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Hi everyone, what's up, how have you been? :)

Recently, I read about "The Remembering Technique" on LoA subreddit, but the thread was deleted shortly after. As I understood it, the thing is to take a desired outcome and place it in the past so we remove the doubt that way, since in our mind it has already happened and you don't doubt something that had happened for a fact. I looked for some additional info about it and I found a few videos on YouTube and some articles via Google. Both the videos and the articles state that it's Neville's technique, that it's advanced and really powerful, but still usable by anyone, even the beginners in practicing of the Universal Laws. In one of the videos, the girl that made the video said that it could be used combined with 5x55, which sounds really great, but I feel like I could use more info on it. Does anyone have any experience with it? What results did you get? How fast? Can I use it and set a specific manifestation date in a future, for example, use my birthday the next year as the end date for my manifestation?

Thanks in advance, best of luck, lots of love, happy manifesting :D

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The technique has no power. Anyone can use it because the power comes from the individual, not the technique. The technique is one way for people to allow.

Are you talking about rehearsing an event in your head as if it really happened until the universe coaleses around it and others accept it as having happened your new way too? Bashar talks if this too. ANNF HOW THERE ARE MULTIPLE VERSIONS OF WHEN IN YEARS JFK WAS KILLED!

Neville's got a load of different techniques, and I don't recall one going by that name, but have you read any of his books as they may help you track it down.  For me, I love the book "Law and the Promise" because not only does he share the results a lot of people have had, but he guides you through feeling thing sin your body as though you have them.  It is a great short book but it is a great one that shows how visualising something through feeling it through your body is powerful.  So with that technique in mind, rather than "remember" it, I'd suggest spending time feeling what it will be like when you have that goal (as though it has already happened".  Like Brian (wisely says) there is no secret power or technique out there - the power comes from you.  

I wasn't into any teacher specifically, I'm just looking for a method that is able to give massive results in short period of time and does not include any bad energy or bad karma. But I will definitely check the book out, I hope it could help me achieve my goals. My goals are all a bit out there, you know, different and unusual, but everything I want to manifest is with a good reason behind it. 

Thanks for the book recommendation, best of luck, happy manifesting :)

Hey BadAss – okay cool.  Well the reality is that any and all of the LOA tools can and will deliver results in short periods of time.  Karma is a different kind of conversation, and so is “bad” energy. It is a good book for sure, the only thing is that I disliked the last chapter.  I am not quite sure why it is there to be honest but some people enjoy it – but it does show about how visualizing (and as Neville says feeling it in your body) is a very powerful and easy concept and its littered with examples of how people have used it so it may be a helpful read for you.

Rather than "manifesting" hows about we do "Happy Creating!"


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