time.  


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