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Can thinking and TRULY believing that my penis will grow bigger actually make it grow bigger?

I know the LOA isn't supposed to be "magical", but like, I've read so much about the placebo effect making people feel better after truly believing that they will.

As you all know, the placebo is when someone takes a fake pill thinking it's real medicine when in fact it's just a pill that has nothing in it. But because they believed so strongly that it's helping them to get better, they will actually start to get better...mostly likely because of LOA. So many studies had been done on placebos and the results were consistent!

So, if the placebo effect is the result of LOA, then penis growth should also be possible-- in my opinion.

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Why isn't anyone replying to this? I'm also interested. At least the man wasn't ashamed of asking, it won't hurt to give a reply. It would help more of us, that makes it even better. Come on people, make this thread grow x'D (pun intended)

My answer --- even though I'm female -- one of the things I noticed is on YouTube there are subliminals about this
(I'm very interested in subliminals and when looking for some, some of the makers have this subject.

I do not know if they work but they have basically affirmations on whatever the topic is but you can't consciously
hear them. I think reading the comments is a good way to find the best ones, see who says it has helped them.

In theory too I think of course techniques -- affirmations maybe visualisation etc could be used for this I don't see why

I'm not a guy but when I see threads with no or few answers, sometimes I like to try and help.

We need more people like you, thank you :)

My penis grows all the time.  

But seriously, the experts say you can be, do, or have anything. 

I think it's Bob Proctor that says "If you can see it in your mind you can hold it in your hand."

I'd prefer a girl to hold it in her hand xD

You have a really great mind!!

First of all, I would recommend releasing your resistance, and trying to accept your current situation. It's hard to create what you prefer when you're strongly resisting what IS. So first, accept your feelings and resistance and the situation. Soften the resistance. Look at it from multiple perspectives and viewpoints. Is it still very important to you? Perhaps it's not the situation needs to be changed but your thoughts and beliefs about it. However, even if you still wish to manifest something else, acceptance of what is would be the first step.

Was curious to know if you found anyone on other blogs who replied with useful info or any other useful information on this.

Just read this on this forum:

I would say, instead of trying to grow it, how about believing that you are sexual dynamite. That you are awesome with the one you have and then attract circumstances and people in alignment with that. That to me seems 'easier' than trying to grow a bigger one. Sexual performance is all about confidence and self-adequacy more than size. 

I think you are only likely to meet a person, a lover, or whatever whom comments that your penis seems to have a hefty size.

Very interesting, plus that height example is very cool. What did you say as affirmations? for how long? It worked for everybody in the same amount of time?


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