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Hello everyone, I am writing to you because at the moment I am full of doubts.
Since September I am trying to attract a specific person. Initially, it was a simple crush on a person with whom I had never talked and with whom there was only an intense eye-contact*, and so I said why not? I felt there was some kind of connection, and I just wanted to have the chance to meet him. But over time it became almost a challenge, it was not fun anymore and it started to hurt. On the other hand, this also helped me to understand more myself and a different aspect of the LOA.

Anyway... I spoke to him for the first time today. Months ago this would have been a great achievement, but now I just feel very sad. First, because it seems to me that I have manipulated too much the situation, I know that the universe brought me the opportunity but at the same time, I felt I had struggled too much to get to this point. Besides, it was not as I had imagined it, I wanted to make some impression, but it was just a superficial exchange of words. I think I'm too involved now, it's no longer a simple crush and can't just have fun with the process ...

This whole situation made me start doubting everything, I was hoping for something special, but the truth of the matter, the idea that that moment was so shallow and cold, it destroyed me emotionally. Honestly, I do not know what to do anymore, I feel I lost hope, and I'm also very tired of doing anything else. I realized that I do not trust enough of the universe and I have to constantly do something;and besides, for two months I will be away and I will not have the chance to see him (this is also why I was in such a hurry for something to happen)... and the more I write, the more I realize that I already know where I am wrong. So sorry for the outburst but if you have any encouragement or reflection, it would be much appreciated.

*to clarify the situation, this person is a professor of my university, I study in a completely different course, so we have no professional connection but still, I can't just go and talk to him.

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You had clearly some negative momentum going on about that subject (given maybe by your fears and doubts) so focus on easiest subjects until all your insecurities are gone and you start enjoying love with crazy enthusiasm & eagerness.


L'immagine può contenere: 1 persona, con sorriso, testo e spazio all'aperto

Thank you :)

You're welcome :)

Focus more on the positive than negative, the more positive thoughts, the more positive things will happen to you. Don't let a dark cloud shadow over you..hang in there! :)

There's always a time to talk to him again, just believe that the time will come! :)

I would say that this is just an unwanted vibrational place that you are in . Once you stop resisting it by focusing elsewhere this energy will dissipate and your vibration around this topic will rise and you will have a better feeling perspective . 

I understand that this is just you venting about your frustration. But may be this is bringing up a major block in your manifestation journey . I can totally relate to you and to me it seems that if you continue to use LOA in the same manner it will only bring more struggle into your life. Even if this crush of yours asks you out someday, every step of the relationship will be a struggle. 

I am really sorry if this does not sound encouraging. But I just didn’t feel like giving you a false assurance only to push you forward in that never ending loop of frustration. You are postponing your joy and peace for this desire to come to you. When it comes to you, you will be feeling desperate for something else. You have mostly bought into the belief that the more you struggle the more you get. I totally know how true that seems. But it is not. 

I would remind myself that my happiness and wellbeing matters the most at every stage of my life. When I make that my priority all the things / people / events that make me happy will simply flow into my experience . 

You really want to build your core, focus on yourself and on proactively building a great life for yourself. I understand that it is not easy to suddenly start trusting the universe. You want to take your time. Don’t think that you are putting your life on hold while everyone else gets to enjoy their life . This is far from the truth. We are all on this journey of self realization . Schedule some time daily to learn about the universe. Put that knowledge to use. Learn about yourself, what your preferences are. Be with yourself. Focus on your desires and expectations. Slow down a bit. Listen to Abe recordings.  Document and celebrate every successful manifestation. I could go on and on but I think I made my point. 

Wish you all the best! 

i totally agree!!

I cannot get the guy I care about to really participate in a relationship with me either. He has super big walls up. So it's like Free Will of his Inner Being. He isn't into it with me, at least not right now. It makes me sad. I'm not willing to play many games or try to force solutions. If I end up dating another than I do, that's just that. And I manifested him on purpose in a very important way but somehow I forgot that I had to clearly manifest the idea of him wanting a very solid trusting, close bonded relationship? And I know someone else will give me that sooner or later if I am desiring it, it is being attracted to me.


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