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Can thinking and TRULY believing that my penis will grow bigger actually make it grow bigger?

I know the LOA isn't supposed to be "magical", but like, I've read so much about the placebo effect making people feel better after truly believing that they will.

As you all know, the placebo is when someone takes a fake pill thinking it's real medicine when in fact it's just a pill that has nothing in it. But because they believed so strongly that it's helping them to get better, they will actually start to get better...mostly likely because of LOA. So many studies had been done on placebos and the results were consistent!

So, if the placebo effect is the result of LOA, then penis growth should also be possible-- in my opinion.

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Very interesting, plus that height example is very cool. What did you say as affirmations? for how long? It worked for everybody in the same amount of time?

Well we did a method of correction but I'm not sure it was necessary as such.  We had a load of things done in the morning like our height, weight etc and wrote out our goals and then at the end of the course they redid those tests.  It was a 5 day class and yes everyone increased in height and most lost weight (although interestingly enough some people's goals were to gain weight and yes they did create that too). 

Wow. How did you do it?

I don't recall the exact method taught, and so would have to see if I could find my notes.  Its not something I have continued or needed to maintain.  There are many methods out there for installing beliefs though -and the method I learned was rather long and complicated and I've seen much shorter methods around which are easier to remember and just as good. 

You have any links of things you think would work?

Well to be honest, what works for me may not work for you.  We are all different, and the LOA is really personal and so its not about my thoughts/ideas/beliefs, but yours.  So your intuition is spot on for posting here and has already given you some food for thought.  There are many things out there - so the trick is following your guidance to what works best for you.  You may try some things out that seem crazy yet deliver you great results.  Thats a really key part of the LOA - you have to find what works for you best. 

Ok thanks

I'm a female, but here's something I did that is similar to your sitch. Note that I didn't "work" at this, I just used my imagination...

I saw this woman with awesome boobs. I imagined what it would feel like if mine were just like hers. I just kind of pretended like mine were just like that. I didn't use any tools, just pictured it.

That day my husband and I were...you know...and he was crazy about my boobs, way more than usual.

It's that simple. Don't over think it, you just want the feeling and that feeling is right within your reach and others will feel it from you.


p.s. People complicate this whole process, create steps so they can write books. I'm in marketing and I watch it every day. Keep it simple and reap the rewards!

You can. For sure. But what gets in the way of it happening is your hang ups or feelings around why you need it. And the consistent noticing that it's not getting bigger which keeps it at its current size. 

So to grow your penis, you would have to be okay with the size penis you have (which would make the whole thing moot. And to realize you don't actually need a larger penis (which really, does size matter? this is an old debate and I think the jury still my matter. Frankly I think its all about people's personal beliefs and preferences meaning you could find all the people you want to be with that wouldn't give one damn about your penis size and still have a lot of fun with them). 

Placebos are basically beliefs. Pills that make you believe what you want. Now if you could just change your perspective, it would work the same but without going crazy trying to make the size of your appendage change. Rather, instead shift why it would even need to change at all. That's I think the trick about LOA. Thinking you have to change the size of your penis to accomplish what you want when really it could be easier to change the kinds of thoughts you have about your penis and its size so they no longer cause you to feel bad about it and keep you from getting something that you want (that you think you would have if you had a larger penis).


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