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Can anyone please share their money law of attraction stories with me?

Good afternoon all. I have a massive favour to ask of you all. Please Please Please - I am asking for some volunteers that would be willing to message me on here or direct with some of their money stories in connection to the law of attraction and money. Success stories, or where you could see you were manifesting bad luck financially. Anything that I can share with my readers. I have my own stories to tell, but I would love to include some from others. If you have a success story, then do you know what happened in the lead up to it? Were there any blockages holding you back beforehand that you changed? How did you manifest the money into your life? I'm not talking massive amounts of money necessarily. I want true life so small or large amounts, life-changing amounts even. Just a paragraph or two. I won't be able to use all but I would like to pick a few to share.. Thanks, everyone and I can't wait to see what responses I get. I just could do with another one or two, please.. Thanks

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I was working for a company that went bankrupt and i was out of a job, living in a foreign country and i was in a very toxic relationship. I had no one to help me out financially and knew i could definitely not be able to grow if i stayed in that relationship.

Because i had already knew about law of attraction, i decided to take that leap of faith and move back home with no money.

I had faith that i would get a job that i really liked and all i had to do was apply and have faith.

I had this unshakable faith, and i was so proud of myself considering the heartache i was feeling .I gave myself two months to find a job and one day, i was out and ran into my old boss at the food court in the mall and we got to talking and he offered me a job with good pay! 

I loved the job for the first few months, but after 8 months, i felt like i did not feel complete. I started to spiral downward with negativity and knew that i could not be in a job that was draining me.

Again, i decided to take that leap of faith and decided to walk away with my savings and live off that for a while. I was looking for another job but to no avail. I still had faith and was feeling alot better emotionally, than i was with that job,

Finally after 3 months, i decided to get a loan from the bank and start my own business, The day i signed the lease, i got a call from a company that i had applied for and interviewed with, that i got the job. The universe gave me more than i asked for! It was a tough decision but i decided to go ahead with my business. 

I am so grateful, because today it  is very successful.

I would not be here today, had i not taken that leap.

Letting go and trusting is key :)

Thank you so much. That's a wonderful story and so inspiring. I have written a lot about letting go so this story would tie in very nicely somewhere. If you don't mind me using it at some point that is? If it's ok then please do let me know and also what name you wish me to use to post it under. A first name, nickname or anon. Anything is fine. 

I will wait to hear back from you before I go any further. 

Many thanks


I have similar story to you. I just took leap of faith so it’s great hear it worked for you and I had issues with my life and jobs along way too 

Yes of course. Please share. My name is Karen from Canada

Thank you so much, Karen. I won't be writing part three just yet, as I am working on another post however I will include it at some point soon. Thanks again. I really do appreciate the people like yourself coming forward with their stories. From the comments and feedback, I have been getting they are well received by the readers of my site. 

I will let you know when I do publish your story. 

Many thanks again. Hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend. 


Absolutely and I'd love to read your collection of stories. These stories inspire me and I'm sure it helps others as well keep faith in the universe

That's my aim. To inspire as many people as possible through my blog posts, and sharing stories like yours is wonderful and so uplifting. I have had such great feedback from the idea. If you want to read the other posts I have written then you can find me here

Thank you so much :)


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