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Is it possible to manifest something overnight if I put so much energy and belief into it and I really believe it will happen the next day? (its not something HUGE.....I just want to manifest a certain person saying something and changing her mind) so its not like I want to manifest a car....just a simple thing....what do you think? 

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I wonder the same thing;;))

Of, course, you can manifest something instantly if you are in a place of allowing.

Can someone change their mind and say something you'd like to hear overnight? Of course. If you can imagine it, it can manifest in your experience.

Manifesting a car is the same as manifesting a feather or a biscuit. It is your perception that makes the difference in how easy or difficult you think it is; the universe doesn't.

Are you a match to that experience? Now THAT'S a different question.


Manifesting a car is the same as manifesting a feather or a biscuit. It is your perception that makes the difference in how easy or difficult you think it is; the universe doesn't.

Shembu I think you have to elaborate here ,you put it like its an easy thing just change your perception!! it's really easy solution but how can you change your perception please tell me . let's say that you're conditioned to believe and perceive the world in a certain way for 20 years . so I think at least it should take time if you wanna change your conditioned perception and at the end it depends on how strong your desire and well ..

Please correct me if I'm wrong.. 

Hey Hussam,

You are absolutely right my friend, it often takes some amount of time for one to change their perception, but it does not mean that because it takes time for someone to tune into a new idea or perception, it is due to the fact that it is difficult.

The ease or difficulty of realising something you're reaching for is not determined by time, it is determined by how ready you are to ACCEPT that the new idea is valid and true for YOU; interestingly enough, it has very little to do with effort, but more to do with focus.

The universe is always reflecting back to you your balance of thought, not what is "real" or what is "fact" or "true"; so if 60% of the time, you are considering your awareness that something is absent or difficult, while enjoying the idea of it being present the remaining 40% of the time, that is the degree to which it will factor in your experience, until those proportions change.

And you are right again, the strength or intensity of the desire does matter too. The more intense the desire is the powerfully you will be attracting it and, despite your resistance, it could enter your experience; but it won't feel comfortable or effortless, due to your resistance; and in time, how long it stays in your experience will end up corresponding to your balance of thought about it anyway, so there is no getting around that. For many, sometimes the desire entering their experience allows them to change their balance of thought about it and so it ends up becoming a more permanent fixture in their world. But in the long run, it is a more effortful way of getting there.

Fundamentally, what I believe is important to note here is that some go about trying to change their old perceptions, whereas others just go about accepting the new one. They are not the same thing. One is harder than the other because the former involves more pushing against the awareness of what is not wanted. 

Changing a 20 year long perception is infinitely harder than focusing on accepting a new one.

Interesting isn't it? That even our perception of perception counts.  :-))


This is really stunning thank you very much Shembu...

"If you can imagine it, it can manifest in your experience." I like this :)

Imagine it in detail. If you text her, imagine your phone getting a text, imagine picking up your phone, opening the text to view it, her icon and name on the screen, see the words on the screen, give each word attention one by one, imagine each word appearing on the screen as you type your response. If you talk to her on the phone, imagine her calling you or you calling her, imagine her voice as she says each word, imagine the type of phrasing and voice tones she might use... And so on... If you see her in person, load your visualization with details of that experience. Then just feel good, and rest.

That's also worked for me that way,Chamomile . Not with text messages but with actual conversations,emails,tweets,phone calls,etc. And yes,I have often manifested them overnight, or the following afternoon (I do a lot of my visualizations in the morning just after I wake up).

Hi again...I have to share this stroy...I met my current doctor one month ago...he is married but thats not the ponit...The thing is when we met we connected like friends..I was so happy in his presence..we laughed and talked about everything ..its unusual for a doctor to act like this..anyway he is very handsome and if he wasn't married I would take a chance on contcting him BUT I wanted to try manifestation,,,just for the fun of it...I imagined he was not married that we met outside of his office..somewhere else and it was so wonderful ...the thing is I wanted to meet him somewhere,,,and today as I went into the supermarket my focus went to the left (somehow) and I see him looking at me smiling...!! I have never seen him here before..can this be a sign??? just a fun thing I know he is married...::))

Everything you expeience is always a "sign".

ALL "signs" are indicators of what you have been focusing on; they are not events that are trying to tell you what you are meant to be doing or that something is your destiny or meant to be.

They just say " Hey, this is what you have been having thoughts around recently".

YOU'RE the one controlling it all, because your focus affects how the universe responds to you.

All signs are a response to you; you thought about something you'd like to experience in a fun and easy way, so you had very little resistance about it; and you created a potential rendezvous point. He goes to the supermarket anyway,but your desire inspired you to go at a time he would be present too. If, for whatever reason, you had found a reason to go some other time and not seen him, as long as your desire is present and relatively resistance-free, it will keep inspiring you to behaviour that will allow you to "coincide" with where he is.

It is all about energy coinciding, even though of course, there is no such thing as coincidence. :-))



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